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  1. There is a problem with cluster spotting and all modes having audio offsets (mostly digital). If I click on a cluster spot in SpotCollector everything is set correctly in fldigi but when I try to spot it again using SpotCollector, it spots only the carrier frequency and not carrier plus the audio offset. I have already contacted Dave, AA6YQ from DXLab and he mentioned to me that this behaviour could be fixed by either fldigi directly or the gateway initiating an outgoing spot (with the correct frequency and mode). Can it be done?

    73 de Lefteri

  2. Apart from terminating the program in Task Manager I cannot see a way of properly shutting down the program – am I missing something ?

    Also I have noticed that sometimes Windows 7 reports that the Gateway App is preventing it shutting down and after telling Windows to cancel the shut down an error message about the program not being able to terminate is displayed.

    Stewart G0LGS

  3. If you close the gateway using the X it should terminate Fldigi and then close itself.
    What directory do you have the gateway and Fldigi installed in?

    73 Rick N2AMG

  4. Rick,

    The Gateway is in: “C:\Fldigi-DXlabs Gateway”

    Fldigi in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Fldigi\”

    The message I get if I cancel windows shut-down is ‘cannot end task’

    Attempting to close the Gateway using the ‘X’ does not seem to work once it has given the above message – it still shows in the list of processes and if I run it again I get the message that is it already running – I have to get Task Manager to kill it.

    Stewart G0LGS

  5. I have just posted an update above. This adds a Spot Local and a Spot Cluster buttons along with a Notes text field so posting of spots is possible. This is a manual thing as there is no means of posting from within Fldigi..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  6. I’m just into this program , it works well, but how can I keep the “Setup” screen visible when the program is running to view and perhaps , change some options?

  7. Works great. Fldigi freq/mode set automatically now whether changing frequency on radio or in dxlab commander.

  8. When starting FLDigi using FldigiDXLabsGateway 1.6.65, the Gateway minimizes once FLDigi has started, however, some functions of FLDigi are not useable until I maximize, then minimize the Gateway again. Importing .ADI files, and using the QSY function of FLDigi (via Commander) are two features that are disabled. Once I maximize the Gateway and minimize it, everything works as it should.
    This has been apparent through many versions of FLDigi, and is really only a minor annoyance. It is completely repeatable and consistent.
    Thanks es 73

  9. Hi Rick,

    Love the utility, but evidently I’m too stupid to make this work properly. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out. My setup is an FTdx3000, using the internal sound card (which requires the rig to be in DATA-USB mode) with current version of fldigi and DXLabs suite with commander. When I click on a spot in SpotCollector, the spot is transferred to DXLabs apps and fldigi as normal, except the mode in the DXKeeper capture window is missing. I’ve set the “Log Mode for PKT or PKT-R” selection in the Commander Options window to nothing (ie: blank) since it only allows a single option. It was previously set to PSK31, so even though you might be clicking on an RTTY spot, it would set it to PSK31. So now, the mode pops up blank.

    NOW, here’s the strange part…If I click the spot several times (fairly quickly), it will move to the EXACT spot frequency (not with audio offset) and then magically populate the correct MODE in the capture window for DXKeeper (that part I want) The problem with that is there’s no audio offset and you can’t see the signal you’re looking for of course. It’s consistently this way, but that’s just odd. Clicking on an SSB spot always works ok.

    I’m very confused.

    Any ideas?


  10. Rick
    I realize this is probably something thats in flux at the moment. But when using the gateway configured to let commander do the rig control with SmartSDR and my Flex6500, The latest Commander, Fldigi, SmartSDR, and Gateway can’t seem to agree on what SmartSDR calls DIGU mode. If I configure th gateway to do rig control with Fldigi, it seems to work, but does that let SpotCollector work with Fldigi?
    Fldigi sees and sends DIGU
    Commander doesn’t seem to agree right now.
    It used to work but commander had a new release and seems to have picked the wrong description.
    Any pointers towards a better work around?

  11. Hi Rick
    Nice to work with FLDIGI and DXLAB together
    Only I have problem to get FLDIGI set in the RTTY mode on my FT-5000 when i work RTTY it is always in PKT mode.
    What Doing wrong ???
    and if I spot a qso in DXKeeper than FLDIgi fill in de mode time date ect also the tx Frequentie but the RX frequentie is blank.
    It is a great piece of software all the modes that we can work now tnx for youre time
    Rien, PA7RA

  12. Hi Rick,
    Is there somewhere I can go for specific instructions for installing the Logger32 gateway to work with fldigi? I am using Win 7 and also running LP-bridge and NaP3, all into a K3. It’s probably something stupidly simple, but that’s what I need, I guess!

