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  1. Rick,

    Thanks for your help – sorry that I’ve been slow to respond, but have been focused on non-Amateur matters.

    Tried the above, but running L32LogSync.exe (that it allowed me to run as Admin) didn’t seem to do anything. I wondered whether this was because I didn’t have an earlier version of L32LogSync installed (I was running LOTW eQSL Utility v1.4.99).

    Tried to load the L32LogSync full install and found that when I was moving the zip file across to c:/L32logSync/ that it was only extracting the L32LogSyncinstaller.exe file. That file could only be ‘opened’ – no option to run as Admin. Win10 seems to do something odd when moving a *.zip file as it seems to extract just the *.exe file.

    So went into /Downloads/, unzipped the zip file into /L32LogSync/ and then Win10 gave me a option to run L32LogSyncinstaller.exe as Admin. Yipee!

    The only issue that I have so far is that in the LoTW tab, when selecting an ADIF file to upload, the file search window is set for a *.tq8 file, rather than a *.adi file.


    John, G3WKL

  2. Hi John..
    If you click the drop down where it shows the .tq8 selection it will open up so you can choose TQ8, ADIF,Or All Files. I have not changed this in the next version to show ADIF first..

    As to the other problem. What anti-virus program are you using?? I have gotten emails from a couple of users that said AVAST marked the .exe as suspicious and it never allowed it to run as it was listed in one of its lists as a threat. You might want to check something like that as the cause..


  3. Hi Rick

    Comments noted. I’m using Windiws Defender but did try running the *.exe file with it disabled. As I said I think that the problem was related to the way in which the OS handled the move of the *.zip file.

    All working fine new – thanks for great program and your support.

    73 John, G3WKL

  4. I’m using Logger32 3.49 and have been reading here and through many links and I cannot find any information on L32 reading internal Hamcall data base into logger32. I have downloaded the entire Hamcall database on Drive C:\hamcall\hamcall,but find no joy having Logger32 locate a call. Would it be less frustrating and time saving to switch to QRZ.html?
    Best regards Rick
    George W7LFD

  5. When attempting to run Logsync in Logger32, I get the following message:
    “Ubablo to find Trusted QSL station_data file.”

    TQSL is the latest version and properly configured. Help

    73 de Jim VE6NF

  6. Hi Jim.
    I am thinking that if it was working correctly that some how your Station Location file was wiped clean. Open TQSL on the Top menu click Station Locations. and then Click Add Station Location.

    Once you have done that the program should find your location file and continue to work again.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  7. Jim..
    The program is looking for the station_data file which should be located in c:\Users\xxxxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\TrustedQSL

    If you look with Windows Explorer and move to that directory do you find a station_data file?? When you create a station data entry thru TQSL.exe it should place an entry into this file. If you don’t find that file then TQSL is writing it to a new location that I’m not sure where it is. The directory I showed is the default location.

    73 Rick

  8. Rick, the file is there. I have re-installed everything and still nothing. I have compared my setup with two other hams and they are identical, except theirs work and mine doesn’t.

    Will keep trying. It will be a topic of discussion at coffee this morning.

    73, Jim

  9. Hi Jim..
    I will post a message on the ARRl development group and see if someone else has an answer. But I did notice that a user on the DXLabs group is having the same problem. So It might be a bug in TQSL.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  10. Andy ..
    Using the old version would not work for you either. I no longer have the old version around and the VB6 source has been deleted. As I move my programs to I purge all of the old source.

    What OS are you using??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  11. Hi Rick
    I just got my LOTW download working again. Installed the latest TQSL and then your update. BUT. When I loaded Logger32 I got the L32 LogSync.exe file not found error. I found that the old .exe was still there and the update was named L32LogSync.exe. So I deleted the old file and put a space in the update name to L32 LogSync.exe and all is good.
    Thanks for what you do!
    Jeff VE3CV (reposted with correct file spelling)

  12. Hi Jeff.
    The correct name of the file is L32LogSync.exe I am guessing that when you added it to the utility menu that a space got added to it. I looked in the zip file and all of the names are correct in the file. You can edit the utility menu entry to remove the space that way you wont have to mess with it in further updates come out.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  13. Yes, my bad!
    Asked myself after my post that why would there be a space in the file name? So I my Utility Setup for the same “error” and found that I put the space in the name in Utility Setup. Made all the changes to correct names.
    Sorry for the bandwidth.

