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  1. This version of Frequency Manager has had a lot of routines updated and many bugs corrected. Also a requested feature has been added with the ability to use Omni-Rig for rig control. Also I have added an automatic updater which will notify the user when an update is available and download and install the update with no user intervention.
    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. I posted one small update that applies if you had the program previously installed. either you can download the update or go to the directory where you installed the gateway and delete the file FreqManager.mdb.
    This will fix the error of that file not getting deleted properly.

  3. Rick, shortly after upgrading to 2.2.0 I began getting ‘Runtime error ;35601′ Element not found’ on every app start. After that nothing works and I have to go to the Task Manager to delete the process. I updated to 2.2.1 but am having the same results. I used an app to test the mdb data base for errors but it didn’t seem to find any. I am running Windows XP, SP3. N4PY, Commander, and TRX-Pan were running when the first error occurred. I would appreciate any suggestions. You wrote a very useful utility.
    Jerry, KG6TT

  4. gday rick same as above and have two mates with the same problem
    gives the same error when trying to add entry
    also running dxlab windoz 7

    ps no problem with the first version but uninstalled it and now cant find it to downgrade 🙁

  5. I have been trying to find an answer for this but so far I can not find what is causing it. The problem is the database is getting written out of order and it is trying to load a field who’s parent has not been written yet. I have not had much time to work on this in the last few weeks due to the changes that I have had to make for the QRZLookup. I will get back on track soon..
    73 Rick n2AMG

  6. I’m having the same “35601” issues described in earlier comments …

    Workaround is to export often to a text file … And then when the badness happens, delete the FrequencyManager.mdb file, and run the program (will warn about initial creation), and import from last text file.
    Alternatively, keep regular snapshots of the .mdb file to drop back in place.

    I am looking forward to the organization this program provides!

    David, KJ4IZW

  7. Hi Rick, I’m using your Frequency Manager with an Elecraft K2 and DXLab Commander. The K2 has RTTY-r mode which is what I use for all digital modes. However, Freq Manager does not have a RTTY-r mode so I can’t get the K2 to switch to this mode using Freq Manager. Freq Manager does have RTTY-L and RTTY-U, but my K2 does not know what to do with these modes. Otherwise, I fine program. 73 N5BCN

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  9. Works very well with my Icom-735 and Commander, thanks. A very useful tool.

    AutoUpdate error ? .. ” file missing from server ”

    Ray M0BBV

  10. Current version does not seem to recognize commander version 12.3.6. Says “Commander is not loaded!”, however commander is loaded and running properly. Is this a known issue with version 2.2.1 of FrequecyManager?

  11. What OS are you using and if it is Windows 10 what version?? There are versions of Windows 10 that DDE was disabled in and that would stop the communication between Commander and the App. I will try and see if i can duplicate this as soon as I get a chance..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  12. Component ‘tabctl32.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invlaid

    Got this right off the bat from the download. Windows 10 OS

    George EI7GKB

  13. Hi George..
    Sorry for not answering back sooner.. Been under the weather the past couple of weeks..

    I have not tried installing Frequency manager since I switched over th Windows 10 (still installing programs a slow pace). I will do that now and see what I get..

    73 Rick

  14. George..
    I have placed a note on the Frequency Manager page now as there is a problem when running under windows 10. It seems that the same issue that made me re-write the QRZ lookup has bitten this application also. I wrote Frequency manager using VB2 and it seems that the controls that were used then are no longer compatible with windows 10.

    When I get done re-writing the LOTW utility I will add this to be next on the list for a make over.

    73 Rick n2AMG

  15. Ok Rick
    Tnx for the reply. I hope u feel better now. Its just a pain in the butt when you are running another program that wants control of the radio like CW Skimmer for example. Please shoot me a mail if you ever get it sorted for W10.

    73 George

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