Hi my name is Rick Ellison N2AMG.

I’m 62 and I’ve been a ham since 1975 when I received my novice call sign of WA2PVJ. In 1977 I took the Technician exam and was issued the call sign of my current call N2AMG. In July of 2000 I passed my General Code requirement and in May of 2001 I passed my Extra exam.

I currently live in East Syracuse, NY (a small village outside the city limits of Syracuse) with my wife,  and grandson and a son and daughter who lives nearby. I’m a medically disabled 20+ year electrician and I love working on PC’s and writing software.

My main interests in ham radio today are the Digital Modes, and Digital Contesting (RTTY especially). I also write software and I am one of the development team for the N1MM Free Contest logger. My role in the project is anything to do with the digital end of the logger. I also write other software applications for use with the programs Logger32 by Bob K4CY and the DXLab Suite of programs by Dave AA6YQ. I also like to chase DX with my modest station (pictures of station here).

When I’m not playing radio or writing software I enjoy camping and fishing with my wife and grand kids.

You can email me at n2amg@n2amg.com or AIM or YAHOO IM as n2amg