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  1. OK it figures…updated Logger32 to 4.0.427 and voila all is working again. Who knows where my glitch was…

    Jim K2QB

  2. Hi Rick,

    first of all, let me thank you for the great pieces of software you are providing to the community.
    Now, let’s come to me… This morning I opened L32, upgraded to last version, and opening your L32LogSync it is no more uploading QSO on LOT while Clubblog was OK. Looking at the debug file, there is a phrase sounding like “this exception cannot be handled by your Operating System”, meaning the call to a procedure or subroutine… (?)… I rolled back to previous L32 version and error stays there Error 5: “Invalid procedure call or argument”.
    Could you please help me?
    THanks in advance… best 73 de Vic, I2GPT

  3. Hi Rick,

    L32 Logsync worked well for a long time BUT ( How you must hate tha word) when I try andcreate a LoTW eport file in Logger32and upload to LOTW a message comes up Logger 32 needs to be running BUT it is running! I have reloaded LOG sync 2.0.18 and restarted Logger32 ver 4.0.254 without success. Any Ideas L32 Log sync just does not seem to know Logger32 is running. Your help would be much appreciated.

    73 Paul G3SEM

  4. Hi Paul..
    Is Logger32 running using the Run as Administrator setting?? If so then Logsync needs to be run the same way. I just loaded up the last version of Logger32 downloaded about 20 minutes ago and opened Logsync and they worked fine together. I uploaded 23 qso’s to LOTW.

    One other thing is check your anti-virus software. Try turning it off and then load Logger32 and then Logsync. It is possible that the AV software is blocking the communication between Logger32 and Logsync.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  5. Hi All,
    Regarding the Logsync message above reported by Paul, I had the same, but I figure out that when I open logsync directly from the shortcut I get this message, if I open from in logger32, no message, all good.
    The only persistent issue I have is, the Logsync stays minimized and do not open after a couple of minutes, then I have to close from task manager and open from again. Not a big deal, but this is the only issue I have. I love use Logsync, it automates a lot of work. 🙂
    Thanks Rick for this!

  6. Hi Rick,
    I just noticed that a newer version is available. hihih.. I was using the 2.0.9, I just installed the 2.0.18. I’ll let you know if issue persists here.

    PC3T | PY1KS | PY2SEX

  7. Rick, Good Morning.

    I’m running both L32 LogSync and L32, I’m asking LogSync to ‘Create LoTW Export file and upload to LoTW’ LogSync is telling me L32 needs to be running, which it is.. What do I need to fix this, please?

    Thanks for any help

  8. Hi Kev..
    By any chance are you running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting?? If so you will also need to run that same settings with Logsync. When the programs are connected you should see {L32} in the caption of L32Logsync. If the programs can’t talk to each other that indicator will not be present. The most common cause for that is one program running as Administrator and the other is not. It could also be the other way around. L32Logsync is set to run as Administrator but L32 is not..

    Let me know how you make out..
    73 Rick N2AMG

  9. Good evening Rick,
    I have the latest .msi lookup dated 23rd March 2021 ver:1.0.18 installed but when I click on a cluster spot the response is “Can’t Find QRZ Lookup Module”
    Under the “Auto Lookup” tab I have auto internet callsign lookup (external) is ticked.
    The blue internet lookup tab will go to grey if I click on it?
    I am a qrz xml user and the correct callsign and password have been entered. Obviously the L32Lookups are installed on the C drive alongside (well just above) the Logger32 folder. Looking for why it can’t find the QRZ lookup module. Tnx Chris

  10. Hi Chris..
    Most of the time this happens the user is running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting. When Logger32 is run using this any programs associated with it needs to also run using the same setting. The other thing you can check is open the Logger32 Internet Lookup window and click Toolbox and then Setup External Module. When the window opens in the line that is being used look to see if the correct path to L32Lookups.exe is correct. These 2 items are the only things that would stop Logger32 from finding the lookup.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  11. Hi Rick.

