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  1. I insatlled the L32-DM780 Full install.But what folder should the L32-DM780Bridge .zip be installed to?

  2. Mike..
    This should be installed in what ever directory you want it to be. In the L32 Utility menu just setup an entry for it and you can point the utility menu item to the same directory where you installed it..

  3. Hi Rick

    I just cannot get the gateway to work properly. Two issues seems to be my problem: Firstly the band in L32 does not correspond despite the fact that it shows correctly in the gateway. Secondly (could be related) is that the freq. does not show correctly. I played with the settings in L32 but its not helping. I have the soud card/CW machine setting on as per the readme file. For example the freq in DM780 shows 18.078.298 and the gateway = 18.078298 but L32 = 18.078 with the freq setup set at Khz 1Hz resolution. If I change the setup in L32 to MHz the freq displays as 0.018078 (does not make sense to me). Whatever I change the band reamins at whatever it was set and does not change according to the gateway info.

    Any ideas where to look?

    73 de ZS6WN

  4. Karl..
    I haven’t had used DM780 in a couple of months so let me play with it tonight and I will let you know all of my settings and we will go from there..

  5. Karl..
    I just tried this with my settings and it’s working correctly so far..
    in the Bandmode selection dialog in L32 I have Band from Bandplan checked Mode from bandplan checked and Mode from soundcard.Cw checked..
    As for my Frequency resolution I have that set to the very last setting on the menu choices. Khz to 3 places

    73 Rick

  6. Hi Rick, I finally connected DM780 and Logger32. The problem was the server name that I hadn’t writen when I configured DM-780. But I still have a problem: using HRD’s cat, the frequency is not transferred to logger32. The frequency in logger32 is the one that enters logger32 logbook. But closing down HRD’s CAT and using Logger32’s CAT, the contacts with DM780 are logged in correctly (with logger32’s frequency and mode). Are you aware of this problem or not? Do you have any tip to solve it? Thanks again Rick. Best 73. CU3AA, Joao

  7. Joao..
    First off have you followed the directions from the PDF file in the Logger32 Yahoogroup files section that describes how to get HRD talking to L32???

    If not download that file it explains how to do that and is the first requirment..

    After that click on the mode label in the Entry Window of L32. and place check boxes for the top entry and the last entry. and save..

    Now make sure the bridge is running and enter a call in DM780 and tab out of the callsign box. (Tabbing between fields or having QRZ initiate a lookup triggers the information to be sent to the bridge). after tabbing from the callsign entered you should see the mode and frequency that is in DM780’s ALE window appear in L32. This should stay there until you log the contact.

    Let me know if it does not work now..


  8. Hi Rick
    I use the Gateway DM780 for the EPC WW DX PSK125 contest today
    I have some problems about the transfered Fields. The gateway does not transfert the SRX and the STX fields, from DL780 the RST is for example 599 185 that means the RST is : RST (599) and the character space and the STX field (185) The gateway tranferts only the first 3 characters (599) but this RST field from DM780 has 7 characters , so Logger32 thinks that is an error and do not transfert anything
    If I export the DM780 Log with an ADIF File , I can see theses 4 Fields :
    RST_S (rst_sent)
    RST_R (rst_rcvd)
    SRX (srx_string)
    STX (stx_string)
    The others fields are OK but in Logger32 theses RST_R RST_S SRX and STX fields are empty
    Sorry for my poor English
    Rick Can you test this and perhaps correct this problem
    So for correct this Problem , I export the ADIF file from DM780 to Logger32 and I Modified thses SRX and STX filed srx_string in DM780 LOg must be renamed to “srx” and stx_string must be renamed to “stx”

  9. Dan..
    DM780 splits the serial numbers into SRX and STX but this is from the Logger32 help file

    if the user has assigned STX as a user field on the Logbook Entry window then the transmitted serial number is placed on the Logbook Entry window.

    if the user has assigned SRX as a user field on the Logbook Entry window then the received serial number is placed on the Logbook Entry window.

    The serial numbers will not transfer to L32 unless you have those fields on the entry window. I have tried this and it does work I changed my state filed and Iota fileds into SRX and STX and then things got passed correctly..