    73 – George

  13. Rick,
    I have been using FLdigi-DXlab gateway for about 2 years and have been pleased with the operation.
    I do a lot of CW and Dave, one of the FLdigi guys suggested that I switch to the 3.22.04 version because they had made a lot of improvements in the CW area, which is correct. However when I try to get the gateway working with it I am having problems. I have reloaded the gateway, both the old version and the update but have the same trouble with both. One of the problems is I cant get the setup options to save. Another is Fldigi and DXkeeper along with DXview don’t hookup with each other. I am using Win 7 Home in the computer. Any help you can provide would really help.
    73, Al

  14. Hi Rick, Still having problems getting Fldigi and Gateway working together since I upgraded to Fldigi 3.22.05. I have completely remove gateway from the computer, I thank, used uninstall in windows for the old version. I cant get the update to load. it gives my run tine error ‘429’ active X component can’t create object. Gateway and Fldigi has worked together perfect for over a year prior the this.
    I am at a lose as to what to try. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Im not as savvy as I used to be, 71 years old, so I need it simple. By the way if I load fldigi without gateway it works as it should, but when i start fldigi from gateway the rig control does not work.
    73 Al

  15. hi rick as always need help with this software I would love to see a signal on the screen.

  16. hi rick as always need help with this software I would love to see a signal on the screen.
    I know it is hard dealing with rookies but I do need help.

  17. how do i get the program to be able to control my Icom ic-7200. This looks like it should be easy, but for some reason I can’t get my head around it. Can anyone help me with this?

  18. If any of you have had any issues download please try the file again. It is working for me now. Earlier today it was not as the file permissions were not correct.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  19. For the life of me, I cannot get commander to pass frequency to the gateway, even though everything says “connected”. Very frustrated 🙁

  20. Hi Rick – Using Fldigi-DXLabs Gateway ver. 1/7.0 with Fldigi ver. 3.22.04. Have a problem similar to W4CKA’s (above).

    Problem: To get Commander to pass frequency, etc., to Fldigi, the Gateway “Rig Control” (Setup tab) must be set to “Commander.” To get my rig to transmit audio tones, “Rig Control” must be set to “Fldigi.” The PTT function (via right channel audio) works with either option selected, but audio modulation only occurs with “Rig Control” set to “Fldigi.”

    This can’t be right, can it? (Didn’t think so.)

    Best 73, Paul DU2/K8SQ

  21. Rick,
    I am having a problem with the gateway not passing the log information to dxkeeper. The gateway is connected to dxkeeper. Everything seems good no errors no lockups it just does not pass the data. The path to the log file is: c:\dxlab\dxkeeper\databases\aa7cu.mdb. I am using windows 10. I just installed a new fldigi version 3.23.06.
    wonder if you have any ideas?

    Al AA7CU

  22. Al..
    Make sure you have downloaded and copied over the latest update to the gateway. A few months ago Fldigi made a change to the way the file that the gateway uses. So I had to release an update to fix this exact problem..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  23. For the users with radio issues..
    If you are using Commander as your radio interface then in Fldigi make sure you have turned XMLRPC on. To do this open Fldigi and on the Rigs setup section click on the tab that says XMLRPC. On that tab there is a checkbox. Make sure this is checked..

    I’m not understanding why you would need to have Fldigi set for radio control to have tones sent. In Fldigi you are configuring a sound card that Fldigi uses to send and receive tones with. The radio and tone output is two different areas.

    What are you using for your soundcard?

  24. Rick,

    Thanks for the fix. I did as you said and the gateway now writes the data
    to the DxKeeper log as it should.

    73 and Merry Christmas

    Al AA7CU

  25. hello…
    I’ve just started using the FLDIGI to DXLabs gateway, and it’s working great, EXCEPT for the fact that I can not edit settings, or get FLDIGI to exit when it’s time to shut everything down. I’m running a Windows 10 PC, and am using the latest update to the gateway software.

    I’ve noticed that the gateway software will appear in the task bar for a few seconds, and then DISSAPPEAR completely. For all intents and purposes, it’s not accessable after that. ALT-TAB through running applications does not show the gateway.

    HOWEVER, when I go to shut down, I’m told that the gateway is preventing the PC from shutting down.

