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  1. Hi

    It’s working…sort of… When I start up logger32 and enter a call in the Operator box, all the information relating to this call is there. When I enter a second call, it appears that the first call isn’t purged in the QRZ box. Thus, the second entry has the second call plus the first call nothing works…

    I didn’t see a fix for this in the comments. If I missed it, I apologize.

  2. Hi Corky..
    You are using a version of L32Lookups that is over 2 years old. This error has been fixed a long time ago.. ZGoto to the link above and download the latest version and install it. In Logger32 make sure you are pointing to the correct L32Lookups.exe in the Internet lookup window.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  3. Hi Rick…. Well, yes the download solved the issue that I wrote you about. But QRZ won’t let me access it as it says wrong username/password (I log into QRZ all the time). I went into the QRZ…..Lookup.ini and my password and username is correct (I deleted them and reinstalled them as I thought there might be an imbedded character somewhere). I had a similar problem with the HAMQTH access and I tried everything. I finally changed the HAMQTH password and it worked. I don’t need to use QRZ, it’s just nice to have it working should I need it.

    Cheers corky w2aat

    I’m starting to feel like I’m in the twilight zone 🙂

  4. In the lookup have you setup the correct lookup?? If you are not an XML subscriber and setup the XML lookup QRZ will give the same answer if you do not have access to it. Also make sure you watch the case of the password as QRZ is case sensitive.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  5. Rick

    Thanks…It’s working now… I was my own worse enemy. I had downloaded Logger32 years ago and intended to install it in the future. I never got around to it. When I finally decided to install it, I downloaded the newest version. I suspect that some files/directories between the old and new got mixed up. After I got the program running I had that password issue. I tried so many things, I suspect that they added to my problem. My final solution was to delete everything including the old and new. I then did a new install. With the L32Lookups upgrade everything fell into place.

    Your patience is appreciated.

    corky w2aat

  6. I uninstalled Logger32 Lookup from F:. I have reinstalled Logger32 Lookup on C:. It was on F:. I have removed F: from the PC. When Logger32 launches the Lookup program I get a message from Microsoft .NET Framework that says “Could not find a part of the path F:Logger32\Lookup.dat”.

    Something still thinks F: is still involved.

    Any ideas

  7. I fixed the problem with LOOKUP pointing to an old directory after a new installation.

    Now LOOKUP is mostly working in that it brings up the “InternetCallsignLookup” PC window with all the info, but no data appears in the Logger32 “QRZ Subscriber Lookup” window.

    Any ideas?

  8. Paul..
    Can you send me a screenshot of your Logger32 windows and the lookup window. It sounds to me that you are using the Old Lookup that has not been removed from the Logger32 installer. Up above theses comments there is a download link for the newest version it is now called L32Lookups. I think installing this will make things work better for you..

    73 Rick

  9. Hi Rick.
    Im facing the small problem.
    Every time i set a call and tape TAB show the screen with the informations but since 2 month ago the line – NAME – don´t tranfer to the screen. I alread checked TRANFER FULL NAME and after change to TRANSFER FIRST NAME but never transfer the name.
    I update automaticaly the L32. I tryed to unistall and install again the L32lookup but nothing change.

    I will be thaks if you can give any “light”. – Sorry for bad English.
    Tks Eduardo PY2MP

  10. l32Lookup takes all my data well with QRZ but not the name. I don’t know why he doesn’t have a name?

  11. In the internet lookup window in Logger32 (window that shows the lookup data.) under the transfers menu and then Fields to transfer do you have the name checked??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  12. Eduardo..
    Look in the directory where L32Lookups is installed. If you find the file L32LookupsDebuglog.txt delete the file. Now open the L32Lookups manually by double clicking on the program in its directory when it opens select Setup\Debug\Debug On. Now close L32Lookups and open Logger32 and try a couple of lookups. After doing a couple click Setting\Debug\DebugOff. In the directory where L32Lookups is installed you will find the newly created L32LookupsDebugLog.txt Send that file to me as an attachment. You can send it to

    73 Rick N2AMG

  13. Hello , same things by the way since 4 or more months , debug is on the way also !
    73s de Damien F4AZF

  14. In QRZ HTTP lookup today afternoon 11th February no data is transfered to Logger32 QRZ lookup.They change something maybe.XML is OK.