  10. Rick ,
    I trying with your explanations , but That does not worked correctly
    If I use an “user field” or the SRX/STX Field the value of these SRX / STX fields are not transfered into Logger32
    I have these fields on my entry windows.
    If I look into the DM780 Gatway windows , I see the STX and SRX Field but the names transmitted to Logger32 are 111 (for example) and 123 (for Example) These Fields Names are the Fields names from HRD and Logger32 does not Know these Fields Names , These Fields names MUST be rename as and
    That is the same problem with the Logbook from HDR to Logger32 , I renamed theses fields into the HDR Log and import into L32; and that works correctly
    I don’t know How you have these fields into L32 , but That does not works here ?
    Thanks for your help

  11. Sorry the name has beeen truncated
    in HDR these names ares 111 for example and 123 (for example , L32 does not recognize theses names , In L32 these name must be and
    I can put some windows copy if you want

  12. Oh thats does not work , if I use the “lower” character
    Sorry the name has beeen truncated
    in HDR these names ares “stx_string” “stx_string:3” 111 for example) and “srx_string” “srx_string:3″123 (for example) ,

    L32 does not recognize theses names , In L32 these name must be “srx” and “stx”
    (replace the ” character with the “lower” and “sup” characters )
    I can put some windows copy if you want

  13. Rick, I downloaded the PDF file and followed Geoff’s instructions. Installed N8VB’s vCom and all works fine. I should have said that I use RigExpert as interface and it almost worked out ok. Thanks for your help and nice software. 73 Joao

  14. Hi Rick,
    Have not tried the DM780 gateway yet. I just finished getting HRD talking to Logger32.
    It’s not any earth shattering discovery but I’ve found I can get HRD to talk to N1MM contest logger the same way. That’s nice when you have a menu driven radio like my Yaesu FT-450AT. Just have to get used to N1MM logger saying I am using a Kenwood!
    Off to try and get the DM780 running now.
    Thanks for the great software!
    Michael, W4HIJ

  15. First of all, Rick, thank you very much for providing fine sofftware add ons!

    I installed HRD 5.0 with DM780.
    Now my Logger32 DM780 Gateway didn´t work anymore.
    Before with version 4 the data fields of the log entries of DM780 were transfered to the Logger32 logbook.

    I use N2AMG´s gateway. N8VB virtual com driver.

    The settings in version 5 also for the virtual ports are all the same than in version 4. Need a hint to use the gateway also with DM780 version 5.

    Both beta Version 5.0 2260 & 2268 didn´t work.

    When I return to v 4.1 beta, all is fine again.

    Need any help….


  16. Thomas..
    In the version 5 builds Simon removed the UDP forwarding of Qso information. Because of this Version 5 will no longer function with the gateway.
    Simon has stated that he will re-install the UDP forwarding but only after he gets other major fixes done.

    Rick N2AMG

  17. Hi Rick,
    tnx for the fast reply and sorry for my late answer….
    Hopefully Simon will install the UDP forwarding as soon as possible and he do not forgett it 🙂
    May be as soon as you know it, you can public it in your newsletter.


  18. Hey Rick, there are any news about a update to use with the new DM780 Version? This GW was the best way to keep using Logger32 with digital modes.
    Thanks for this nice work and keep going!

    Best 73


  19. Hello,
    I’m trying to update the Log LOGGER of 32 from DM780.
    I succeeded in interfacing softwares (Logg32 and HRD de Luxe) via virtual ports (data “frequencies” and “modes” circulate perfectly between the transceiver and the 2 softwares).
    I’ve downloaded the DM780/LOGGER32 GATEWAY module and have set as indicated software (activation of the module by Logger 32 and partly in other forwading locigiels)
    I note that the link between DM780 and Gateway seems to work well (I see the data update in the small window of the module as as I take the log DM780) but when I click on ADD .. if I see the window of the module to reset ….. nothing happens in LOOG 32 .. I mean that the QSO is not added to the log of this software.
    Thank you for your help (and sorry for my bad english)
    Best 73
    Paul F5JSQ

  20. This gateway is not working with DM780 v5.
    No udp connection between HRD logbook & the gateway.
    what’s wrong ?

  21. Hi Henry..
    Since Simon released v5 I pretty much gave up on the DM780 gateway. In the V5 release Simon made it so you HAD to have the HRD logbook open also before anything would be sent out via the UDP. I feel if I gotta have 2 separate log books open it’s not worth using .. I have switched all of my attention over to using Fldigi. DM780 is built on the Fldigi engine. It’s doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Dm780 but it does a real good job….

  22. I’m trying to install “L32-DM780 Full install” on Windows XP,,,,but it seems to gets stuck loading the cabinet. Should it take longer than 5 minutes? I did unpack the install to a folder but didn’t help,,,I then unpacked the cabinet into the folder but it then looks for the disk???
    Bill KH6OO

  23. Hello .. I will try to make a Gateway HRD/DM780 > L32 .. All is installed and the Bridge tell me “Found Logger32” but Logger32 will not receive any datas from the Brigde .. Whats wrong ? Any idea ? ( using UDP 2235)

    OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    Logger32 3.25.0
    HRD inkl. DM780 v5.0 build 2893

    Greetings Wolf, DL2MWB

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