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  1. At some point I will write one. I started work on one 2 years ago but I had found that some russian had already written one so I stopped working on the code. I do not have the link handy to the russian gateway but if you search the L32 forum you should find refference to it…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. Rick

    Happy New Year

    Rick, I am coming back to my previous request about a “MIXw2 to Logger32 gateway” program????

    I tried the “russian one”… but but at my experience i would prefere a more “handy one”.

    It would be very very helpful.

    If You start again… I volountier as beta tester….

    73 Adriano ik2cbd

  3. I will add this to my list.. I have 3 current projects I am working on so as soon as I get them done I will re-visit this…

  4. Hello! Thanks for your great work with HAM-software. I use logger 32 and http look up you made, work well.
    Hope you will find the time to work at the gateway MIXW-LOGGER32… I use the other one but it don’t works very fine.
    🙂 Please help us!

    73 Gabriele IZ3GOM – K2GOM

  5. Hi Folks !
    How is about the MixW-Logger32 gateway?
    The russian do not really work since latest Logger updates….

    Rick, I guess the community will really appreciate your support !

    73, Martin

  6. Martin..
    If I get around to this it will have to be later this yaer.. I am really swamped at the moment with work and have no time to spend on radio work….

    73 Rick N2AMG

  7. Rick,
    I installed Mix2DXLabs program and it works great with DXKeeper, thanks for the program! One question: The OPERATING frequency is always blank, does the program calculate this freq when the QSO is saved? The rig frequency and audio offset are the same regardless of which frequency is selected in the SETUP tab.

  8. I decided to look at mixw again and tryed the gateway. No matter where I put the exe it says mixw not running and closes. I have mixw 2.2 and the latest gateway. Mixw isinstalled in c:\mixw, tried the gateway there and the app\roaming under my name with no joy.

  9. Maybe I am not understanding the program to well, but the program seems to not read the QRG like 14071.3 etc. It only shows the RIG QRG not the actually carrier frequeny, also is there a way the info that is sent to DXkeeper that can be automatically saved in DxKeeper? I also notice the Meter Band selection is blank in DXkeeper.

  10. Well, I finally got mixw2DXLabs to load. Seems to get all the information in the xfer box, but when I try to save the contact, it does NOT xfer the band or freq. I’m sure I have something set wrong, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what. What setting am I missing. HELP!!!!


  11. The 3.10v of the mixw2dxlabs bridge didn’t include an option to interconnect with SpotCollector as advertized. What did I do wrong, or is there another download for SpotCollector?

    Thanks ———– Ray KE3G

  12. Hi Ray, I have Mix2DXLabs working with Commander and Spotcollector and yaesu FT990. Frequency is ok in commander but mix2 shows carrier plus audio which does not update unless commander freq is changed. How can i show carrier freq on mix2 and in spotcollector? Thanks for any help. John W1OOO

  13. Hi Agn Ray, Just wanted to add that Mix shows proper carrier freq when connected to the FT990 without DxLab running tnx agn, John W1OOO

  14. Muy buen software el Logger 32 y todos sus utilidades , llevo tiempo utizandolo solamente como Libro de Guardia y muy Bueno espero utilizarlo en los Concursos pero no e sabido utilizarlo , si alquien me ayuda se lo agradecere . Buen Software y Poderoso en eutilidades e informacion para el usuario Chao

  15. Muy buen software el Logger 32 y todos sus utilidades , llevo tiempo utizandolo solamente como Libro de Guardia y muy Bueno espero utilizarlo en los Concursos pero no e sabido utilizarlo , si alquien me ayuda se lo agradecere . Buen Software y Poderoso en utilidades e informacion para el usuario Chao

  16. I am using DXLabs 3.1.1, DXKeeper 7.1.9 and MixW3.0.1 with an XP computer. All works with the exception that information is not transfer to the “tx band” and “tx freq” spaces in DXKeeper 7.1.9.

    I suspect that I have not properly setup the program. Any suggestions? Thanks de David

  17. .
    Dear Rick salute you, I hope you’re okay ..
    If you can design a program for CW skimmer + logeer32 would
    Very useful to be able to work together …..
    In pleasant sv7bot Kostas ….

