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  1. Hello Rick,

    I have a problem with configuring L32-Fldigi Gateway.
    Namely, in readme.txt you said following: “4. In the configuration for Fldigi under Rig Control click on the Ext tab and place a checkmark.”

    I use the newest version of Fldigi (3.10) and it successfully loads together with L32, but there is no EXT tab under Rig Control in Fldigi… Or I can’t see it? 🙂

    When I try to transfer QSO data from Fldigi to L32 I got an error: “Run time error 13: Type mismatch”.

    When I log QSO in Fldigi, it does not appear in L32 loogbook.

    Any help about this? Thanks in advance,

    Dragan, 4O4A

  2. Hello Dragan..
    Unfortunatly there is a bug in the 3.10 version of Fldigi that makes it not function correctly with my gateway. Dave has promised me that he has a fix in place and it will be in the next update they make. Last I emailed him was 2 weeks ago and he said soon..
    The tab is now called XML-RPC.

  3. Rick,

    Thanks for prompt answer. I am testing now old version of Fldigi (3.03.1) and Gateway works with it like a charm. Thanks for nice piece of software.

    Dragan, 4O4A

  4. I’ve been waiting with bated breath since the beginning of February – is there any hope for the bug fix in Fldigi, or should i give up and reinstall an older version? I really like the things they’ve fixed in 3.10, but I liked having a nearly integrated Fldigi/Logger32 better.

  5. Hi Neil.
    I would reinstall the older version. Dave keeps saying he wants to get the new version out but then there is an update to us beta testers with something else added or fixed. He told me shortly after the new version was released that it would only be a matter of days and then we recieved version A to test we are now on version O if that tells you anything…

    73 Rick

  6. OK Rick, thank you for the prompt response. I guess everyone has heir own priorities, and it’s hard to complain about free software!

  7. Just cannot get the link to work.
    Have followed the instructions but get the error message Runtime Error 76 Path Not Found.
    Click on OK brings up a box L32Fldigi Gateway
    Have set up the path in L32 utilities as 3. in the setup. Clicking on SetFldigiPath does nothing, About does nothing, Main is blank, Click on Setup and checked Set Fldigi always on top, Log Rig Frequency.
    In the Fldigi Frequency appears the Waterfall Audio Freq not the Rig.
    Any help or advice appreciated
    Cheers, Glynn GW4MVA

  8. Hi Rick,
    I am very happy using Fldigi. Your last version with my FT-950 interfacing and QRZ lookup needs really no improvement.
    Testing Logger32 Gateway brings allready described issues, additional issue is deleted callsign and name from FLdigi windows after Fldigi QRZ lookup during QSO.(very annoying).In Logger32 is also QRZ lookup set.Seems like conflict of both lookups.
    Well, I can live without Logger 32 and wait patiently, till you can find your time to fix it.
    Thank you very much for really nice Fldigi.
    Best 73 Ivan OK1IGK

  9. Sorry Rick, I mixed up your software with W1HKJ one.
    At the other hand Gateway is very interesting supplement to Fldigi and Logger32, hopefully working well in future.
    73 Ivan OK1IGK

  10. Your post Logger32 – Fldigi Gateway – N2AMG’s Place was very interesting when I found it over google on Friday by my search for qrz. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  11. Hi Rick

    Have run into the dreaded ST6UNST problem. Had a few computer problems and cannot now re-install the Logger32 Fldigi bridge. Running Logger32 3.20 and fldigi 3.12.4 but I suspect it is more of a Win XP problem.

    Any clues please?

    Vy 73 de Mike

  12. Hi Rick,
    Have installed latest versions of Loger32 (3.21.0), Fldigi (3.12.4) and L32FldigiGateway (1.2). Everything works so far & can receive using Fldigi in various modes and automatically info is transferred to L32. But I cannot transmit from Fldigi, specifically the PTT is not operating. Fldigi is set to Use XML-RPC. I can transmit from L32 ok so it seems that the gateway is not passing the PTT message from Fldigi to L32. I am using an Elecraft K3. Any ideas – I have been struggling with this for a while now.

    73 de Phil

  13. Where does the programme save the configuration for the path to fldigi?

    I am using the current alpha version of fldigi, and the latest logger32 and gateway programmes. All log detail except for frequency, and fields 6 and 7 are transferring. albeit very slowly.


  14. The new Logger32-Fldigi Gateway is wonderful. It is great to have Fldigi in Logger32 since the MMVARI has not been updated in a long time. Thanks for the work you do to make ham radio more fun for all of us.
    73 K4BX

  15. Hi Rick,
    I wonder if you can help me with what might be kind of a convoluted question. I love Logger 32 as my general logging program but would like to try some of the other digital programs like fldigi. Your gateway seems just the ticket. The problem is that I have a Flex 5000A radio and would like to get everything “talking” together. I already have Logger 32 working with the Flex so where do I go from here? Do I use the bridge to get to Fldigi or do I need to get Fldigi talking to the Flex? I hope it makes sense what I’m asking. I’m just trying to find out what order everything needs to be communicating in.

  16. I always start the Fldigi Gateway first, and only after it and FLdigi are up and running do I start up Commander, and then DXKeeper, and then Pathfinder.

    I often have to move my transceiver’s (OMNI VII) tuning knob before the transceiver frequency is displayed in Fldigi. But even more annoying, often Fldigi does not start communicating with DXKeeper for quite a while. I can double click on a station’s call sign, and it appears in the Call field in Fldigi, but it does not get copied into DXKeeper or Pathfinder. After a while it may start working. Sometimes I have to stop and restart DXKeeper and Pathfinder a few times.

