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  1. not sure why but the update for l32lookups keeps telling me to update removed the “old“ version and re installed the latest version but it keeps saying there is a update when i run the updater it says a newer version is all ready installed ? what am i doing wrong ??

  2. The installer that I use changed pricing levels. If I wanted to have automatic uninstall and install it was going to cost me $700.00 which I refuse to spend for free software.
    go into Windows Add/Remove programs and uninstall L32Lookups.exe after doing then run the installer and it will install the newest version. But before you do that I would wait. I will be coming out with another version in a few days that fixes an issue some are having. Use the current one for now and watch the Logger32 group for when I make a post telling I have updated the file..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  3. Hi Rick, why when I do a lookup it execute WebView2 10 times, and leave them running also after I end the search? I can see this opening Windows Task Manager
    Running v1.0.26 in http mode
    Thank you very much

  4. The QRZ web page is made up of frames. The way Webview2 works is the built in controller to the webview dll loads each frame in a separate window and then combines them afterwards. On both my regular pc and my development pc the webviews are cleared of the task manager after the lookup completes and displayed. I’m not sure why they would be sticking around.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  5. Ok, I noticed that only if I close the main Logger32 program, they all close itself (disappearing from Task Manager processes). Just for your info.
    I installed both Logger32 and L32lookup in c:\logger32, and running it with Admin priviledges.
    Thank you very much

  6. Hi Joe..
    This is normal. When Logger32 closes it closes all of the windows that it has loaded. It will also minimize the Lookup when you clear the callsign window. In an upcoming release of Logger32 the user will have a choice it they want to Lookup window to close or stay open when the call window is cleared.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  7. Hi Rick,
    Could you point me in the right direction to fix a problem possibly a setting I’m missing.
    I have upon working stations in the states as Logger32 populates the State and County fields in the main Logbook page ok,
    but if I work them in CW or SSB mode the qso’s log fine under the columns CNTY and State but when in FT4/8 mode they don’t.
    I’m running JDTX version 159 setup handshaking with Logger32 with L32Lookups new version running in XML.I have checked in the setup of L32Lookups the transfer information fields the same as JTDX and Logger32 to except all transfer of the poulated fields that I have set up in Logger32 especially the USA COUNTY and STATE fields.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated Rick………..

    Regards Paul G0WRE

  8. Hi Rick i’m just having a issue with the new updated QRZ L32Lookup as now it seems to skip intermittently from populating my logbook, it’s really wierd how it does it now and then.All Logger32 settings are correct according to Bob from the Hamlogger forum.
    I’m a XML user and there has been no changes except Logger32 updates and installing the new L32Lookup as this did not happen before.

    Regards Paul G0WRE

  9. Hi Paul.
    Turn Debug on. Continue to do lookups and when you see one that does not transfer over to Logger32. Turn Debug off. You will find a file called DebugLog.txt send that file to me so I can look and see what caused the info to be transferred..

  10. Hi Paul..
    I really have not used JTDX to often but I do not think that JTDX passes county and state info to Logger32. There is a setting on the Logger32 JTDX bandmap that you can check to have a lookup done this would allow for the info to be passed into the Logger32 log. But I do not remember seeing the county and state info being passed in the ADIF file to Logger32 from JTDX.
    73 Rick

  11. Hi Rick, i’ve just update L32lookups but im running Windows 7 and the last update need .NET frameworks 4.8 that dont run on Win7, can you help me with this?
    If you have an old version of the program, maybe I can use it.
    Thx LU4HOD, Agustin.

  12. Agustin..
    Unfortunately I do not. The security that has been added to the Lookup servers has had me upgrade to .net 4.8. If I go back in .net version the lookup will no longer pass the needed security for the server.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  13. Hi Rick
    I have at last grasped the nettle and upgraded Logger 32 from V3.5 298 to V4..0. 299, I have an error in L32LogSync which has been faultless until now.
    L32logSync Pops up with your Flash screen showing version 2.0.19 but also an error screen pops up and says. Unable to find trustedQSL Station_Data Fie! Please make sure TrustedQSL is installed and configured.
    I run LOTW every time I have a QSO which relies on TSQL which is in a folder C:\Programmefiles(86)\TrustedQSL\TQSL.exe I hope I have provided enough information for you? I would appreciate any assistance you can offer. Mike B

  14. Hi Mike..
    For the program to send the information to LOTW the program uses the station_data file that TQSL creates. It sounds like you have not created one.
    Open TQSL and there is a menu choice to create a station_data file. It list info about where you are and such. Once you create that file and re-run Logsync you should not see that error message again. The info from the file fills the drop-down selector on the LOTW tab in the program.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  15. Hi again Rick,
    I have generated the Station Data as you suggested however, L32LogSync is still not picking up the TQSL.
    I am wondering what the folder hierarchy is?
    Mine is,
    C:\ programme files(x86)\TrustedQSL

    I am not sure if I have missed a relationship as I first installed this years ago.
    I hope this of some help for you?

