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N1MM-Logger32 Bridge — 6 Comments

  1. Just to let you know that when I click onto, AVG virus detector resets the page – it says it’s found a virus and won’t let me continue or over-ride….”URL:BLACKLIST”.

    Forgive my ignorance, but I’ve no idea what this means – but now you know…

  2. AVG thinks there is a virus in the installer package because of 2 reason’s
    A. it is a very small package that tries to access the internet (Checks for updates)
    B. It uses Microsoft”s communications messages to transfer data back and forth between itself and N1MM and Logger32.

    The file is checked by 2 antivirus check programs and nothing is found. The only thing I can say to do is disable your anti-virus software while you install it and when you re-enable the software enter in an exception into AVG for the bridge.

  3. Keith, what you see is your AV product blocking any access to a file download from this site, only because it “thinks” it has a bad reputation due to some previous detected virus (regardless if it really was a virus or not).
    My Avast does the same with its “web shield” when downloading, but the actual file itself, nothing is actually detected as a virus by Avast. It is only the “web protection” that does, based on some old history.
    One can temporarily disable their AV to do the download, and if suspicious of the file, check it on a site like, which scans the file with over 50 AV products.
    This file produces 2 (false) positives, only generic warnings, which shows the file is actually very clean:

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