  26. Joe..
    After the gateway is started and connected the icon gets put down on the taskbar by the clock. In windows 10 if you click the little up arrow that opens the tasks running you should see the little blue man. just double click on him or you can right click on him for the menu…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  27. Hello,
    I had it working last evening (changed frequency on Yaesu FT-950) but, this morning, it was not but then, after some hunting around looking for “some clue”, it worked.
    BTW, all cabling is secure; nothing loose.
    Not satisfied with hit-and-miss operation, I saw I had not the latest FldigiDXLabGateway.
    So, I updated.
    Now it does not control the FT-950 and I’m hopelessly lost.
    I thought the best move would be to start over by deleting and reloading the Gateway.
    However, it is not there to delete; yet, when I go to the directory, I see it is there.
    I’m lost.
    Please suggest my next step. TNX in advance for any help.
    73 Jerry KM3K

  28. Downloaded the Fldigi-dxkeeper gateway and update and installed them, but I cannot figure out how to:

    1) configure the gateway settings; and
    2) get the gateway to connect Fldigi with dxkeeper

    The setup screen for the gateway does not indicate that it is connecting with dxkeeper at all – it doesn’t even list dxkeeper. Also, entries made to the settings fields disappear when the program is closed. I have a new Windows 10 laptop. I have no idea what to do to get this to work. How do I connect Fldigi with dxkeeper in the gateway?

  29. Rick: your help tonight went way beyond what anyone could expect after sending out a cry for help as I did. You responded amazingly quickly and extremely patiently, as we worked on the problems I was having. The solutions proved to be even more challenging than I expected, but your dedication and pleasant “customer service” was, in my experience, unequaled in my 54 years of life experience. Kudos to you, and thank you for providing much more help than I could have expected! I will enjoy the ham radio hobby much more because of your products and assistance. Thanks again, 73 – Jeff

  30. Hi Guys,
    I have instaled Fldigi , FldigiGateway and DXLabs but I have a little problem
    When I’m doing QSO with FLdigi the QSO don’t go in the DXKeeper Logbook.
    Error: Connection is forcefully rejected
    I’m launching first FldigiGateway that launch also Fldigi then I’m launching myself DXLABS
    How can I correct that Error?
    Thanks for your help

  31. Do you have the latest version of the gateway installed. That would be version 1.7.0 which is located above..
    Do you have Fldigi and the gateway installed outside of the program files structure??
    Do you have DXKeeper installed outside of the program files structure??

    Another thing you can try is turning off your anti-virus and your firewall and see it allows you to log the qso then. if it does then turn first the firewall back on and see if that still allows you to log a contact in dxkeeper. Then try turning on your anti-virus and see if that stops the qso from going thru..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  32. Rick (N2AMG) – After some serious head scratching I have the FLdigi to DXKeeper Gateway working and I like it. Very handy indeed, saves a lot of button pushing trying to bring QSO data over to DXKeeper.

    It did help to finally have Fldigi-DXLabs Gateway 1.7.0 installed. Also got a copy of another user’s DXLabsFldigiGateway.ini file from Tom (WB0BFO). That gave me some hints of how to correctly fill out the FldigiCommandLine in my case to

    >>FCL=–config-dir “C:\Program Files\Fldigi – 3.23.08”

    This is in the same folder where Fldigi – 3.23.08 resides:

    >>FldigiPath=C:\Program Files\Fldigi – 3.23.08\fldigi.exe

    It would help if the Gateway instructions PDF had a good example of the INI file and that each line item be defined with normal/typical values. This would have saved me a lot of trouble.

    But thanks for a great Gateway product Rick! Tom KE1R

  33. Hi Rick,

    I’m using a TS-590SG, a SignaLink USB and Fldigi latest release. Getting the gateway on air is a no brainer but for me it has an issue with the last so many releases of the gateway I installed. Every 3-5 times when I go TX I see the 590 go in TX mode alright but I have no power out. It happens with all Fldigi modes and the last so many releases of the gateway. What I need to do then is shift frequency a little and lo and behold the next TX cycle will go fine 95% of time.
    XMLRPC is on and whether I make Commander the lead or leave it to Fldigi makes no difference whatsoever. do you know what could be the issue?

    73, good DX
    Gust ON6KE

  34. Hi Gust..
    If you open Fldigi by itself with out the use of the gateway does it do the same thing?? I don’t see any reason the gateway would cause this as all it does is pass the commands between the attached applications.

    73 Rick n2AMG

  35. I recently changed from a wolphilink device and a name brand cat cable to a usb ‘box’ with audio and cat cable together. I get a similar effect. I tried a different brand ‘box’ and get the same thing. Basically, when I go to transmit a macro, or even tune, fldigi will output audio for as much as 5 seconds before the ptt ‘wakes up’ and the radio begins sending out. Not sure what is causing this. I have not yet tested without the gateway, but a great way to test, is to change from 20m to 40m, and then hit the tune button. When I hit it, a tone is emitted, fldigi shows the tone on screen, it is coming out of the sound card, but the radio ignores it as there was no PTT command yet. I’d love to help figure out what is going on…

  36. Setup screen opens then disappears before I can change config setting.

    I am running Version

    So when I open the gateway, FLDigi starts, then I get a FLDigiDXLabsGateway window that opens and I can see in the RX pane, it looks to be connecting. Also I do get basic rig control of frequency changing.

