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  1. I have posted version 2.0 of the Online Logbook Script.
    I have added quite a few new modifications that users have requested. If you have any trouble installing the script email me at and I will help you install it.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. If you have downloaded the new online Log Book Please download it again. There is an error in one of the files. I grabbed the wrong version of the file when I added it to the zip file..

  3. Hello Rick. I am posting here instead of contacting you by e-mail because others reader may see this and have a solution. I have been playing with your script on and off for a few weeks and having no success…. here is what I have done to date.

    I want to install your logbook scripts on my home machine so that I can play with it before I pay extra to my web site provider to have mysql & php installed.

    I originally installed ‘WAMPserver’ (which I know that you are unfamiliar with from previous correspondence.) and tried getting your scripts to run but had no luck at all. I have now removed WAMPserver and installed Apache server 2.2 with MySQL 5.5.9 and MySQL Workbench 5.2…. Using workbench I created a database and then ran the installation index.php.. this works flawlessly, telling me it has created the tables etc… then, when I press the button to continue, I get a ‘page not found’ error.

    There is something in index2.php that is not working for me. Anyone any ideas ???

    b.t.w., I had a look in index2.php and it mentions a style sheet that is not part of the install package… I know absolutely nothing of PHP programming… could this be the problem ??


  4. I have just uploaded a new version of the scripts. I found that the php.ini file on my main server that I program to had warning turned off. Because of this I was not seeing a lot of the warning messages the script was generating. These changes will also correct the issue that was being seen by 2 users that reported seeing nothing but garbage on the screen of the main logbook page.

    I would suggest that if you are using the scripts to edit your php.ini file so that this line is included in your php.ini file:
    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

  5. I thought that I would add this on as a follow up to my message above so that readers of this page are ‘up-to-date’.

    A fantastic job by Rick folks. We exchanged a large number of e-mails, several versions of the scripts, lessons from Rick on getting my home server set up correctly, and best of all, a fully working set of scripts that operate at warp factor 10 and look good too.

    Thank you Rick !!!!

  6. Hi Rick,
    Installed the sware no problem…. Config went OK but not able to upload any data ?

    Actually I can browse to a log file ok…. it will upload…. but software then says no callsign data found therein.

    Any suggestion what I have done ?

    Regards Paul….

  7. Hi Rick,
    Just spent some time reviewing all my setups, All appeared 100%, so i turned my attention to the ADIF files.

    It looks like not all “Standard” ADIF files are indeed standard !!

    Both Euro loggers i tested produced similar ADIF files, but neither would upload into logbooksearch.

    I then tested logger32 and the ADIF files uploaded 100% without problem.

    As a temp work about i found if i import my test logfiles into logger32 first then re-export them back out as ADIF files again Logbooksearch will then accept them???

    Think i will look at few more Euro loggers see if they are all problamatic.

    Regards Paul..

  8. Best online logger on net. Hope you will work on logger update in future.
    Thank you for your very fast help and update, with my problems with installation.
    Best regards,
    Mile, 9A9Y

  9. Hi Rick
    i have today
    installed the new Online_Logbook – on my screen no error – Database okay. The Problem is i can not ADI-data-file upload. On my screen… Number of QSO’s Added to the Database: 0 qso’s. Elapsed time = 0 seconds. There are now 0 QSOs in the database. With the old version is this not problem!

    Can you help me please? Sorry my english is so bad ;-(

    I hope you understand the problem!?

    Best Regards

  10. Hello Rick
    Thank you do much for your fast help. The Software function 100% 😉 Thanks!!!!

    73 and from North Sweden
    Andreas …

  11. Hello.

    Thanks for developing the scripts. I’m preparing them to use on my website.

    One issue I had was that after importing N1MM ADIF, the log pull down menu showed wrong call. After reviewing the scripts, it looks like the field LSv2 uses to determine log call sign is the OPERATOR. However in contests it is common to have STATION CALLSIGN and OPERATOR call signs.

    According ADIF 2.2.3, if STATION_CALLSIGN is absent (which is not the case on N1MM ADIF), OPERATOR shall be treated as both the loggin’s station call sign and the logging operators call sign.

    IMHO LSv2 should use the STATION_CALLSIGN (when present) instead of the OPERATOR callsign because the first one is the one going over the air according ADIF definitions.

    Not big deal…easily fixable by search and replace on the ADIF prior to import.

  12. Rick, a request for a modification please. Unless I am doing something wrong, every time I open the LogbookSearchEditConfig.php it resets the colours that I have set up and I have to enter them all again. Can this be changed so that it does not so this ??? (or am I doing something wrong?)


  13. Hi,
    i ve just few questions , i ve install to remplace the French log f5agl that i was using and i ve just 2 request:
    Is it possible to display the last qso on top of log ?
    And if we add the adif list to display the comber of DXCC worked/ all time total countrys …?

    Thank in advance and congrats for the Job done !

    B R 73 de Damien f4azf

  14. Hi Rick,
    i have on my Server PHP-Version 5.4. This function “register_globals” is no longer supported.
    The Problem is i can not ADI-data-file upload. On my screen… Number of QSO’s Added to the Database: 0 qso’s. Elapsed time = 0 seconds.

    Can you help me please?
    Thanks for the excellent software and thanks for your help …

    Best 73 de Andreas

  15. Hello

    Thank you very much for this contribution! excellent work

    There are way to run a cron job that automatically take my database from “HRD” and export the new QSO’s?

    My HRD database is in the cloud (google Drive) and would be very useful that the update is automatic.

    Thank you very much again,



  16. Hi Michele..
    One of these days I will I don’t think it will take me to long to fix things but its actually finding time to work on it.

    73 Rick n2AMG

  17. Hello Rick

    A question: Is it possible to provide an additional column for the Sub modes in your online logbook?
    In recent years, most logs and also in E’qsl etc have added the additional submodes: PSK31 ….. and now new MFSK with submode FT4.

  18. At sometime I will do this. The whole script needs to be re-written to bring it up to todays standards. I’m just not sure when I will get to this as time is limited these days..

    73 Rick N2AMG

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