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  1. I have posted an update to the FldigiDXCluster software. This version corrects a couple things.
    1. The calculation for the long path and short path bearing was not funtioning correctly.
    2. The Longitude and Latitude when entered was not used correctly in azimuth calculations.
    3. After entering you longitude and latitude or grid square the program now needs to be restarted after changes were made.
    4. Adds Country Name to the text at the bottom of the map when mousing over a packet spot.
    5. Adds Country Name to the Spot Grid columns.

    To install the update download the Update file and unzip the files over your currently installed FldigiDXCluster files.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. Hi,
    How to have different possibilites of characters or polices to see that with higher characters in FldigiDXcluster ?

  3. I’m not sure of what you are asking for.. can you try to explain it a little bit better so I can understand it..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  4. Hi Rick,
    Put Windows 10 on the laptop to take to the beach. Updated fldigi to the latest,updated fldigi-dx-cluster to 2.01. I start fldigi first,then your s/w and both come up ok, but your s/w says fldigi not connected. I try setup/fldigi and it gives me “runtime error 383, text property is read only”.
    Any ideas?
    John W4JKL

  5. John..
    Last week Fldigi made a change in the way the caption of Fldigi reads. Because of this change the Cluster software is no longer finding Fldigi. I will try to get to this this week but I have had some other issues taking time away from me doing this. I will post here as soon as I get an Update.

    As for the Run Time error can you tell me what you had pressed or done when the error came up? Also look and see if in the clusters directory there is a DebugLog.txt file if there is send that to me direct at

    73 Rick N2AMG

  6. Hi Rick, from Ed KG4W. Is there any news regarding the fldigi cluster software ?
    Just getting stsrted with Fldigi here.

  7. Ed..
    I just tried the latest Fldigi with the latest version of the cluster software and it is working correctly on my computer. My OS is Windows 10 x64

    73 Rick N2AMG

  8. Hi Rick,
    I am having difficulty installing FLDigi dx Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04 can you post a short “How To”. Does it autostart with FLDigi or is there a short script to get it going?
    Thanks de Cliff

  9. Hi Cliff..
    The Fldigi DXCluster program is a windows only program. It won’t run on Linux Sorry about that.. I’m not that talented of a programmer to be able to write code like Dave that works on all languages.. Someday when I get time I will try learn C++ so I am able to do that..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  10. Hi Rick,

    i cannot install the software, a message comes:
    some system files are out of date
    My operation system is windows XP 32Bit, Processor athlon 64 3500+

    bet 73s

    Michael DL5IB

  11. Not sure what would cause that as it was originally wrote on XP. I will setup a VM of XP and see if I can reproduce the problem. I’ll get back to you as soon as I do..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  12. Hi Rick,

    Note added in proff:
    I reinstalled my Windoes XP – the same problem.
    Furthermore, also the FLDIGI-DXLAB-Gateway connot be installed.
    During installation the message:

    the file c:\windows\system32\stdole2.tbl is protected by windows. You need to update your operating system

    comes. I do not know in which way I should update my system (Windows XP, SP3).

    It seems to be a similar problem as i reported above.

    vy 73

    Michael DL5IB

  13. It has come to my attention that due to updates in Windows 10 and the age of this software the controls that are used in the program will not work properly in OS’s that are higher that windows 7.

    I am in the middle of a total re-write of my Fldigi-DXLabs Bridge and after I get done with that I will start re-writing the DXCluster Software.

    73 Rick N2AMG

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