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  1. This new version of the utility has changes made to it to work with the new TQSL v 1.14 and above. This will also work with previous versions for the users that do not want to upgrade yet.
    Let me know if you find any bugs or issues..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. Thanks for the new release.

    The file imported to LOTW is not deleted after the uploaded.
    When,I try to upload a adif file to my website via the the “website upload” feature, i got error message:
    => There was no response from server
    => This usually indicates an unexpected error occured while processing data.

    and in the debug file I got:

    07-avr-2013 16:05:35 > Prompt to Clear ADIF Audit Trail = VBYes
    07-avr-2013 16:05:46 > Web Upload Hostname= =
    07-avr-2013 16:05:46 > Web Upload Number of Records to Upload = 1
    07-avr-2013 16:05:46 > Web Upload URL Path = /lpath/to/my/file.php
    07-avr-2013 16:05:46 > WebUpload File Reference = Filename , C:\log.ADI
    07-avr-2013 16:05:46 > WebUpload Upload Begins wo/Error = 1
    07-avr-2013 16:05:47 > WebUpload Completed = 1 , 200 ,
    07-avr-2013 16:05:47 > WebUploadReturn =

    but finally, my online logbook is updated. My script runs good, what’s happen with LOTW_EQSL_Utility ?

    Any help should be appreciated ?
    Thanks in advance, Dan

  3. In the status that your script returns make sure there is no extra characters in the return. It looks like it should not give that error here is the line that is responsible for your getting that error.
    If (Upload.ResponseStatus <> 200) Then And since the upload response didn’t equal 200 it thru the Error but the upload dll said the upload completed correctly…

    73 Rick

  4. Hi Rick,

    Thanks fer answer.

    My script returns nothing (blank page) and the server returns HTTP/1.1 200 OK


  5. Any news about my last comment ?

    I tried with an other server, and got the same result !!
    => There was no response from server
    => This usually indicates an unexpected error occured while processing data.

    and my sql database is updated.

    There is not extra characters in the return.


  6. Nice job Rick.

    I can insert a new contact but not delete it.
    The delete query is not working upon qso completion. (APP_QSO_DELETED).
    Maybe a next realease.


  7. Hi Rick
    Clicking the “Create LOTW…” button, have response: “Logger32 needs to be running…”
    But the logger32 is already running. Any help?
    (Using win8 64bit)

  8. Hi Rick

    Running the “LOTW_EQSL_Utility” makes a file “ADIF Audit Trail” on my “Logger32” catalog.
    What is this fil used for – and when is it safe to delete it ?? (It is growing fast)


  9. Thank you for the update.
    However, I have;
    Cannot find the source file
    ‘…\LOTW_eQSLUtility1498Full//@TABCTL32.OCX’ to install
    and cannot install.
    What is wrong? I am using Win7.

  10. Hi Rick, using Lotw_eqsl_utility v1.4.98 in touch with Tqsl 1.14.3 it doesn’t delete LOTW.ADI file created by Logger32 in its directory, with the “Delete ADIF file and TQ8” option switched-on too. I must delete it manually at the end of every upload. Could you check if it happen there too?
    Thank you

  11. Hi Rick,

    Having problem with LOTW_EQSL_Utility after upgraded to Logger32 last ver 3.47. never had any issues before last update.
    willing to send you DebugLog.txt file with caption of error window. Please inform me where to send the files.
    Appreciate your help very much.
    73 Avi

  12. Any way you could make the lotw uploader just search for contacts that haven been uploaded instead of having to tag these in logger32 to get them uploaded? Being an ex dxbase uses we had a stand alone program that would do that. You could also change the date if needed for uploads also but we didnt have to tag any files. The program would upload then and tag them as uploaded for us.
    Just a thought . Keep up the fine work .
    Dave N8DC

  13. hello there Rick.

    Now with the last version of Logger32 the applet freeze itself when the L32 starts. Testing to understood or which of the 4 processes (Website, LoTW, eQSL or ClubLog) are freezing it, the results is that LoTW work well. Any of other 3 freeze the applet…

    Tell me what do you need to repair this bug with this last version of L32.

    Best regards

    Jose YV5TX

  14. Thank you for very useful application.
    I have a problem recently, however. I have “Application is already running.” when starting lotw_eqsl utily from Logger32, or even starting up Logger32 as lotw_eqsl try to access clublog at start.
    How can I fix this? Probably lock file remains in somewhere…..

    Best regards,
    Ken Yamada

  15. Bonjour Rick,
    pourriez vous me fournir par mail comment parametrer Lotw Eqsl utility car je n’arrive pas a synchroniser ,j’ai le message ce fichier ne semble pas etre un fichier ADI
    Excuse moi pour le français car je ne maitrise pas l’anglais
    Cordialites Roger

  16. Hello Rick
    uses UTILITY
    How to install program for the qso i do can be immediately in my qez;com F4EIT in window club log
    Thank you for your help

  17. hello DICK
    To simpler could you email me a tutorial showing me all the boxes to be filled and which way the parts of logger 32setup lotw utility

  18. Hello DICK
    Yesterday grace al “with a friend of the radio club we solved all the problems Now it works correctly.
    The error came from the installation program in LOTW file logger with vista, creating a new folder to put the LOTW Eqsl utility problems were reglesTU 73 Roger <<

  19. Hi,

    I’m trying to upload logs to EnzoLog ( Since there is no special tab for it I’ve tried uploading using the Website Upload tab. However, the EnzoLog website requires a login that is stored in session as opposed to just submitting a password field. I’ve tried contacting the website owner Enzo (IT9GCG), but he advised me to contact you. Is there any way to do this? If not at the moment, what would be needed to make an extension for it?


