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  1. Rick:

    Thanks for your programs for Logger32. They are a real treat! And additionally, thanks for supporting N1MM.


  2. Rick, Great site…How about a small interface to show if a US/VE Section is a known LOTW user…Could be just a simple “extra” block in the MULTS window that fills in if they are a match in the “LOTW DATA” base….

    What say ye ole wise one??

    Happy New Year by the way!

    Jose – N1BAA

  3. Jose..

    Let me ponder on it.. Not sure if Tom will let that fly as it’s not contest related.. more general logger related..


  4. Rick, am wondering if I use “Full Install Download:FldigiDXLabsGatewayFullInstallv120.zip” on my XP machine, does this include the latest version of FLdigi and would there be rig control for my Yaesu FT-757GX radio included in the package?

    Thanks … John

  5. Hi John..
    No it does not.. Neither of my 2 fldigi gateway work with the current 3.10 release (Dave the author of fldigi forgot I was using a routine in fldigi for my information I get and he deleted it. Sometime soon a new release of fldigi will be coming out that corrects this problem. As for rig control with the gateway if your radio is supported in commander then you should be ok. The gateway uses commander for it’s frequency control of fldigi. So if your radio is working with commander you will be all set. I will make a posting here when the new release of fldig is made and when i have the gateway upgraded and working with it..

    If you want to still use fldigi then download the version I have online here in the software section and use the current gateway thats available..


  6. Lets change the subject a little bit..
    Here is a link to a Tower that is for sale with a price of $49,195 that does not include the antennas or shippng.. If you look at the 5th page of pictures called Horizon.jpg and open that picture up you will see 6 other Big Bertha towers in the back ground with a full compliment of antenna’s on them…

    I personally think this is a person that has to much $$ on his hands..


  7. Hi Rick,
    Somewhere along the line I missed something. The HTTP lookup for Logger32 doesn’t pick all the data from QRZ. I am missing State County and Email. I am asking this tio help out a friend as I am a QRZ subscriber. I tried it here with the latest version, June 6th, and get the same results as he does. I can then compare it to the XML version and I see whats missing. Is this normal for the HTTP version?

    Ian, ve3ep

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have Windows 7 and can’t seem to be able to sign on to make my own site to record QSO’s, I would be glad to make a donation if I could only make this work.
    Thanks alot and 73s
    Dave W2GBY


  10. I just upgraded from Win XP SP3 to Win 7 Home Premium SP 1. I installed Logger32, TrustedQSL 2.0, and LOTW utility. At first the LOTW util,worked fine then the window disappeared. The task starts but the window never appears. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app – no help. Any ideas?

    73, Bob K2QPN

  11. Hi Rick

    I received the following message on Logger32.

    “QRZLookupUdater.EXE is missing on the server .Please notify N2AMG so it can be taken care of ”

    Ken Morgan

  12. Hi Rick,

    Any chance you are working on or know of a way to bridge between N1MM and Logger32 so that as I contest using N1MM that those contacts can automatically populate L32? I now do a N1MM export to .ADI and then import the .ADI into L32 so I can upload to LOTW. Thanks for info and all the good work you do for us. Jeff

  13. Hi Rick,
    I am running FLDIGI on win 7 pro 64 bit laptop and attempting to interface
    IC706_BKT v 4.18.0 in the help files under ‘interfacing with other programs’
    I was instructed to download fldigi_Dxlabs Gateway which I did.
    When I try to run DXlabs software I get this error, compouent ‘tabctl32.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered a file missing or invalid.

    I went to the microsoft website and downloaded tabctl32.ocx then did the reregister command discribed by microsoft. I got a completion indication but your program still gives the same error so what now?

  14. Rick, the text below is to be found on my QRZ page, I hope it is acceptable to mention it is your Software I’m using? If not, I will remove that part of the text.

    I only upload QSL information to eQSL and ClubLog (Both at the end of each QSO real-time), Log Book of the World (LOTW) is uploaded in Daily Batches (At the end of each day) (courtesy of N2AMG’s software) and uploads to QRZCQ when I feel like it.

  15. See the list of application at the top left side of the website. A new one has been added. I have made a couple of changes to the bridge so a new version will come out as soon as I do a couple more things..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  16. Rick, I am trying to run your Internet Callsign lookup, It works just fine with one exception, the resident Logger32 programme, QRZ Subscriber Lookup also runs. If I close the resident Logger 32 programme, it also closes your lookup programme. No matter what I try, I cant get your lookup programme to work on its own. I wonder if you have come across this before? Hence, I wonder if you know how to solve the issue? Thank You in advance Rick, Mike G4RMV

  17. Mike sorry for not getting back to you on this. I never received a notice in my inbox saying you had posted a message.
    I am guessing that if you look at the utility menu in Logger32 you have an entry for one of the lookup programs. If you do you need to delete it. Another possibility would be click on Setup then Auto Lookup There are entries for the Internal Lookup and the External lookup I’m wondering if you have both of them checked and for the path in the Internal lookup you have the old QRZ Lookup loading. If that is the case delete the path and uncheck the internal lookup. The lookup should only be setup in the Internet lookup window (7th icon from right on toolbar) Click Toolbox then setup external module and enter in the path to where L32Lookups.exe is located which is usually c:\L32Lookups\L32Lookups.exe

    73 Rick N2AMG

  18. Hi Rick
    I’ve uploaded recently the updated version of L32LogSync .Since I did that the program freezes and not responding. Any tips on how can I go back to a previous version or make it work properly as it is?
    Thank you
    72 de SV1AER

  19. Hi Rick
    I’ve uploaded recently the updated version of L32LogSync.Since I did that the program freezes and not responding. Any tips on how can I go back to a previous version or make it work properly as it is?
    Thank you
    72 de SV1AER

  20. The reason the program is freezing is on startup LOTW is queried for a couple status points. for the last 2 days the LOTW server has been down or giving limited access to some but not others. the LOTW techs are working on it but so far it is still not back up fully. I keep an eye on the ARRL LOTW group and other loggers are having the same issues that Logsync .

    73 Rick N2AMG

  21. Thank you very much, Rick I guess all we have to do is to wait for the LoTW techs to solve the problem.
    73 Costas SV1AER

  22. All of the picture links on your station description page are broken.

  23. Hi James..
    Yes I found this out from another user. I need to read them back in but have been busy with my wife. She has been going thru a health emergency..

  24. Hi Rick I’ve being using Logsync along with Logger32 and uploads to Clublog every qso and
    I upload to LoTW as and when there are enough qso’s to be worthwhile. The problem Ive got
    when I start Logger32 the Logsync starts also as it always has done without fail, suddenly I get the screen that tells me Logsync is Loading and it shows up at the bottom of my screen as normal, if I click on it nothing happens.
    Ive rolled back Logger32 tried your program again no change, uninstalled Logsync and reinstalled after a full reboot and still no change it still wont run. Funny thing is it
    runs fine on my other PC which is just a backup both PC’s fully updated Win 10
    any recommedations Rick Regards Ron G6GA

  25. All working now Rick deleted all of Logsync and fired the program up on its own without
    Logger32 filled out details and shut it down Then Logger32 was started linked up with
    Logger32 again runs sweet but done all of the above before and it would not work Strange

    Thanks Rick great program 73 Ron G6GA

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