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  1. Jaun..
    I have downloaded the documentation and have been looking this over. It will be the next project I start but I need to finish 2 before I start a new one..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. Hi Rick,
    I Downloaded the L32LogSync and it worked for while then suddenly stop to work. I mean, I open it but it keeps minimized all the time. It just blinks on the screen and go to the task bar as minimized. I cannot change any config.
    Any idea? Running on WIN10 and executing as admin.

  3. Hi Alex..
    open windows explorer and go to the directory that you installed LogSync into.
    Look for these 3 settings:

    Change the top two settings to:
    and for the third setting if it is set to 1 set it to 0

    This should open the window in the top left side of the desktop and should be a normal window and not minimized..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  4. Thanks Rick, it worked.
    This is what was configured there.
    Funny thing is, was working ok until suddenly no open anymore, I neve touched any config. in the ini files.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for you quick reply and help.!

    Alex PC3T

  5. This is an issue with windows. If a form is minimized and you tell window to save the form’s position it does not understand how to figure the form’s position is it is not shown. The same thing will result is you move a form partially off the screen and then close it. When the window reports its size windows can’t handle that off screen position and you will find the location is always -32000.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  6. Hi Rick,

    I just started using L32LogSync and love it.

    It automatically uploads to ClubLog with no issues.

    It starts to upload to LOTW, but pops up a window for me to enter my LOTW password after every QSO. I have the password entered on the LOTW pane of L32LogSync, Is there something else I should do? I don’t mind entering my password each time, if I must, but it gets a little touchy, if QSOs are coming fast.

    Thanks for a great addition to Logger32

    73 Rich K5FZ

  7. Rich..
    If you would send me a screenshot of the password window that is opening up. If your password is stored in the program then it should not be opening up while processing the ADIF file. The only two things I can think that would be causing it is either you have setup a private key as a double security measure and you have not entered it into the LOTW Private Key window in the setup. Or in the TQSL program in the prefference tab you have selected Enable passwords for Callsign Certificates.
    This is the only thing I can come up with. I might be able to tell you which one it is by a screenshot of the window..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  8. Hi Rick.
    I am using the latest version, and every time I run it it tells me that there is a new version, I update and it returns to 2.0.9.
    This is logical … 2.0.9 is higher than, 🙂 🙂
    Can you rename to 2.0.10 to solve this problem ?

    73 Jose EA7BJ

  9. Hi Rick,
    Been using L32_logsync for a while with no issues. Just got myself a new computer and now having issue. i did a fresh install of the logger32 software and then imported my log from old computer. installed and set up L32_sync and all mlooks OK except when i select to create a LOTW export file the pop up box does not give me the option to select my callsign. The only option is All Operators. any ideas?

    73 and tnx,
    Colin G0ODR

  10. I have added a new full install for L32Logsync. For some reason the manual update file had become corrupted. If you are getting notices of an Update Available you will need to clear a message in your L32LogSync.ini file look for the line that says UpdateAvailable=True and change the True to a False. Then rerun the application.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  11. Jose..
    For some reason the file had an error in it. Download the latest full build and install it. After doing so and before running the application switch to your L32Logsync directory and open L32Logsync.ini in that file you will find a line that says UpdateAvailable=True change that to say UpdateAvailable=False and save the file. Now you should be able to open and run it without the error message coming up.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  12. Hello
    I installed L32LogSyncFullInstall2010 today and unfortunately this version does not transfer live data to clublog. There has never been such a problem before.

  13. Pawel..
    If you would turn on Debug and try logging a contact. After it is done turn Debug off and in the directory where Logsync is installed will be a file Debuglog.txt send that file to me at Let me see whats causing it..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  14. i have windows 7 64bits running logger32.
    I have net fmwk 4.5
    L32 logsync installed but can’t run.

  15. I have installed net fmwrk 4.8 i try to install 4.5 but can’t install an older versión.
    My machine is running 64 bits windows 7
    The software not run, clik on L32LogSync.exe but nothing happens.

  16. I have posted a new update to replace the non-working one. I made an update to my installer software and when it read from the project file it missed 2 needed dll files. I have added those to the build now and this is properly loading on my computer now.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  17. Thanks!!, now is working but:

    I have wsjt-x and wsjt-x upload contacts direct to logger32 but if the Logbook entry window call field on Logger32 is occupied with another callsign, logsync can’t upload the new contact to for example Clublog.

    I have another callsign on the “Call” field because if i click on the logger32 vertical callsign’s show barr, the callsign pass to the Logger32 and i can view the call info. (country, old contacts, etc…). But Wsjt-x save the contact instead this field is occupied with another old callsign.

