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  1. After its successful installation and when I select this program from L32 Utilities menu, it always abort and does not proceed. Can you help me? My PC is Win7 (Japanese).

  2. Good morning. I have tried SEVERAL times to install this wonderful piece of software. I cannot get past my virus program (AVAST). It calls the file “FileRepMalware”. After bypassing that issue the installation stops prematurely.

    Any suggestions?


  3. Rick when I go to add all my callsigns under LoTW set up, when I click the + sign a window opens for a second and then closes. I assume that’s where I am to enter them but right now I am unable to.

    Jim K2QB

  4. OK figured that one out…FYI the EQSL upload says Create eQSL Export File in Logger 32 and upload to LOTW. Should say upload to EQSL I think.

  5. Makoto..
    If you click on the L32 LogSync.exe file in its directory are you able to open the application?? If not possibly your Anti-virus is stopping the program from running. You may need to add an exception for the program in your AV. I helped one user this morning who had to reinstall the program because his AV had blocked the file and after unblocking it from the virus chest it would still not run..

    73 Rick

  6. Wayne.. Disable your anti-virus. I use the same program but have not had an issue with it. Right click on the icon for it over by the clock. Select Avast Shields control and disable it for an hour.
    After you install the application then you can add an exception Avast so it doesn’t scan it any longer.

    73 Rick

  7. Hi Jim..
    Yes this is a problem. I have already fixed it in source i will upload later tonight. For now when you go to open it you can try to grab the corner of it and move it over or slide the setup window out of the way and then try to move it. I will change the wrong text now after I finish typing this..

    73 Rick

  8. Hi! I´m starting to test this great software (as old user of Lotw Eqsl Utility) and have a problem when trying to upload to Eqsl:
    01/04/2018 19:13:07 – Error- Main.ProcesseQSLClubAutoQso
    =Error Report=
    No se encontraron archivos coincidentes con ‘C:\Logger32\eQSL Dump File.adi’.
    =Error Report End=
    The error log is in spanish: “Not found archives coincident with …”
    Looking in my Logger32 directory I found that the eqsl Dump file wich is there is a .TXT and not an .ADI
    I have “eQSL Dump File.txt” Is there a way to change it. I supouse the problem is there. Thanks! 73 de LU1YT

  9. After unzipping the download, clicking on the windows(10) full installer, a pop up appears containing a faded out message “this must be run from a bootstrap” and it locks up.

  10. Caz..
    I just looked at this error but was not able to duplicate it. the eQSL-Dump_File.adi is an internal file to the utility. It takes the original file and then it renames it so it will be accepted by eQSL.

    If you would try uploading again but before you do turn on Debug and then after it fails send me the Debuglog.txt and the ErrorLog.txt files directo to my address..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  11. Richard..
    I just posted the newest build. This corrects most of the error’s that were reported today.. Inside the zip file there is now just one exe file to run..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  12. Was unable to upload to Clublog with the old utility, since they changed URL to HTTPS. Found the 2.0.0. version here, and it works perfect.
    Thanks Rick!

  13. Thoms..
    Both ClubLog and QRZ have switched to using HTTPS URL’s. Soon LOTW will also be doing this. XP does not support HTTPS. It was never included in the OS. Because of this I have dropped support for XP.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  14. Version
    Cannot upload to eqsl
    I am able to download from eqsl with no problem.

    error log
    4/2/2018 8:46:03 PM – Error- Main.AddEQSLQTHFiels
    =Error Report=
    Illegal characters in path.
    at System.IO.Path.CheckInvalidPathChars(String path, Boolean checkAdditional)
    at System.IO.Path.GetFileName(String path)
    at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share)
    at L32LogSync.Main.AddEQSLQTHField(String filename)
    =Error Report End=

    4/2/2018 8:46:03 PM – Error- Main.UploadEQSLFile
    =Error Report=
    Could not find file ‘C:\Logger32\eqsl.adi’.
    =Error Report End=

    I triple checked path, C:\Logger32\eqsl.adi
    At a loss for what to do

  15. Hi All.
    I use win 10 32 bit…
    the program started but when check the lotw box program stop working.
    I think the problem is that the L32Sync no able to found the correct path of tqsl path on Program Files folder….

    i think looking for path program files (x86) which exist only on win 64 bit

  16. Hi Rick,

    When try to ckhec lotw box popup window says

    L32 LogSync stopped working.
    73 Giannis SV1VJ

  17. Giannis..
    I have been chasing this bug for a couple of days but I have been unable to make it happen. Is there any error window that pops up or is anything written to the ErrorLog.txt file? Did you try the update I posted 2 days ago ver I will hopefully be done with the things I am currently fixing and will post another update later today..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  18. Hi Rick,
    I have the latest version..
    I tried today same issue..
    Friend of mine have windows 64 bit working nicely.
    73 Giannis SV1VJ

  19. Hi, Rick!

    I have also this problem. The program started but when check the lotw box program stop working.
    Then if in ini-file is string “LOTWEnabled=False” – programm running correctly. If “LOTWEnabled=True” – programm not starting.