  14. Hi,
    Regarding the “The program is looking for the station_data file which should be located in c:\Users\xxxxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\TrustedQSL”.
    I just reinstalled everything(reloaded my computer) and had exactly this problem. Installed LOGGER32, TQSL and L32LogSync. Loaded certificates into TQSL… The problem was that I hadn’t created “Station Locations”. Creating those resolved the problem.
    73 Bjorn LB1GB

  15. Hi Rick!

    An error message is displayed when you download LOTW!
    “Error information has been writen to ErrorLog file!” – and the download doesn’t work!

    By uploading everything OK! – What could be the problem?

    73! HA6FQ Den

  16. Hi Antonio.
    Sorry there is nothing I can do. XP is to old and LOTW and other log sites have gone to stricter security. This security is no longer supported by XP. You could get Windows 7 OS and install it on most XP machines that would help you for a little while.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  17. Hi Rick,
    No doubt you already gave the solution in the past, however I can’t find it. When using L32 Logsync and clicking the tab “Open User Homepage in Browser” I am able to log-in to LotW. When using “Dowload LOTW QSL Information and synt into Logger32” I get the message “The LOTW Server reports back that your User Name or Password is incorrect! Please check your user settings and try the upload again”. The eQSL part is working without errors.
    Can you please advise me what to do or where it went wrong?
    73, Ruud

  18. Ruud..
    What OS are you using?? My guess is XP. If so this is a problem as XP is no longer supported. The reason is the LOTW went to a higher security method when accessing the download server for LOTW. XP does not support this security method so using XP is no longer an option when access log data from the LOTW Server.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  19. Hi Rick,
    No I’m using W’10 64bits. I’ve no problems logging into LotW manual (via TQSL for instance). I also added yoer application to the exceptionlist of AVG. Until a few months ago I used your program without problems, with the same setup (i.e. W’10, Firefox, the latest version of Logger32).

  20. Ruud..
    Oh thats different then.
    Give this a try:
    1. Turn debug on
    2. Do a download from LOTW
    3. After it gives you the message about an error in the Username and password Turn off Debug.
    4. In the directory where L32LogSync is installed you will find a file called DebugLog.txt or possibly ErrorLog.txt
    5. Attach them as an attachment and send them to me at

    Hopefully from that I can see where things are getting messed up. I need to add some more Debug statements in the application but hopefully from whats there I can see why it is happening.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  21. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for your advise. It was indeed the numeric sign (#) in the password that causes the problem. Now the problems are solved.
    73, Ruud, pa3eeg

  22. Hi, I am in the process of setting logger32 and logsync up on a friends PC and everything is working except downloading LOTW qsl info it keeps coming up with a error.

    I can upload the log fine to LOTW and get the report back but no download.

  23. Hi Andy..
    Are you using XP for your OS??
    If so XP is no longer supported by the ARRL and the program can’t download the report because the ARRL has started using higher security measures that no longer work with XP.
    If you are not using XP does the password you are using has a symbol in it? #$%&*@
    If so change your password as the server can’t handle a symbol in the password.

    These are the 2 things that are usually the problem that you describe.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  24. Hi Rick,
    I’m having an intermittent lockup with the utility. It shows with the way it goes away from the Windows 10 taskbar when Logger32 is not the active screen. So, if I minimize L32, your taskbar icon normally disappears until L32 becomes active again. In the error state, the Logsynch icon stays at the bottom of the screen all the time, and refuses to become active when clicked on. Moving the mouse over icon displays a white box, rather than the contents of the box (if that makes sense). Right clicking the taskbar icon I can select the “Logsynch” or “close window” options but nothing happens. If I close L32, then your icon goes away & I can restart everything correctly. Logsynch is started as a L32 utility program.
    Thanks for your time.
    73′ Pete, N5KD

  25. I will try to take a look at this over the weekend. But try running Logger32 and also Logsync using the run as administrator setting and see if that makes things better. If it does then windows is going to require you to do that. On some systems it allows the programs to talk and act good together but on other systems it requires the Run as Administrator setting. If you find it works better then right click on each of the program’s exe file and select properties then the compatibility tab. On that tab there is a checkbox towards the middle that says Run as Administrator. place a check in that box and then click apply and then ok.