    I not know if my poor english is understandable.

  18. Hi.

    My problem persist but i have this text from debug text file:

    23/02/2020 13:51:16 – DownloadTQSLUpdate_Click Downloading TQSL Updates Started.. =
    23/02/2020 14:34:14 – Error- Main.UploadtoClublog
    =Error Report=
    Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.
    en System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripControlHost.SetVisibleCore(Boolean visible)
    en System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.set_Visible(Boolean value)
    en L32LogSync.Main.UploadToClubLog() en F:\MySourceCode\Logger32\L32LogSync\L32LogSync\Forms\Main.vb:línea 6180
    =Error Report End=

    24/02/2020 15:20:57 – DownloadTQSLUpdate_Click Downloading TQSL Updates Started.. =
    24/02/2020 16:52:46 – Error- Main.UploadtoClublog
    =Error Report=
    Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.
    en System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripControlHost.SetVisibleCore(Boolean visible)
    en System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.set_Visible(Boolean value)
    en L32LogSync.Main.UploadToClubLog() en F:\MySourceCode\Logger32\L32LogSync\L32LogSync\Forms\Main.vb:línea 6180
    =Error Report End=

  19. I am having a similar problem as Alex. The program opens as a flash and is minimize to the taskbar. I am running Windows 10 but properties/compatibility only goes up to Windows 8. I cannot find the settings for
    Is it a function of MS DOS?

  20. There was a bug in a recent version. I had updated my installer software and it had missed a couple of dll files so the program was closing right after it opened.
    If you download the latest update that is posted this should fix the issue you are having.

    The settings I had mentioned are located in the L32LogSync.ini file this ini file is located in the directory where L32Logsync was installed to. BUT if you do not have the setting turned on in Window Explorer to view System file you will not be able to see the .ini file. You will also need to turn on the show file extensions setting located right next to the show system files.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  21. This is an issue with Logger32 that does not have anything to do with LogSync. You should post a message on the Logger32 group and see if they can help you..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  22. I found a work-around to my problem with L32 Logsync not opening properly from the task bar (flashing on momentarily then closing). On the task bar right-click on Logsync and left click on maximize.

  23. If you download the latest version that I posted you should not have to do this. It contains all of the correct dll files and should work as normal.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  24. Hello Eric,

    Just that since I installed L32LogSync v2.0.12, I cannot connect to my eQSL account, it returns this error message to me: “Your usernaname or Password is incorrect or you are not a member of”
    There must be something I didn’t understand. However, I think I have correctly filled in all the boxes.

    -eQSL user Name: F4AWT
    -eQSL User Password is OK: xxxxx (I verified my password, it is well written)
    -eQSL Callsign station: F4AWT
    -And the directory to save download: C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Documents \ EQSL

    For LOTW, no problem.

    I am stuck ! Help !
    Sorry for my english Eric.
    Thank you for your good job.
    Dominique, F4AWT

  25. Dominique
    If you would do this.
    1 Turn debug on (Top Menu Info/Debug/Debug On)
    2 Log a qso and after the Eqsl upload fails Turn Debug Off
    3 In the directory where L32Logsync is installed you will find a file called DebugLog.txt send that file to me as an attachment to

    73 Rick N2AMG

  26. In a few days I will be posting an update to L32Logsync. There is an error in the file upload section of the new QRZ Logbook upload. The API document from QRZ does not match with how it actually operates. I have been exchanging emails with the Database engineer and I am waiting on one final email from him before I can post a release. I have a work around already coded and it works fine but I need some more information from him to complete an error checking routine for the adif files that get uploaded.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  27. When larget than usual fonts are used in Windows, not all text fits into
    the LogSync window. I can manually enlarge the window, then everything
    is fine, but the new window size is not being saved. How do I save the
    window size for the next time I open LogSync?