    I have been using LogSync 2.0.18 for upload and download with LoTW with no issues until today. It worked fine 2 days ago. Upload to LoTW works fine. Download no longer works and it says Error information has been written to ErrorLog file!! I can’t find the file to even see what the problem is. What do you suggest?
    Thanks. -Steve NA6G

  12. Rick,
    I am seeing the program hanging up more and needing to used task manager to shut it down. I can send the debug file if needed

  13. Hi.
    Today updated the last versión of Logger32 but one update error has received from Logsync.
    You can test this last versión?


  14. Hi Chris, nice to meet you. In the Logger32Sync i have a problem with the programm.This is the problem : I have a notification that said : Tqsl Version 2.5.7 ( v 2.5.7) system error c:Logger32LoTWUpload.adei.ADI : no such file or directory
    Final Status : TQSLLib Error (5)
    Any idea ?un avv

  15. Hi Steve..
    I’m not sure if I sent you a direct email on this or not since I am not at my normal computer. The file you want to look at is called DebugLog.txt. Actually if you do this we both can see what is going on. Open the program and turn Debug On. Do a download from LOTW and if it error’s out then turn Debug off and in the directory the program is installed in will be the DebugLog.txt file. Attach that to am email and send it directly to

  16. I have not gotten any error’s running the latest version of Logger32. What is the error you are getting??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  17. I have not seen that error previously but if you do this..
    Open the program and turn Debug on. Then click the Export from Logger32 button on the LOTW page or if you have already exported a file from Logger32 then click the browse button and select the file you want uploaded. After the program error’s out turn Debug Off and in the directory where the program is installed you will find DebugLog.txt attach that to an email and send it to and I will take a look at what is causing it…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  18. Hi, I am getting a message “unable to find TrustedQSL station_data files.”
    Logsync continues to load until I hit “okay” on the error message.
    Using W10. Recently updated W10 and it, of course, messed up a few things and wondering what has happened now? I do have TrustedQSL and certif is fine. In LOTW setup all directories are correct. help! thanks,
    Randy, KF4O

  19. Open Tqsl and on the top menu select I think it is Station Data Files. You need to create at least one of them for your location. When Logsync opens tqsl.exe it passes the Station_data file name that it is supposed to use based on the dropdown on the LOTW tab. Once you create the data file you will no longer get that error message..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  20. Wonderful Rick! Thanks so much for a great program and for such a quick response!
    Randy, KF4O

  21. hi Rick can you help me plese, i am not be able to configure the programm Sync ,can is possible to arrange a sked with you for set this programm correctly ? Thank you in advance de Luigi,ik8ozz. possible with the programm Iperius remote ? 73 de Luigi,ik8ozz .please let me know via the mail ciao

  22. Hello dear friend
    I am Fred (F5JME).
    I need a little information about a problem with the L32LOGSYNC V.2.0.18 window.
    When I launched Logger32 I had no problem but since this morning, this log32sync window reappears or shrinks in the taskbar and is impossible to reopen and I don’t know what to do.
    So I’m writing to you to get your help
    Thank you


  23. Had to reinstall both Logger32 and LogSync after upgrading to Windows 11.
    I seem to have a problem with “Create log file with Logger32”. I click the QSO dialog box OK and then it reports “10 QSO Records from Logger32”.
    The dialog at the bottom of LogSync says “Exported 10 LOTW records from Logger32” but never opens the window to complete the upload. I can select an adif file and do a “Process and Upload to LOTW” with no problem.

  24. Hi Bill..
    I have not installed windows 11 yet as I have not had time to install it. But others have told me everything still functions ok..
    If you would Turn Debug on (Top menu Info then Debug then Debug On)
    Try doing an export and follow thru with it as far as it goes. After it doesn’t complete Turn Debug Off.
    In the directory where Logsync is installed you will find a file called DebugLog.txt send that as an attachment to and I will look and the log and see why it is stopping..

    73 Rick

  25. Hi Rick,
    I think my error, reinstalled today and works fine in windows 11.
    Thanks for the great program.
    I love it.