    I have the gateway configured so that rig control is done by Commander, not by Fldigi. This always worked ok in the past.

    Originally it was set to log via TCP. I changed it to DDE and that didn’t seem to make any difference, so I changed it back to TCP.

    I first started noticing this problem around June. I’m not sure if it existed in releases that I got before that time. I always install new releases as soon as they are available.

    Any suggestions?


    Steve, N5EP

  17. Hi,

    I’m using FL-Logger gateway. It took a good few hours to get it running but once I tried RTFM all was well in a few minutes (a lesson there).

    Reason for the post is I may have spotted a bug. If you tick the send eQSL box Logger flags as send LoTW, if you tick LoTW it flags as eQSL (my preferred option).

    Not a life altering issue but thought I’d mention it.

    Great software by the way.



  18. I am having real trouble getting this to work with Win7(64bit) and the latest versions of Logger32 & Fldigi. If I configure Fldigi and run it directly, it works as advertised with my Flex5K. If I install the gateway and run Fldigi (which opens when I open Logger32) it often hangs….and if it does connect, the RigCat checked box becomes unchecked. Utility is set OK on Logger32. Any sugestions gratefully received.

  19. Rick if u have time try your gateway with new logger32 version (i have 3.47.19 atm), with this version the gway dont work .. if i downgrade to logger32 v 3.46.75 all return ok and work perfectly.. i hope you have time for this.. tnx for your work

    73 raf

  20. Morning Rick. Running latest L32 3.49.92 and FLDigi 3.21.78 and ur latest/ Windows Vista with Icom IC-7200 using the USB (latest driver installed) com10/19.2k. Rig keys and op fine with all but can’t change freq off spot window unless I activate radio port in L32 which will not let me then key radio in fldsigi. I hate to lose to ability to click on spots and still have FLdigi L32 work together. Any ideas what the heck I am missing? I’ve tried ever trick I can think of so now I have to ask the expert. 😉

    Thanks de Larry

    Larry Van Horn, N5FPW
    ex-Monitoring Times magazine staffer

  21. I should add that when I try to save the hamlib for the 7200 and save config. I does fine, When I attempt to do it using the bridge it acts like oit is but I have to setup hamlib everytime I open it up with the bridge. de Larry

  22. Installed the Gateway (dated 25/03/2010) on a Win7 machine,
    The link to Logger32 ver 3.49.300 works for a couple of QSO’s then I receive ‘miss match’ error and the link between the 2 programs is broken.

    Any suggestion?


  23. I am running: Gateway 1.5.06 FLDigi 3.23.02 LOGGEr32 3.50 on WIN10

    All setup as in the readme text, but no connection to LOGGER32

    Any help, thanks Gerd – DL8PG

  24. Eric,
    A friend of mine and I installed FLDIGI onto my XP machine and tried today. Install went well and I can open up the program and copy PSK31 – which is my goal. I also use Logger32 as my daily logging program. When trying to set up the Logger32 Gateway I have problems. PSK31 is still being copied but my Logger32 frequency keeps changing to some weird frequency and when I reset it it stays for a few seconds then jumps again to some weird freq. The freq readout on the FLDGI program remains the same but the readout in the Logger32 ewntry window keeps changing. Any suggestions?

    Dick – W6TK

  25. Hi Rick,
    If I launch fldigi through L32-fldigi-GW it boots with English language menu, also if another language is setted. If I launch it without your gateway, correct language is loaded. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you

  26. I have not found a way to do this thru the XMLRPC settings that are used when I load Fldigi. At some point when I get time I will dig further and see if there is a way I can set it by updating the Fldigi perfs file when it loads..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  27. Hi Rick
    Ver 4+ of fldigi doesn’t have an xml rpc tab. Is the program dead in the water, or is there a work around ?

    73 de Tom K5VJZ

  28. The author removed the XMLRCP tab but now all of the XMLRCP commands are built in and active all the time. SO it still works with Fldigi..

    I do need to re-write this app as the XMLRCP controls used in the current version have a tendency to not work with Windows 10. On some systems it works fine on others it does not. I just need time to work on it..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  29. Hello
    I installed flidji on my pc, then I downloaded the Flidgi gateway program and updated it as indicated.
    I modified what to do in Log32 by indicating the external program and the direction, I ticked the small box so that Flidgi launches when Log32 starts, but once Log32 is launched on the computer, I have a window: L32 Flidgi gateway and it says: waiting for Flidgi to load…
    and nothing happens.
    I do not know what to do anymore
    could you help me

    Translated with (free version)

  30. Fred..
    I had explained in a previous email to you that the gateway is not functioning any longer due to it needing to be re-written using modern software controls. The controls I used in writting that application some do not work with newer OS’s. This is what is causing the issues you are seeing. The program is going to be re-written I just am not sure when that will happen as I am busy with work..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  31. Hi Rick,
    Looks like the latest post indicated that fldigi gateway may have problems with some newer OS’s. I have just set up Logger 32 (v 4.0.305) and fldigi 4.1.26 on a Windows 7 laptop and would love to link them together. Is this an old enough OS that the gateway may be somewhat stable?
    Also, will I have to reconfigure all my settings in fldigi or will it just link my two existing pieces of software together?

  32. Hi Bruce..
    Things should work ok for you with windows 7. I have not done any updates to that gateway in a long while but the last I knew it should work.
    You will need to disable rig control in Fldigi if I remember correctly so Logger32 can send radio info to it.
    If you have any questions after you run it let me know and I will hook things back up to it so I can help you along..

    73 Rick

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