  28. Vytas..
    I am in the middle of re-writing the QRZ Logbook uploading routines as there is a difference from what the QRZ docs say the way the logbook uploads take place to what they really do so I need to make corrections to that. When I finish I will make changes to the size of the window is save at. Originally I made the window so it did not resize but opened and closed to specific sizes. I will need to make some changes to things look correct when the size increases.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  29. For now until I get a chance to work on this (Real busy with work projects) I re enabled the 2.012 version for the download. Hopefully this week things will slow down for me..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  30. Just downloaded and installed the latest version. I finished setting up lotw, eqsl and clublog which I use daily. I downloaded and imported into Logger32 the eqsl log but it has created thousand of dupes, with only a minute qso difference 🙁 Also I have a screen that reads Wrong Operator asking for eQSL Station Callsign. I closed dozens of them but it keep popping up… Suggestions please? 73 de Chris M0OXD

  31. Hi Chris..
    It sounds like you did not check the import dupes checkbox in Logger32. After Logsync downloads the qdif file it tells Logger32 where the file is and then Logger32 takes over importing the data. The reason you have keep getting the pop up saying you have the wrong operator is there are qso’s in the imported data that do not match the callsign you have selected in Logsync or in Logger32 I would have to see a screenshot to tell you where the pop up is coming from as both programs have windows like that.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  32. Hi Rick. I’ve set up Logsync to use LOTW, eQSL, and All works great. I was initially using the adif from from eQSL/Outbox until I noticed that each file contains only 1 record, whereas the LOTW/Outbox files contain multiple records in each file. Just wondered why the difference?

  33. Rich..
    I’m not sure i am following you as to what you are doing. What are you using the adif files for?? When you say eQSL/Outbox are you referring to going to eQSL and telling it to download the ADIF file??
    73 Rick N2AMG

  34. Hi Rick, with the latest Logsync I am finding it working perfectly except, it is not showing my LOTW as sent, checking the LOTW siter they are getting there after each QSO and then I have to mark each contact as sent, probably something I am doing, your help would be appreciated, Cheer Neil ZL2UN

  35. Hi Neil..
    I found this out tonight when I updated to the latest TQSL. The new TQSL has made some changes in the text that it outputs when it uploads a qso or file to LOTW. This change in wording broke the routine I use to detect if the upload was good and message L32 that the qso was sent.
    I see over on the LOTW message group that the author is working on another version that fixes a few error’s. I need to wait till he publishes the latest release so then I can upload a new build..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  36. I am having an issue with downloading LOTW confirmations. It is either Not Responding, or it says to check the ErrorLog file. I can’t find the ErrorLog file. Is there a known issue? I can upload to LOTW just fine, but can’t download. Jason

  37. I finally got it to download after a second reboot of my computer. Now it said there were information not matching up. This is on confirmations that I had already downloaded from earlier this month. Tells me to check the LOTW.mismatch.txt file. Doing a search for that file, and nothing shows up for it either?

  38. Hi..
    The LOTWmismatch.txt file is located in the directory where you have installed Logger32. Logger32 creates the file as it trying to import the downloaded confirmations. You can use it if you do not select to auto accept it’s results you can go thru it and edit your qso’s that appear in the mismatch file to adjust them to what the other station has added into their LOTW information.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  39. Para mi es un lujo poder tener esta maravillosa herramienta desde que instale logger32 va conmigo a todas partes, simplemente una vez configurado subo de un plumazo a eqsl,lowt y clublog mi log y a diario descargo mis confirmaciones de los 3 sistemas telematicos y logger los marca como enviados y recibidos.Usando 2.0.17 junto con mi W7, Enhorabuena por el trabajo que haceis reciban mis felicitaciones 73 de EA5JN

  40. Hi Rick,
    Outstanding work on this and your other Logger32 addons. I have one issue with logsync which is following it starting it minimises and no matter what I do I cannot open it again. The icon appears in the toolbar atthe foot of the window screen. Any idea?

  41. Hi Keith..
    In the directory that have Logsync installed in open up the L32Logsync.ini file in a text editor. Make sure L32Logsync is not running when you do this.
    You need to look for this in the file.
    WNDWindowState=1 and you will want to set that setting to 0 and then save the file. Now load Logsync does it still open minimized??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  42. Hi Rick,
    yes after changing it and saving it loads minimized. Looking back at the L32Logsync.ini file it has changed the line back to WNDWindowState=1.

  43. I will take a look at this later today and see if I can find the reason. As far as I know there is nothing in the code to keep it minimized but I will look for bugs..

    73 Rick

  44. Hi Keith..
    I think I might have found the problem.. There is a setting used when doing an update that keeps the form minimized. but that should have only been run when an update was done but it was located outside of the update routine. Look in the Logsync.ini file for this: OpenMinimized=True if your is set like that change it to: OpenMinimized=False
    Let me know how you make out

    73 Rick N2AMG

  45. Espero que solucione pronto el problema del minimizado ya que no se puede hacer uso de la aplicacion.

  46. I have not heard back from Keith yet. But if you are experiencing the same issue then try editing you .ini file and see if that corrects it..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  47. Cheers Nick, will see how it goes. Once again thanks for your outstanding work.

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