  18. RE: [dxlab] Mix2Labs and DXKeeper

    Rick N2AMG, the author of Mix2DXLab, should be along shortly to give you a


    Dave, AA6YQ

    —–Original Message—–
    From: []On Behalf Of
    Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 5:46 PM
    Subject: [dxlab] Mix2Labs and DXKeeper

    Anybody have this problem or know of a fix… When I am using MixW and
    running Mix2Labs to log to DXKeeper I can be going along initially maybe the
    first 4-7 Q’s then it locks up. I have to close Mix2Labs and then re-open
    and may work 3-4 q’s or maybe just one. I have no problem running any other
    DX Lab modules or anything else for that matter.

  19. It has been 2 weeks since posting this, was hoping that someone would have a solution or an idea???

  20. I do not know what I am doing wrong the Mix2DXLab is always saying Waiitng for MixW to load and I did all the instructions

  21. Dear friend Rick,
    I would like to ask if there is a gateway to work with MixW and logger32.
    I have tested MiwWLogger32 (RA3BB), but I got several errors, even Logger32 stops working.
    In case you have such a kind of software it would be very good.
    I only need to send : call, name, mode and rst.
    I thought to try to build something in VisualBasic , but I have a little expirience and perhaps it must be very dificult to develop. So, here I am in order to ask you some help in order to try to found a gateway MixW- Logger32
    Many thanks for your help
    Manuel Fernando – CT1BXX

  22. I have v3.11. In the Setup screen, I have Actual Frequency checked. In the Main screen, the Rig and Audio frequencies are filled in but noth the Acual Frequency. I see this AF filled in on all the screen shots. The frequency in MixW shows the AF, so I guess the bridge is logging the AF into DXLabs. I was just curious as to why the AF block remains blank.

  23. Hi Rick,
    I see that more people wants a “MixW 2 Logger32 Gateway”, any possibility to create it?

    Fabio, IZ8MBW

  24. Hi Rick,
    Mix2DXlabs 3.1.3 unable to connect to the DXlabs suite apps, Win8.1 (Mixw version 3)
    what i did wrong ?

  25. Hi Rick,
    Mixw2DxLabs 3.1.3 unable to connect to the DxLabs Suite programme. Work with Win10 64 bit.
    I see just the screen Waiting for MixW to load…..
    If I set Cancel, than I have the screen Mix2DXLabs 3.1.1
    On this screen tab Setup, I put some V on MixW, Save Grid, Save IOTA and RTTY for Mode. Then I put a V on DXKeeper and save. Nothing happened. Still the Screen Waiting for MixW to load…..
    What is the problem? 73 de ON6AT

  26. You need to run MixW and the gateway as Administrator. If you do not it will not connect. Right click on both .exe file and select the compatibility tab and select Run as Administrator. One other user told he he had to set the OS for Vista in order to get it to work..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  27. Why do you put a ‘default’ GRID in the gridfield! I want that field to be empty until u put the station’s real grid in Place!!
    73 Rune SM2EKA

  28. As far as I know I don’t put a default grid in the gateway. When get home later tonight I will look at this and see if I do…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  29. I see what you are talking about. The grid is coming from MixW. Those fields auto update from the fields of MixW. If the operator gives you a different Grid right click on the line in the logbook and select Edit. When the window opens up enter the new grid and click save. I have nothing to do with those fields. The gateway is just a go between the 2 programs and doesn’t change the data.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  30. Hello,

    a very usefull software.
    My additional wishes: force dxkeeper to LOTW upload (like eQSL)

    A problem:
    The actual frequency (Rig+AF) cannot be trensfered (field remains empty, frequenca display in DXKeeper sows 000). Iam using MixW3.2.105.

    Could you solve these?

    Many thanks and 73
    Michael D5IB

  31. Will you be supporting the gateway for mix 3.2? I have tried running the current gateway and it does not seem to work. Maybe I have it configured wrong.