    Windows 7 32 bit.
    Version: 2.0.1

  20. Hi Rick.
    I change into .ini file the path TQSLPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\TrustedQSL\tqsl.exe

    to TQSLPath=C:\Program Files\TrustedQSL\tqsl.exe and 32 bit windows noe working ok!!

    please add this path to your code.
    73 Giannis SV1VJ

  21. Hi Rick,
    the ini file i took from 64bit windows and i change the path only and replece the file into 32bit windows.

    tks agn
    Giannis SV1VJ

  22. I think the problem is that the eQSL Dump File.txt file is created, while reading eQSL Dump File.adi

  23. Like others I was happily using the LOTW_Eqsl_Utility until the https:// change at clublog. So I grabbed the new L32LogSync (v 2.0.1). However, like Makoto Tanaka, I cannot get it to run, either from within L32, or on it’s own. It thinks for a minute then throws up an error window: “L32 LogSync has stopped working Windows is collecting information about the problem”, then “Do you want to send more information about the problem?” Under more details there are three files in ~\AppData\Local\Temp; a temp.WERInternalMeta.xml, temp.appcompat.txt and temp.mdmp.
    I’m running on Win7 Pro, Service Pack 1.

  24. Charlie..
    I just finished uploading a new version that I hope will correct the issue you and others are having. Download the update and unzip it into the directory where you have L32LogSync installed.

  25. A bit more info about my issue: I actually can get the utility to run, but as soon as I select “Enable LOTW utility” in the Program Setup tab, it crashes. Enabling eQSL and ClubLog seems to work OK, it lets me enter username and passwords and such, and adds the tabs for those utilities, though I haven’t tried uploading any logs yet. I also upgraded to the latest version of TrustedQSL (2.4) but that didn’t change anything. I can delete the “LOTW_Utility_Enabled=True” line in the .ini file and L32LogSync will run again.

  26. Hi Rick,

    I am OK now the version 2.0.1 works with 32 bit very nice after moded the ini file.
    I have not any issue now!!!

    with new version 2.0.2 i have the same issues regarding enable lotw check box.
    editing ini file with correct path to Tqsl everything works normally.
    Giannis SV1VJ

  27. Rick note that…
    I use 2.0.1 more stable for my 32 bits windows
    TQSLPath=C:\Program Files\TrustedQSL\tqsl.exe

  28. Giannis..
    If you would give this a try as I updated the download file about 20 mins or so after I uploaded it.

    Open the .ini file since you have done it no need to explain. remove the tqsl.exe from the tqsl path and save the .ini file. Now open the program. After opening it and it is visible on the screen close it and look at the .ini file again. Does the tqslpath include tqsl.exe?? If not try downloading the update again and do the above steps. It should replace the tqsl.exe if it is not found in the path. I have tried this 3 or 4 times here and each time it got replaced..

    73 Rick

  29. Charlie
    download the update and unzip it into your install directory. Now run the program. after running it and it is visible on the screen open the .ini file just double click on it and it should open. What is the TQSLPath?? does it include tqsl.exe at the end of the path?? If it does not include it. add tqsl.exe to the end of TQSLPath and save the .ini file. Now run the program and tell me if it still becomes unstable after clicking the LOTW check box.

    Thanks and 73
    Rick N2AMG

  30. Thank you very much for your wonderful PUROGUARAMU.
    I have begun to use it right away, but a problem*.
    Upload becomes OK in LOGGER32, but it isn’t uploaded actually.

  31. Kazuhiro..
    Open the program up and click Info/Debug/Debug On
    Now try an upload to the service that is causing you problems.
    After the program says it is complete Turn debug back off. In the directory where you have installed the program you will find a file called DebugLog.txt. You might also find a file called ErrorLog.txt please attach those file to an email and send it direct to I will take a look and try to figure what is causing the problem..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  32. Rick, there is a flag for the automatic minimize of the program?
    When i open Logger32 the program open but not minimize/hide automatically windows of L32LogSync.
    Thanks a lot!

  33. Dario.. Not at this time. I have not written on yet for it.. But as a work around create an entry in the Logger32 Utility menu for the program. When you create the entry you are given a checkbox to open the program minimized. So this will work for now..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  34. I use v2.0.0.2, of EQSL, automatic, when upload is used, it freezes.
    Why is it?

  35. Keith
    I have added it to the list to work on.. As soon as I get these other bugs caught up I will work on that..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  36. ClubLog sticks when uploading individual qso.
    Otherwise thanks for that great piece of software.

    Gerd, DL8ÜG

  37. Gerd.
    Please turn on Debug and then try an upload to Clublog. When it doesn’t go thru turn debug off and in the install directory you will find DebugLog.txt and possibly ErrorText.txt send them both to me as attachments to

    73 Rick n2AMG

  38. Rick,
    I did some tests also with another computer. I think the reason for sticking is too much traffic on CluLog due to FOC activity. It takes up to 1 minute
    to upload a qso.
    So obviously there is no bug in your software. Sorry for bothering.

    Gerd – DL8PG

  39. Rick,

    Currently running LOTW eQSL Utility v1.4.99 so need to upgrade…

    Can’t get the full version of L32 Log Sync to install. Setting the destination folder, accepting T&Cs and clicking install produces an cancel installation confirmation popup. Running Win 10 v1803. Suggestions to sort this out appreciated.

    John, G3WKL

  40. John..
    Download the manual update. Create a directory where you want the application to be located in. (Outside the program files structure.) and unzip the files into that directory.
    Then run the L32LogSync.exe It will create the needed files for it to run if they are not found. This should work for you. I would like to know why the installer is not loading correctly. Are you unzipping it before running it? Have you tried to run the installer using the Run as Administrator setting??

    73 Rick N2AMG

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