  16. Hi Mike..
    When TQSL creates the station_data file it usually creates it in c:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\TrustedQSL\station_data
    The program has this directory programmed in to look there and if it finds it it loads the information out of it.
    After creating the station_data file did you restart Logsync? It only looks for the file when it loads and is loading in all the settings.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  17. Hi Rich,
    Well there you go, I don’t have a C:Users\AppData etc folder, so, I guess that is the problem. I’m now stuck, I force a folder of the correct name in Users folder but now need to find where the TQSL File has gone.
    Thanks for your help, it may be that I need a new PC install. will cattch you later but thanks so far.
    Mike B

  18. Mike it is probably hidden.
    With windows Explorer open Click the View menu. A ribbon panel should open with a bunch of settings. Towards the right side there should be a setting to show hidden items..

    73 Rick

  19. Hello.
    Afer update to 1026 Internetcallsignlookup widow is empty, just blue.
    Anything I could check to fix that?
    Thanks, Mike

  20. Mike..
    When the window is open turn Debug on. Then close the window.
    Have Logger32 do a lookup by adding a call in the entry window and pressing tab. after the window opens but doesn’t show anything turn debug off and in the directory where the program is located you will find the debug file. send that as an attachment to and I will try to figure out what is happening. You could also download the full installer from my website and re-install it to make sure your system did not block one of the dll files..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  21. Hello Rick,
    Here is the same. The debug cannot be activated because the lookup window cannot be addressed (no feedback). The only way to end the program is via Ctr-Alt-Del.
    I don’t know if it’s because of V4.0.299. After the update lookup still worked. It hasn’t worked for 4-5 days. I uninstalled and reinstalled L32Lookup. Went again. But, only until the PC restarts. The lookup window is dead again.
    I hope for your help. It’s boring and cruel without L32Lookup… 🙁
    73 de Nick DL5XJ

  22. Hi Nick..
    Question for you.. If you use explorer and switch to the directory where the L32Lookups.exe is located and double click on the .exe without Logger32 running does the window open up normally and can you click on the menus and such???
    If it works normally turn Debug on while you have the window open..

    Also in the Logger32 setup menu if you click on the AutoLookup menu is the very last item in that menu selected “Open minimized on Autolookup”?? If so uncheck that item and try it again..
    73 Rick N2AMG

  23. Hello Rick,
    I uninstalled V1.026 and installed the old V1.0.18. And it runs with no problems. That’s why I can’t play with V1.026 anymore (I didn’t save install.msi).
    Thank you for the fast reaction. Unfortunately, the new V1.0.27 cannot be downloaded (?).

    73 de nick DL5XJ

  24. Hi Rick. Thanks for effort and your time. Looking forward for downloading V1.0.27 when available. I unfortunately have a new pc and no of the older versions, so I am out here in the cold, lol.

  25. Hi Rick
    Installed the V1.0.27
    Installed and it on the Internet Callsign Lookup page (QRZ info) it reads V1.0.2.07
    Still having problems to populate (over write) the info on Logger 32

  26. Johan..
    If you would turn Debug on and do a lookup. After your done turn Debug off. Send me the L32LookupsDebugLog.txt file as an attachment so I can see if it is an issue with the lookup or what is going on..

    73 Rick N2AMG
    Send it to

  27. Hi Rick, ok it all works now fine.
    Thanks for all the demanding work you put in to make this hobby even more fun

  28. Hi Rick,
    I had a logger32 crash yesterday but have it working again today however, Lookups is not working as it was before the crash. When I enter a call sign in the “Logbook Entry” window, I do not get a response. If I click on the “#22 Internet Call Lookup” it does respond with the information. Suggestions?

  29. Just installed L32lookups v1.0.28 on a friend’s PC. Followed the installation but in L32, after entering a callsign, it keeps bringing up a window asking for GoWin QSL MGR routing. What to do?


  30. Hi Jerry..
    It sounds like you might have made the settings in Logger32 wrong.
    Where did you install the program to and where did you setup the link to the lookup’s .exe file??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  31. The app was installed to: C:\L32Lookups\L32Lookups.exe. In L32, under the Utility Program menu setup, I called it “Hamcall” and had the above link to the right of it. This was the same link referenced after clicking the icon (7th from right).