  15. HI, some problems abt transfer name from abt 2 weeks.Parm set ok.
    I ma interesting, also, the solution !!
    TNX in adv !
    IK5DNF, Santi

  16. HI, having some problem abt tranfer name from 2 weeks.
    Interesting solution pse.
    73s Santi, IK5DNF

  17. Lately I do not see any picture in the tab “Image”. It´s just a red cross.
    I have reinstalled the Lookup software but still the same problem.
    All other info is available in the two other tabs.
    I use the QRZ XML service.
    When using the HTTP service, the image is available.

  18. Lately I do not see any picture in the tab “Image”. It´s just a red cross.
    I have reinstalled the Lookup software but still the same problem.
    All other info is available in the two other tabs.
    I use the QRZ XML service.
    When using the HTTP service, the image is available.

    73, Thor – SM6LZQ

  19. I have posted an update above for the L32Lookups application.
    QRZ had made changes to their website that only effected some call lookup up’s.
    I am hoping that they will not make anymore changes soon..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  20. Thanks Rick
    Unfortunately, the problem remains for me that the image does not appear even in ver
    Sometimes it also becomes empty in the “Bio” tab, I now discovered, so that you have to do another search to get that info.
    It says “Using XML Version: 1.34” in the Internet Callsign Lookup window at the bottom.
    In HTTP mode, it still runs flawlessly. But that mode is not as easy / convenient to read.

    73, Thor – SM6LZQ

  21. Hi Thor..
    I missed that this was an issue with the XML version and the bio and picture not showing correctly. That little tick in my head made me miss that part and think it was for the HTML lookup that was having problems.. I will look at the xml later today and see what is up with it…

    73 Rick

  22. hi Rick
    I updated L32lookups but now I no longer see Bio and Image and “Click for update” always appears at the top
    can you help me ?
    a greeting


  23. Hi Rick
    Have been using your Logger32 look up programme for years and have a QRZ XML subscription. I recently up dated to latest Logger32 last week and your programme stopped working. So I loaded your latest software and whilst it works faultlessly when a call sign is in the Operator entry window it doesnt respond when I click a call in the logbook page which I have always found very useful.
    Any ideas would be gratefully received
    Richard MW0CPZ

  24. Hi Richard..
    Right click in the Log window and all the way at the bottom of the menu that opens click Setup and at the bottom of that menu select Enable QSO Updates from Lookup or something similar to that..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  25. Hi Rick,

    I asked about the missing image in the XML version on February 14 and saw that you had first mistaken it with the HTML version, but later saw that it was XML.
    I still have that problem, but have been using the HTML version ever since.
    Have you possibly had time to take a closer look at what it could be due to?
    I look forward to being able to go back to the XML version.
    Thank you so much for a great product.

    73, Thor – SM6LZQ

  26. Hi Thor..
    As a matter of fact I have. Yesterday I posted to the L32 groups that I had posted a new version on the website and it corrects all of the issues that has been going on over the past couple of months from changes they made at QRZ. You can download it at the top of these comments. You might need to uninstall the current version you are using before the installer will install the new one. I have a question in the the installer author about this but so far they have not answered me..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  27. Hi Rick, thanks for answering my query on March 21st but I didnt explain myself correctly. What I am missing is the ability to click on any old call in the logbook and it would open up the Look Up window which it did historically but doesnt now for some reason. Everything else works great, Im a QRZ XML subscriber using Windows 7 BTW
    Rich MW0CPZ

  28. Hi Rich..
    The setting that I mentioned in my last reply is the setting that turns that on. If it is turned off the Lookup window will not load. With the setting on the internet lookup window loads and does a lookup and then on the Internet Lookup window in Logger32 there is a button that says update qso.

    73 Rick

  29. Sincere apologies Rick you are quite correct obviously and I didnt follow your instructions correctly last time. All working fine now thank you very much and you have the patience of a Saint !
    best 73

  30. Hi Rick,

    This afternoon I upgraded to Logger32 from the v3.50.423 to v4.0.250 and just as about a year ago, Lookup didn’t do the job after an upgrade to the last version. Unfortunately I don’t remember the solution any more.

    Lookup parses a call from the callsign field to QRZ.COM (LookupType=QRZHttp) but QRZ says ‘wrong username/password’. That is true because I count 13 black dots in the password field where it should be 9.

