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  1. OK it figures…updated Logger32 to 4.0.427 and voila all is working again. Who knows where my glitch was…

    Jim K2QB

  2. Hi Rick,

    first of all, let me thank you for the great pieces of software you are providing to the community.
    Now, let’s come to me… This morning I opened L32, upgraded to last version, and opening your L32LogSync it is no more uploading QSO on LOT while Clubblog was OK. Looking at the debug file, there is a phrase sounding like “this exception cannot be handled by your Operating System”, meaning the call to a procedure or subroutine… (?)… I rolled back to previous L32 version and error stays there Error 5: “Invalid procedure call or argument”.
    Could you please help me?
    THanks in advance… best 73 de Vic, I2GPT

  3. Hi Rick,

    L32 Logsync worked well for a long time BUT ( How you must hate tha word) when I try andcreate a LoTW eport file in Logger32and upload to LOTW a message comes up Logger 32 needs to be running BUT it is running! I have reloaded LOG sync 2.0.18 and restarted Logger32 ver 4.0.254 without success. Any Ideas L32 Log sync just does not seem to know Logger32 is running. Your help would be much appreciated.

    73 Paul G3SEM

  4. Hi Paul..
    Is Logger32 running using the Run as Administrator setting?? If so then Logsync needs to be run the same way. I just loaded up the last version of Logger32 downloaded about 20 minutes ago and opened Logsync and they worked fine together. I uploaded 23 qso’s to LOTW.

    One other thing is check your anti-virus software. Try turning it off and then load Logger32 and then Logsync. It is possible that the AV software is blocking the communication between Logger32 and Logsync.

    73 Rick N2AMG

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