    Let me know how it goes
    73 Rick N2AMG

  26. Thanks Rick.
    I thought I had it set to run as administrator, but didn’t. Have corrected that. You probably won’t see it during one weekend. It’s very intermittent, and my PC runs 24/7 filtering those DX spots. L32 has always been ran as administrator.
    73′ Pete, N5KD.

  27. For some reason when I run L32 logsync do not connect with loger32 and says to run first logger in order to connect.
    Logger 32 is running but dont see it.
    Yesterday was working.
    Any idea what to look after?

  28. Are you running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting?? If so LogSync need to be run the same way. There has not been any recent updates in the last 24 hrs to Logger32 or Logsync so if it isn’t the run as administrator setting I would look at something on your PC like anti-virus or something like that..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  29. hi guys
    tks for helping developing program Rick really nice job
    allways using logsynk, working fine lotw and eqsl but it seens now
    when autoupload on clublog is failing many times ,need to mutch time for recovery from bug or something else , run as admin password is ok have leters one number in the password, i have onother friend that have the same bug
    so what i,m asking , any ham have the same problem?
    waiting answer 73 for all
    nelson resende

  30. Look in the directory where the program is installed for a file called DebugLog.txt if it is there send it to my email as an attachment to
    If it is not there open LogSync and turn Debug On Now do a couple of uploads to ClubLog so it captures in the file. after doing that turn debug off and send me the file that was created.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  31. NO there is no automatic upload to LOTW. When I wrote this software I was asked by the LOTW developers to not allow an automatic upload. They would rather have a group of qso’s uploaded than take server time to process one qso at a time. So I have never allowed for an automatic upload to LOTW.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  32. My L32Logsync file will not open. When I open Logger32 it does show the icon for L32Logsync in the icon tray at the bottom of the screen but when I click on it briefly flashes the program on my screen the disappears. When I place my pointer on the icon a second time it displays a black background.

  33. Use Windows explorer and navigate to the directory where L32 LogSync is installed in. Double click on L32Logsync.ini when it opens up look for the WNDTop= setting and set it to 0 next look for the WNDleft= setting and set it to 0. You will find one more setting WNDWindowState= this setting should be set to 1 if it is not change it to 1
    That should get you back working. Somehow it got moved off the screen when it was minimized..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  34. I am using L32LogSync v2.0.0.5 and this successfully uploads TO both ClubLog and eQSL.
    However, it does not automatically download FROM eQSL into Logger32.
    I can do this (successfully) if I manually click on the button “Download eQSL QSO/QSL Information and sync toLogger32”
    1) How can I do this automatically, ie sync eQSL both ways automatically?
    2) Once it is working automatically, then how often will it sync to eQSL (i know that my new contacts sync from Logger32 TO eQSL almost instantly)

  35. L32Logsync does not have an automatic download built into it. It will auto upload qso’s to eQSL but it will not auto download them. Because of the steps required in Logger32 its up to the user to download from there..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  36. Tried to install L32Sync on my Win7 PC
    Windows says cannot access the specified device, path or file. May not have permissions. Tried again with Admin user – same result.
    AVIRA Security blocked the file because it contains the pattern ‘HEUR/APC (Cloud)’

    Can you advise ?
    Peter VK6RZ

  37. Hi Peter..
    Your probably going to need to turn off the Anti-virus while you install it and then place an exception for it in your software. There are 2 reasons that the AV software thinks it is a virus as it is a small .exe file that uses Microsoft messaging to talk to other programs and it downloads from the internet. That is what I was told by an AV tech at Avast. More than likely the reason for that error message you are getting is your AV software is blocking it and the program is not installing correctly.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  38. On 12/5/2019 Clublog changed their security protocol for any program that uploads or downloads from their servers. I have made changes to the Clublog routines to correct for this change. I have posted an update above that everyone that uses Clublog will need to update to.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  39. Hi Rick, you are doing a good job

    When do you think the option will be operational?

    73 Juan Carlos EA1IXS

  40. Hi Rick, and a Merry Christmas.
    I always get “TQSL error” “This language is not supported by the system.” I use English, but the keyboard is Icelandic.
    Suggestion of what I should change ?
    73 Seli TF3AO

  41. Hi Seli..
    I’m not sure one thing you could try is turn on the TQSL Debug file option. (Open the LOTW setup window and in the bottom right corner there is a checkbox that says Diagnose TQSL Error’s)
    After doing that try an upload and a file will be created in the directory where L32LogSync is installed to called Diag.log Send that file to me at

    73 Rick N2AMG

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