  32. Hi Jerry..
    You have set it up in Logger32 incorrectly.
    In Logger32 click the Internet Lookup Icon (7th one from right) then click Toolbox then Setup External Lookup in that box enter the path to where the lookup is installed. You mentioned the Utilities menu which is a separate menu system and is used to load external applications like my program Logsync for example. The other thing to check if you did install in the correct window check the path you have entered in the window. Does it equal to the path located above. That would be the only reasons that I can think of on why the other program is loading…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  33. I followed your instructions above, without fixing the problem (I removed the Utility Program reference to L32Lookups). After selecting the Internet Lookup Icon, the path C:\L32Lookups\L32Lookups.exe was inserted in the top row. This is where the app was installed. A yellow window appears with the proper info from when a callsign is entered in the yellow box. But when I enter a callsign in the L32 entry window, a different box pops up and refers to a GoWin QSL Manager routing path not found.

  34. Hi Jerry..
    If you would do the following
    with Windows explorer switch to the directory where the lookup is installed and double click on the lookup to have it open. click on the setup menu and select Debug/Debug On and then close out the Lookup program.
    Now in Logger32 try to do a lookup and after it completes or fails open your email program and attach a file that is located in the directory where the lookup is installed called L32LookupsDebugLog.txt Now I also what you to either attach it to the same email or a seperate one the Logger32.ini file located in the directory where Logger32 is installed.
    This way I can compare and see where the crossup is located at.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  35. When I try to launch L32Lookups.exe from where it is installed, it does not open. I even tried “Run as administrator”.

  36. Open windows explorer and tell me if you have a directory on your c drive called L32Lookups??
    Also make sure you are clicking on the file with the icon of the magnifying glass on it/. I have had another user today that was clicking on the wrong file. He had extensions on his computer hidden and he was clicking on a file called L32Lookups.exe.config but on his computer it was not showing the config extension so he thought he was clicking on the .exe file windows created the .config file when it was installed..

    73 Rick

  37. Yes, there is a directory under the root called L32Lookups. Within this directory I can see the file L32Lookups.exe, as well as L32Lookups.exe.config, etc. In L32, when clicking on the lookup icon, it does launch L32Lookups.exe properly the first time (when the callsign to lookup is entered in this window). It is correctly populated with’s information. The problem occurs when trying to lookup a callsign from the L32 entry window (enter the callsign and then hit the tab button). This is when the routing window pops up and gives the error. It appears that L32 is calling a different application.

  38. In the Internet lookup window (7th icon from right) click Toolbox and then Setup External Lookup. in that window where the text is on the top line click browse and change directories until you have the directory as c:\L32Lookups and then select L32Loops.exe you want to click on the file with the icon of a magnifying glass. That will have Logger32 open the correct Lookup program. After doing that open the Setup tool bar in Logger32 and click on the AutoLookup menu. Make sure the menu Use External Lookup is checked. Once that is done close the toolbar and try a lookup. It will probably open the setup window and have you enter your username and password and set the path to Logger32 and what type of lookup you want to use. next close the lookup window again and enter my call N2AMG in the Entry Window and press Tab. Does it correctly lookup my call???

    73 Rick

  39. Problem solved! Your suggestion to click on the AutoLookup menu in L32 was the answer. The program installs with four options checked (selected). Once we turned these off and turned on the external lookup only, your routine ran perfectly. Perhaps you should include this step in the setup instructions.

    Thanks again for all your help.

  40. Hi Rick
    My Lookup stopped working suddenly for no reason
    I’ve deleted it and re installed it and when I go to setup and browse, it wont go to C:\L32Lookup\L32Lookup.exe, it inserts QRZ Subscriber lookup instead when I click on “start”
    I’ve used your L32Lookup for probably 20 years and very happy. Don’t understand what happened now.
    73 Leon ZS6RF

  41. Hi Leon..
    I had not noticed the new post so I am just getting to this now. When you open the setup in the internet lookup window did you click on the radio dot first to set that as the default one to use??. Also when the QRZ window opens have you clicked on Setup to go in and select the Lookup you want to use??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  42. Hello Rick,
    I have been using your application for years, but something has changed.
    (probably my fault) The lookup works well but it started to return the name with all the style/font instructions as well. Seems it did this sometimes but now seems to be all the time. Can you give me a heads up on this?
    N3GH George

  43. Hi George.
    I’m not sure what has changed.. I have not been on my programming/shack computer in quite a while. My wife has been very sick for the last months and all my attention has been directed there.. I will look when I get a chance..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  44. Hi. I am ZS6RFI had to reload Logger32 and Everything else on my C: which somehow disappeared from my PC. I reloaded Logger, downloaded and installed QRZLookup and when I run the Lookup, I get an error message.
    Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.
    The system cannot find the file specified (Exemption from HRESULT: Ox80070002)
    Please help,
    LEON (ZS6RF)

  45. Hi again Rick.
    I’ve used a your program for many years and installed Logger32 and QRZLookup on many hams PCs. My Windows gave trouble and my son fixed it. Everything works perfectly except QRZLookup! He is quite busy now but seems to think it has something to do with dotnet.

    Thanks and 73 de ZS6RF

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