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  1. Thanks Rick, but I just tried that twice, and it’s not working. I tried unzipping the update to the same folder it was in and also into a new folder. However, when I open the launcher, I’m still getting the same message that the file is missing. I shut off Norton Security Suite before doing all of this. I guess I don’t know enough about file paths and directories to figure out what is wrong. Very frustrating. I am going to have to give up for today – I’m out of time and out of ideas for how to solve the problem.


  2. Rick: I figured out what was wrong – I had to completely disable Norton and also I was confused by the fact that part of the folder name used before was put onto a 2nd line on my screen, obscuring the fact that there was a space between two characters in the string. Once I figured that out, it wasn’t hard.

    Now I just have to put that update file into Norton so it isn’t rejected next time – but I am not sure what exactly I need to put into Norton to make the program think future downloads are safe. Do I just put the whole file string name into Norton? Something shorter? Something that covers all future updates from you? I have no idea. Thanks for the help…Jeff

  3. Rick: for your information, even after I made a rule in Norton Security Suite instructing the software to allow gateway files from your site….the first time I started the gateway the Norton software deleted the file! I could not believe it. It gave me a dire warning about the file being unsafe, untrustworthy. Fortunately, I was able to order Norton to restore the file, but I think it is insane for the Norton software to be written so as to ignore the rule I made and delete the file anyway!

    You should contact Norton about this – I notice that next to the name I gave the rule instructing Norton to accept gateway files, Norton placed a big red “X” indicating the alleged danger of the files. I am unable to change that designation, which is a shame. I trust anything from your site, and it should be easier to get the Norton software to do the same. Good luck, and thanks for your help (again!). Jeff

  4. I have the latest FLDigi and FLRig running. I also autostart the DXView and SpotCollector programs. I just started using SpotCollector which displays DX on the DXView – pretty neat.

    My understanding is that I can use FldigiDXLabsGateway so that when I click on a DXView DX spot, FLDigi will then switch to the frequency of the spot. Is my understanding correct?

    I tried to make it work, but have had no luck. I use FLRIG as my rig control.

  5. Hi Roy..
    Yes this is possible. Open Spot Collector and then open the settings. On the General tab of the settings on the right hand side there is a section called Digital Mode Application in the text box of that section enter the following just as shown
    Fldigi-DXLabs Gateway

    Note that the gateway will need to be started before Spotcollector is loaded or you will need to manually have to connect to the gateway by opening up the settings of SpotCollector and clicking the Connect button in this section. If the gateway is loaded first then it should automatically connect . You might also need to adjust the settings in the section below the Digital Mode Application.

    Let me know how you make out
    73 Rick N2AMG

    p.s. I am not sure if clicking a spot in DXView will cause the spot to move but clicking on a spot in SpotCollector will move to that frequency and set the mode correctly.

  6. Thank you Rick. I will try it later today. Does it matter what CAT I use to control my rig? I am using FLRIG.

    One suggest(?) – at the top of your website it shows “Posted on March 28, 2008” – when I first came here, I could not determine if this is still an “active” website, etc. Might you want to update your website to show it is still active?

  7. Rick,
    1. I entered “Fldigi-DXLabs Gateway” in the SpotCollector Configuration.
    2. I closed all programs, and started “FldigiDXLabsGateway”
    3. Now, when I click on a spot in SpotCollector 7.6.5,
    FLDigi frequency is updated to the spot frequency,
    however, FLRig is not updated and my rig frequency is not changed
    4. If I click on a DXView 4.3.2 spot on the map, FLDigi is not updated
    5. I am not running DXKeeper or Commander (as shown in the FldigiDXLabsGateway RX tab). I am running flrig for CAT control.
    6. FldigiDXLabsGateway error log shows no errors
    7. When I don’t run FldigiDXLabsGateway, fldigi is working correctly with flrig.
    8. I am running Windows 10 with no problems that I know about.

    Any troubleshooting tips? Is there a better way to troubleshoot this with you (email, phone call, etc?)

    Thanks – Roy

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