  32. Hi Steve..
    It still is supported with that version of MixW. The problem is OS dependent. If you are running Windows 10 and some late version of Windows 7 it requires that All 3 programs be run using the Run as Administrator setting. and also MixW must be run first if I remember correctly. Windows 10 no longer truly supports the messaging means that is used in MixW and DXKeeper so it is kinda a kludge until I can rewrite the gateway using a new means for communication.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  33. Hello Rich,
    I’m testing now MixW4 (v1.0.5) with the MixW2DxLab bridge (3.13). I used this bridge with MixW3. Now, with MixW4 it is no longer possible.
    Explanation how everything works:
    I start DxLabSuite, while starting from all the different parts, MixW4 also starts. Afterwards, MixW2DxLab (bridge) starts. I use the Administrator settings.
    The bridge will now “hang” with the message “Waiting for MixW to load..”. While this has been started for a long time!
    Apparently MixW2DxLab does not find the version 4.
    Have already transferred the ini file that works with MixW3, but also this does not help.

    Have also placed the bridge in the same folder of MixW4, but no result.
    Have you test this with MixW4?
    Maybe I have overlooked something.

    I Work with Windows 10 (1803)
    73’s de ON6AT Patrick

  34. Hi Patrick..
    I have been unable to get MixW4 to run for the most part. The program loads but does not talk to my radios or com ports so I just deleted it off my computer for now until it becomes a more stable program. Previous versions of MixW always loaded an ActiveX control for other program to communicate through. If the bridge was loaded and and MixW’s activeX was running it would auto connect to it. It became harder once Windows 10 was released as they have put stronger blocking in place to stop programs from talking together. It was required that both program required Run as Administrator settings in order to run and MixW’s ActiveX stopped loading MixW. You had to load MixW first and make sure it had Run as Administrator settings turned on and then load the gateway using the same settings. I’m not sure if MixW 4 has the same type of ActiveX control or not. The DDE communications that previous MixW versions used is also going to be a problem going forward. VB6 has almost become obsolete and .net does not support DDE with in it’s own libraries. There is one DDE library for .net and it is quite flaky. (I have been re-writing my Fldigi to DXLabs bridge and am having trouble with the DDE connections.) When I get some time I will take a look and see if I can find out if MixW actually has the same activeX connections or not..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  35. Hi Rick,

    Have you done any further research with MixW4?
    The latest official version is 1.1.1 in which different radio types are already included.
    I can do FT8, FT4, RTTY, HELL, BPSK31, BPSK63 and a few more modes. All modes have not yet been processed. As far as the contests are concerned, there are many more.
    Maybe it is time to investigate if MixW4 can communicate with DXLab. Now I use MixW4 to create an ADIF file afterwards and import it into DXLab. This means that the RX freq is missing. Not all data is included in the ADIF file. The makers of MixW4 are aware of this.

    73 Patrick ON6AT (From 25/10/2019 to 25/12/2019 = OR6AT)

  36. Hi Patrick..
    About a month ago I tried it and was finally able to get my radio (7300) finally working with it.
    I really hate the new layout. It’s not very intuitive to work with.
    I did try connecting to the ActiveX connector but was unable to. I am not sure if the developers have that working or they have changed the method of connecting to it. I tried as a normal user and as running the connections using the Run as Administrator setting. If you are in contact with them please have them post the connection means that is built into it.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  37. Hi Rick,

    My excuses for the late answer.
    Have it been busy lately with family matters.
    I am trying to contact someone who is a beta tester for MixW4.
    You will hear from me again.

    73 Patrick ON6AT

  38. Hi Rick,

    The website for reporting bugs in the MIXW4 software program is again active.
    According to the info I received, it would have been a server issue that made the website offline.

    Maybe you can make a report for (MixW4 DXLabs) MixW2 DXLabs and the necessary codes that you need. You must be logged in to create a report.
    I think it’s worth a try. The website is

    Sorry I don’t ask the question, because I don’t know the necessary codes to make MixW2 DXLabs “speak” with MixW4.
    Hopefully this helped you.

    Happy holidays and happy new year for you and your family.
    73 Patrick ON6AT

  39. Patrick.. As soon as I get time I will email them and see what is up and if they have added anything to make the connection with..

    73 Rick N2AMG

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