    However before I can get into the settings window, the FLDigiDXLabsGateway Window closes and I cannot get it to re-open unles I double click the prgram and get the “Program is already running” warning dialog.

    Also, when I close FLDigi, I get the followin error in the debug log. Note this only happens as I close the program:
    8/19/2016 10:54:13 PM – Sub CheckforName = XML Parser has reported a WININET.dll error, description is : 12029 – A connection with the server could not be established

    Anyway I am wondering if anyone can send me a copy of their ini file so I can get this set up. Or how do I get the config window to stay open.


  37. OK so to all users, I ran the executable several times, and got my ini set up as follows:
    Version=Fldigi-DXLabs Gateway ver. 1.7.0
    CWSpotfreq= 800
    PSKSpotfreq= 1500
    RTTYSpotfreq= 1500
    FldigiPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Fldigi-3.23.13\fldigi.exe
    LastUpdateCheck=8/19/2016 9:22:57 PM
    FldigiCommandLine=–config-dir “C:\Fldigi-DXlabs Gateway\fLDIGIxml1”

  38. Mike.
    After the gateway is loaded and it has connected to Fldigi it minimizes itself to the area near the clock. If you click the up arrow near the clock you should see its icon (Little Blue Man) double click on that and it will open the gateway back open. My other suggestion to you is to change the directory where Fldigi is located in. You do not need to re-install it just copy it from one directory to another. When Fldigi is installed in the Program files structure Microsoft has a tendency to block communication between Fldigi and other applications as it put to much security on the Program files Structure.

    The error message you are gettingwhen you close Fldigi is a normal message. Fldigi acts as the XMLRPC server and once Fldigi closes the gateway can’t connect to the server. If you turn debug on and look you will get one or two lines of that same message when the gateway is loading until it connects to Fldigi.

    I would change Fldigi to something like C:\Fldigi and then change the FldigiCommandLine setting in the .ini file to show the same directory.

    Let me know if that helps
    73 Rick N2AMG

  39. Good Morning Rick: New Fldigi / Gateway user… I’m having trouble transferring data to Dxkeeper. Everything appears to be correctly set. After I complete a QSO and press the save icon it logs to the Fldigi log FB. However, the only data that is transferred to Dxkeeper is the other stations call in the lower search box, no other data fields are populated. After a few moments, the search box clears itself.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  40. Tom..
    Make sure you have downloaded the full installer and also the update file below it. Once you have run the full installer then unzip the update into the directory you installed the gateway in.

    Make sure you do not install the gateway or the dxlabs software into one of the program files structures. Microsoft is very protective of those structures and will stop communication between files located there..

    It is my guess that you have not installed the update version number 1.70

    73 Rick N2AMG

  41. Good Afternoon Rick: Well, I moved the gateway into the root directory. I could have sworn that I installed the but apparently not…

    I’m pleased to note that Fldigi is now successfully logging to Dxkeeper elegantly.

    Thanks for investing the time and effort into developing the gateway.

    tnx es 73 de K3SSB

    Tom G, Sr.

  42. Hi,
    Been a user for a LONG time mostly for HF work, now moving into NBEMS which requires a separate FLDIGI conf. file, macros etc. loaded via the FLDIGI command line. I see I can add command line parameters to the Gateway program as well.
    I am running two copies of the Gateway in separate folders each with the appropriate command line parameters.
    Is this the best way to run multiple FlDIGI configurations with the Gateway?
    THANKS for a great program. being able to have FLDigi and DXLab synced is fabulous.

  43. Hi Den..
    Yes this would be the best way to load it. That way you can set what settings Fldigi will use by using the –config-dir setting.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  44. Hi Rick! Sorry to bother you again, but after using the Launcher to update my Commander and DXKeeper applications, I now am unable to open flgidi when I start the launcher. I get the message: “C:\Fldigi-DXlabsGateway\fldigidxlabsgateway.exe does not exist”

    I am guessing that my Norton Security Suite deleted something needed. When I try to use the configuration box to restore what I am missing, I can’t see any way to restore the missing file or re-load the missing file. How do I reconnect fldigi to the Launcher? The two DXLabs applications seem to be opening, but not fldigi. Thanks for the help.


  45. Hi Jeff.
    Download the Update file that is located above and unzip it to the directory that it was installed in. It sounds like Norton’s deleted it. I would also go into Norton’s and set an exclusion for the file so it does not delte it again. Its a false-positive thats being reported by Norton’s because it allows communications with another application and it thinks it is a harmful program. I think after you put the file back where it belongs then everything will run correctly because it is responsible for loading Fldigi..

    73 Rick N2AMG

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