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  1. I have the same problem with windows10 32bit. Before with Windows8 32bit was no problem. There is no synchronisation with with

    73, Dirk (OE9DKH)

  2. The QRZ Lookup has been replaced by the L32Lookup application. You can find it on my website. The controls that were used in the QRZLookup are no longer supported by Window 10.

    Download the new program and follow the Readme file in setting it up..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  3. Rick Greetings!
    Until now we have Windows 7 and works great (Logger32). I installed Win10 and now does not work well. Is there an upgrade or will be. Attached is a picture that came.
    Please help. thank
    73 Zlatko

  4. Rick – i have followed you instructions to the “T” and the L32Lookup will run but does not populate any of the fields in looger32. It only opens a pop up box displaying all the information. L32Lookup.exe is installed in the the logger32 directory. Am I missing something here? Also I sometimes have to go back ans in the the tool box and select “start” to get it to run. WIN 10 OS on an ASUS desktop with 8 gig of RAM and Intell Quadcore.

  5. Hi Rick. I’ve installed L32lookup and followed your instructions. removed and uninstalled QRZlookup, restarted, installed L32lookup.exe. and when I type a callsign in the entry box and press tab, the QRZ box opens, but a blank box appears that says “about;blank” i.s.o. QRZ home page.I also doesn’t populate the information to the logbook entry window. I’m running Windows 7, 64bit

  6. Hi Rick, me again, Leon, ZS6RF. I also want to know if someone can help me. I’ve loaded Logger32 on a friend’s PC. He is using Swisslog for Dos. Can someone help me to convert the .dat file to .ADIF so that it can be imported into Logger32? He has about 35000 contacts. His call is ZS6BAF

  7. Hi – running logger32 under Win7 – cannot get rid of as follows
    Error #53 File not found
    Third party module QRZLookup.exe not found
    window ‘YES master , I’m looking…. !

    did uninstall Lookup – removed leftovers but still can’tget rid of messages
    and window I don’need – hi.

    73 es HNY16 Gerd oe3gsaa

  8. Gerd..
    You need to open the Logger32 Internet Lookup Window and then click on Toolbox/Setup External Module. and remove the information from there. Next click on Setup and then AutoLookup and uncheck use External Lookup..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  9. Hi Rick!

    DONE and solved the problem.
    tnx quick help Rick – excuse I am trying to keep it simple , hi.

    73 Gerd OE3GSA

  10. Hi Rick,
    I have noticed since the last update (I think) that the field “QTH” is not filled in to the log. The address field is OK, but not QTH field. Am I doing something wrong? I think that field used to come out properly before.

    73, Thor

  11. when initiating a callsign lookup, is it possible to only have the logger32 internet lookup window appear and NOT the web browser window appear? I dont particularly want the internet browser window popping up. Feature request perhaps?

    73, Dave N5XL

  12. Dave..
    I’m not sure if you just posted this to the wrong area or not. The QRZ Lookup has been replaced with L32Lookups which is available here on my website. Some of the controls that are in the QRZLookup.exe are no longer supported by Windows 10 so a change had to be made.

    But even using L32lookups the answer is the same. Let the lookup take place and while the lookup windows is open just minimize it. Each time it opens it will stay minimized until you make it visible again.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  13. Sorry I wasn’t clear Rick, I am using L32lookups. Thats exactly what I am doing as a workaround. I minimize the pop up web browser window so I dont have to see it. Was hoping there was a setting to completely disable it. I’ll keep using the workaround and hope for a future update that allows for a disable option. Even using dual widescreen monitors, real estate space is at a premium when I run WSJT-X, my normal internet browser and Logger32. Thanks for the programming efforts.
    Dave N5XL

  14. With Windows 8.1 and Logger32 3.50.262.
    QRZLookup just hangs on the Enter Username and Password dialogue.
    How to solve this please?

    Gil, 4F2KWT

  15. The QRZ Lookup app is no longer supported. Please download L32Lookups from the main menu and install that application.

    73 Rick n2AMG

  16. Hello My Logger32 program is working all except It wont alow me to conect to the DX cluster spots?
    U helped me some years ago and I am hoping you can jkump in to my PC some time and find my problem?
    I had bin ill for a year and tried it recently and waa not able to see the dx cluster>

  17. Hello I use Logger32 and no longer can conect to the DX Cluster? Your have helped me some years back by geting in to my pc, I am not to good at PC understanding

  18. Hi Rick
    I am sv1by radio amateur in Greece licensed since 1966 December. i have installed the QRZloockup program to work with logger32.
    Now i wand to full uninstall it and I can not. would you like to tell me how to do it?
    thanks in advance for your respond
    sv1by john

  19. John.
    Sorry for not answering sooner have not checked the pages recently..

    Yo u should be able to uninstall it by going to the Windows Add/Remove programs area.
    If your Os will not un-install it from there you might need to look for a program called REVO UnInstaller which should remove all of the files and reg entries..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  20. Hi.
    When loading a new Logger 32 on your PC, all windows and settings are default. How do I override the default settings with the settings I set up on the older version, so that I don’t have to painstakingly alter all the colors, fields, etc.
    I think I read sometime ago that you need to save 4 files and copy them into the new installation. I need to know which 4 files to save and copy

  21. hello Rick

    I have a prob with qrz lookup i am running with windows 10 64 bits Pro
    Logger 32 version 3.50.295 Qrz lookup 1.1.44
    When i put a call in logger 32 the windows is openning and i have the details for the call but nothing in the little windows i have just yes master i am looking and after 45s i have the windows ” I waited 45 s and recieved nothing from QRZ.”
    I have also a prob with Lookup in the windows i have “Wrong user name or password”
    Have you a soluce please tks 73 Gerry

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