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  1. Just to let you know that when I click onto, AVG virus detector resets the page – it says it’s found a virus and won’t let me continue or over-ride….”URL:BLACKLIST”.

    Forgive my ignorance, but I’ve no idea what this means – but now you know…

  2. AVG thinks there is a virus in the installer package because of 2 reason’s
    A. it is a very small package that tries to access the internet (Checks for updates)
    B. It uses Microsoft”s communications messages to transfer data back and forth between itself and N1MM and Logger32.

    The file is checked by 2 antivirus check programs and nothing is found. The only thing I can say to do is disable your anti-virus software while you install it and when you re-enable the software enter in an exception into AVG for the bridge.

  3. Keith, what you see is your AV product blocking any access to a file download from this site, only because it “thinks” it has a bad reputation due to some previous detected virus (regardless if it really was a virus or not).
    My Avast does the same with its “web shield” when downloading, but the actual file itself, nothing is actually detected as a virus by Avast. It is only the “web protection” that does, based on some old history.
    One can temporarily disable their AV to do the download, and if suspicious of the file, check it on a site like, which scans the file with over 50 AV products.
    This file produces 2 (false) positives, only generic warnings, which shows the file is actually very clean:

  4. I have installed your N1NN-Logger32 Bridge program and it is fantastic, thank you!
    The only problem I have is that it doesn’t transfer from N1MM to Logger32 the field CONTEST_ID, this field is very interesting to know which contest is a certain QSO. I can see that N1NN sends the command /contestname with the name of the contest but it seems that Logger32 doesn’t understand it. Is there any way to transfer this field?
    Best 73


    Translated with (free version)

  5. Hi Francis
    I have not look at the code in awhile but if I remember correctly Logger32 only imports certain fields. It does not import all of them. You would have to have Bob add that to the import routine in Logger32. Leave a message on the Logger32 group and see if he will add it…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  6. Rick

    I don’t suppose there is anyway that you could have the N1MM to Logger32 Bridge not send the QTC message to Logger32?

  7. Hi Bob..
    I will add this to my list to work on the next time I am working on that application. I have some changes made to it but am not done with what I need to do yet so give me some time..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  8. I’ve also used Logger32 & L32 lookups for awhile but now I’ve got the “Can’t find QRZ Lookup module” issue?
    I looked at the N2AMG search box but only got “nothing found” and it seems the Yahoo group is about to end!
    After I’ve typed in a call sign the blue/white Internet call sign lookup box becomes “greyed out”. I’ve tried moving the file out of the logger32 folder….no difference, I’ve deleted the L32 lookup and downloaded it again still no difference. In the L32 folder my qrz call and password is correct and I am a qrz premium subscriber.Running win10 home 2004 edition. I’m obviously missing something here but a little guidance would be nice please.

  9. Hi Richard..
    It sounds like you are running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting. Since Logger32 is running using this setting any program that connects to it must be run the same way. The easiest way to fix this is open Windows explorer anbd go to the directory where L32Lookups.exe resides. once in that directory Right click on L32Lookups.exe and select Properties. Another window will open in that window select Compatibility. On the Compatibility tab in the middle there is a checkbox that says Run as Administrator. Place a check in that box and then save and exit out of the properties window. You should be able to load the lookup now.
    If not let me know and we will figure it out for you..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  10. Hi
    It’s my first attempt to use this “App”, seens good.
    So i would like to comment/to recommend:

    Disable comm port at L32
    No connect L32 to an DX Spot server

    My request to improve:
    Update the transfer data “type of contest” from N1 to L32. I use the name of contest in my L32 to future use.
    Tnx, 73 from PY5AB.

  11. If you disable the com port for your radio in Logger32 and in the broadcast tab check to also send the radio information the gateway will update the radio and mode so the frequency and mode in Logger32 stays in sync. I will be releasing an update sometime this week I need to add an easier way to change the port and adress settings. In the release it will now let you have Logger32 on a separate computer from the computer that N1MM resides on. I have also added the Contest Name to the Logged contact info sent to Logger32. The only issue with this is it will not be available in Logger32 until the new version 4 is released around the first of the year as Bob is not adding any updates to the version 3 code any longer.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  12. In the release it will now let you have Logger32 on a separate computer from the computer that N1MM resides on. I have also added the Contest Name to the Logged contact info sent to Logger32. The only issue with this is it will not be available in Logger32 until the new version 4 is released around the first of the year

  13. Hi Rick.

    Your instructions at the top of this page tell us to ‘read the enclosed readme first’ … except it isn’t enclosed in the download zip … or am I looking in the wrong place?

    Gary ZL2iFB

  14. Hi Gary..
    When I built the last install files the readme has gotten installed inside the msi file so you should find the read me in the directory where the program installed to.
    I will add the read me to the zip file and re-upload it to the website tonight..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  15. Rick

    I just downloaded and installed the update Bridge. However, it will not stay open. When it opens I check “About” and it shows and I have it set for Stay On Top, but it disappears after only a few seconds.

    I have the settings in N1MM set the same as the previous version and also the TCP set in Logger32.

    Any Suggestions?


  16. Rick

    Cancel my last. I deleted what I had and did a full install of the new. And it now appears to be working properly.


  17. Hi Rick, trying out Logger32 and N1mm-Logger32 Bridge is awesome – it even tracks changes to the N1MM log entry, sweet!

    However, one big problem – when I check the box to “Enable Callsign Lookup” in the Logger32 TCP Server, it steals focus away from N1MM every time I log a QSO. This is unworkable in a contest… I’m running Windows 10.

    How can I fix this behavior to keep focus on N1MM?
    Peter K8PK

  18. Hi Rick,
    thanks for all SW you provide for us. Regarding Logger32 Bridge, did you think about something similar also for DXLog?

  19. Hi Vlada..
    No because I have never used DXLog. Since I am one of the developers of N1MM that is my main contesting software that I use. But….
    Do you know if DXLog has the same Broadcast Output as N1MM does?? Since we released that in N1MM a lot of other loggers are using the same specs to do the same. If it does use the same output you should be able to use the bridge just it will listen for the incoming messages from DXlog.

    73 Rick N2AMG

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