    I uninstalled Lookup completly and did a new download and new install, all in the default directory but the parsed password keeps being 13 chars. The password is correct in the L32lookups.ini file, no upper/lower case faults.

    Thanks in advance,
    Carel – PA0CMU

  31. Hi Rick,

    Yesterday afternoon I wrote you a message about parsing a four characters longer password to (13 instead of 9). Meanwhile I found a kind of workaround by quickly deleting de password field. That stopped L32Lookup sending my login to Than I filled in the wright password and now all is working fine again. I have no idea what happened. If you know the answer, please tell me because I’m curious to know what went wrong.

    Best regards,
    Carel – PA0CMU

  32. Hi, just installed “L32Lookups for Logger32” and works ok (Win 10 prof. 64bit) thank you keep up the good work 73

  33. I could not login to QRZ at all. Kept saying wrong password. So I looked in the debug file and it had the incorrect password. You can use a $ symbol for your QRZ password but you can’t use one for L32Lookups. It changes it to a %. Hope this helps others.


  34. I am unable to duplicate this. I just entered 2 $ signs in my password and when the password is saved in the .ini file the $ signs are there. When the password is sent to QRZ the password is correctly sent. If you would log off from QRZ and then turn Debugging on in the program and try to lookup a call. After it fails for you turn debug off and in the install directory for L32Lookups you should find a file called DebugLog.txt send that to me directly at

    73 Rick N2AMG

  35. It should but since my computer does not meet the specs for windows 11 I can’t install it and find out. But the operation of the controls that make up the program are no different between the 2 os’s I think it will be ok..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  36. Hello Rick,

    Im a longtime user of L32Lookups for Logger32. ( Great tool ) All the time software worked fine together Logger32. Since some days i get a strange error message.

    On QRZ.COM site I have the posibility to open a special map-windows. Click on Detail. I see a blank map windows with a sign show map. Until then every thing is ok.

    When I click on show map I get a popup error message.

    Your browser does not support Map JavaScrips API. Please use another browser.
    I tried to use Edge and than Google browser …. all the time the same error message.

    No idea what I can do.

    When I use with webbrowser ….. no problems, every thing works fine.

    Setup: Win10

    73 Harry DM5TI

  37. Hi Harry and others that have emailed me recently..
    Goggle maps has stopped supporting Internet Explorer 11.

    The software I use to write my programs Visual Studio has only one web browser control for use in programs. This control is based off Internet Explorer 11.
    Microsoft has not released any new controls to replace the web browser control that will interact with other browser engines. So for the time being there is nothing that I am able to do to correct this issue. I have checked for other controls that could be a replacement for the Web browser control but so far I have not found any that will work as a drop in replacement as to what is currently being used..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  38. Thank U Rick for ur comprehensive info. Hope u can find anytime a posibility to control other browser engines.

    73 Harry DM5TI

  39. Thanks Rick
    New version solves the map problem with explorer now replaced by edge I see.
    73 Roland ON6HH

  40. Yes it does now use Edge. After doing some deep searching I found where some microsoft developers created a new control that would work with Visual Studio. I had to change a lot of lines of code as the new control is not a drop in replacement but at least things are working again. I will be posting an update either later today or tomorrow that corrects an issue some users are having where the decimal separator is a comma,.

    73 Rick

  41. Where do I find L32LookpsInstall.txt file? Says can’t find lookup module

  42. Is Logger32 saying it can’t find the Lookup Module??
    Usually this means you are running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting and you also need to run the Lookup using the same setting. If one is run that way the other needs to have it also. Also make sure that in the Lookup setup that you enter the correct path to where Logger32 resides..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  43. Startup scanner;file;c:\l32lookups\l32lookups.exe;a variant of Generik.HLKKRUI trojan;cleaned by deleting

    Dumb Nod32 deleted.

  44. Beware. Nod32 is treating lookup module as trojan and deleting it. Same with the installer.

  45. Before I upload any file to my server I scan it with 2 separate virus scanners. The only reason Nod32 is hitting on it is it finds that the program communicates with the internet and it blocks it. There is nothing I can do about this. The only way you can get around it is to either turn it off when you are using Logger32 or find another virus software.

    73 Rick N2AMG

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