  26. Hi Rick,
    I use almost from the beginning your sync software for Logger32, absolute satisfied.
    Today I use also the program QSLServices fromYL3LK
    This program allows to collect a eQSL card after a QSO is made, BUT NOT IN REALTIME
    Would it be a good suggestion to create also a link that e.g. the Logger32 dBase is auto loaded to QSLServices as you already made for the other dBases LotW Clublog etc ?
    Rick, take it as a suggestion 73 tks your lovely programs !
    See my QRZ page ON7DY and test it with a call sign e.g. K8BCL

  27. Hi Marcel..
    The next time I do some work on L32Logsync I will take a look at adding this. I’m not sure when I will be doing this as I have picked up a contract programming gig that has my time for the next 6 months. As I get time I will try to work on all of my programs that have fallen behind in updates..

    73 Rick

  28. Hi Rick
    is there a way to set the &Hamonly=1 parameter in eQsl setup of L32LogSync ?
    73 Alain F5LMJ

  29. Hi Alain..
    I have replied directly to you about this. When I get time to be able to work on programming I will add this to the software. I can’t make any promises as to when that will be as life is really busy for me at this time..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  30. Hi Rick, I always have some kind of issues with logsync, it stays minimized and stop to work, I have to end the process on task manager and open again thru L32 utilities, since using win10 and win11. Now for some reason when I open L32 that usually oens L32Logsync, it goes direct minimized and I can’t open it. It just stays there minimized. Before it remains open and when minimized it not comeback, now it stays there in my task bar and can’t be open.
    Any idea what could be the issue? Or how can I monitor it to provide some logs to be checked? Maybe event monitor or so?
    Thanks in advance.
    73 Alex PC3T/PY2SEX

  31. Hi Rick.
    I’m having a hard time getting Logsync to work. I’ve read all the help files and comments above and still…
    I’ve updated L32 to 4.0.292, Made sure it is running as Admin, Lookup is running as Admin and Logsync is running as admin. The {L32} is showing at the top. I’ve checked to be sure TQSL Station Location matches and eQSL, LOTW and Clubog sign in info is correct. I even Double check it by going direct to the sites. If I try to download from lotw into l32 the program stops working. If I try to create LOTW export file the window opens up and does NOT have my call as an option.

    I’m at my wits end here and I’m not good with computers. If you get time please give me a hint on what is wrong or what to look for. BTW, Auto upload boxes are checked and no aut upload happens either. I dont know where to look for a bad info file and would mostlikely couldnt make since of it anyway. I have all other parts of L32 running just fine.

    Thanks for any help you can send me.


  32. Hi Alex..
    Sorry for just seeing this message. I never got a notice that it was sent.
    A couple of questions..
    What directory do you have the program installed to??
    Do you have the latest version installed??

    Switch to the directory you have it installed in and open L32Logsync.ini
    Look to see if you have an entry that looks like this
    DebugEnabled=True or DebugEnabled=False
    If it is set to true then that is good if it is set to False please change it to say True and save the .ini file.
    Now double click on L32Logsync and let it try to open when it minimizes right click and close it out.
    You should now find a file in the same directory called DebugLog.txt please attach that to an email and send it directly to me at
    I will loo and see what it is telling the issue is…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  33. Hi Jerry..
    Open L32Logsync. On the top menu click on Info then Debug then Debug On.
    Now close L32Logsync.
    Now open Logger32 and let Logsync open up also.
    The Debug file will capture information about settings and such. Once it is open try Logging a qso in Logger32 if the settings are set correctly There will be more info logged in the debug file for me to be able to see what is going on.

    Now close LogSync and in the directory where you have Logsync installed you should find a file called DebugLog.txt send that file to me as an attachment to so I can look to see what the issue is..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  34. Hi.
    Thank you for this great piece of software.
    I have one question.
    I cant fins the sync button in logger32 as mentioned in the L32Logsync app, “Create eqsl Export File in Logger32” button.

    Best Regards.
    73 de SA6ANH

  35. The button your looking for is in the Logsync program on the eQSL tab. When you click that button and as long as Logger32 is running the program will send a message to Logger32 and tell it to export the records that need to be exported for eQSL. you will then be prompted by Logger32 to answer some questions. Once the records are exported then Logsync will upload them to eqsl.

    73 Rick N2AMG

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