  20. Power was gone while uploading to Lotw and since then I have “Duplicate instance Lotw_eQSL_Utility Application is already running” and cannot use it. I guess the flag remains somewhere, but I cannot find where it is and cannot fix it.
    Would you please inform me how I can fix this?

  21. Hi OM,
    “LoTW QSL Downloader and Sync To Logger32” is no more working. It always show me that there aren’t new records, but it isn’t true. This happening also when click the button with ALT key pressed (it should download ALL LoTW records…).
    And again, when using “Open user homepage in browser” it open address, but website often says that we MUST use to obtain login.
    I’m using Logger32 3.49.31 and LOTW-EQSL-UTILITY 1.4.99
    Thank you

  22. Hi Rick,
    First, many thanks for your programs.
    I am using LOTW_EQSL_Utility V1.4.98 with Logger32 V3.48.290.
    For severals weeks now, when I am trying to download LoTw reports, I always get this error message
    “No New Records have been downloaded from the LOTW Server.”
    However, if I connect to LoTow, I could see records that have not been downloaded yet.
    Works fine with eQSL.
    Would you please tell me how to fix the problem ?
    regards, 73’s
    Hubert – F5MZE

  23. Hello!
    I’m using this utility for realtime log upload on ClubLog.
    With Logger 32 i manage 3 type of my callsign (IZ3QFG, IZ3QFG/3 and more).
    When i complete a qso with the call IZ3QFG/3, utility upload qso on ClubLog with the call IZ3QFG.
    How can i do?


  24. Rick, I’m using v1.4.98 and for the last two weeks I can’t download any LoTW QSL information for Sync into Logger32. It seem as if the ARRL was changed the adress of the lotw site to

    Will be possible fix this in your lotw-eqsl Utility??
    73 Max

  25. I have posted an update above. please try the update and let me know if you atill see an issue with getting the downloaded records..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  26. Hi Rick,
    I have installed the latest version today… (first time user).
    Everything went well, the utility opened up all ok, put in some info (passwords etc), It then crashed, now when I click on the EXE file it tells me that ‘application is already running’… I use the task manager to close the program. Click the EXE file again, the application now opens for a split second, then disappears…. click EXE again and it tells me the application is ‘already running’

    Windows 8.1,


  27. Hi Rick !
    The LOTW download is still not working for me in the new update !


  28. The update is OK is my browser problem !
    My Internet explorer does not show the secure web site of LOTW (https) i look on INTERNET OPTIONS – ADVANCED and i activate also the TLS 1.0 and now works fine !

    Many thanks for the help and for a nice software !

    73 de Joao

  29. Rick, I downloaded and installed 1.5.1. I still get no records.
    After reading a few of the posts it dawned on me the problem did start when the LoTW url changed.
    Jon – K5AEM

  30. Te utility worked very well until a week ago. Now invoking it shows a screen for a split second and then nothing. Killing it in task manager does not help. Reboot does not help either.
    Why would lotw-eqsl start quitting ?
    Ignacy, NO9E

  31. Rick. What it can be Error- Main.UploadEQSLFile = ActiveX component can’t create object – last string in debug file.
    I have new notebook Win7 64. Thank you. Serge

  32. Serge..
    It seems the ActiveX dll has become unregistered. You will need to reinstall the full Installer to re-register the dll file. If you are using Windows & or 8.1 don’t install the file in any of the program Files directories. and when you do install it right click on the setup file and select “Run as Administrator”

    73 Rick n2AMG

  33. I have LOTW_EQSL_Utility and Logger32 installed and working.
    I need to run the utility each time y run logger32?

  34. Hi Rick ….. I use your LOTW / eqsl utility and it doesn’t seem to work anymore after I upgraded the new Tqsl software version 2.1.3 …. any suggestions ??
    N4LA / Todd

  35. Todd..
    I will have to try this later today.. For Thanksgiving I had to reinstall the OS on my computer so I do not have all of my programs installed yet.. I will hopefully do TQSL today..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  36. Hi Rick,
    I just imported about 1000 contest qso´s from N1MM to Logger32.
    How can I stop the auto exporting to HRDLOG ?

  37. In the utility you will need to turn off the auto upload to HRDLog. Other wise L32 will send the message to the utility to upload and any service that is checked will have the information sent to it..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  38. Todd.
    I just uploaded 5 qso’s using the LOTW Utility with TQSL 2.13 and Logger32.
    I Logger32 created the export file TQSL processed it and uploaded it and the information was then returned to the utility. Try turning Debug on and try to do an upload. After it fails look in the directory where the utility is installed and send me the DebugLog.txt file.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  39. Hi Rick,

    I just upload to Logger32 my 10 meter ARRL test log from N1MM and cant stop the Utility saying duplicate HRDLOG.
    How can I set the Utility working manual?

  40. Hi Rick, when I set up LOTW_EQSL 1.5.01 to auto update Logger32 contacts I get a message pop up saying Clublog Servers Excessive Realtime APT usage blah blah blah. Anyway to stop it?

    Thanks, Rick N6PE

  41. In the Logger32 directory look for these files.
    eQSL Dump File.txt

    If you find any of them delete the file..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  42. Richard..
    I would turn off auto upload when you are importing to Logger32. It generates a dump file as it does this which the utility sees and tried to upload. But it contains to many file for the realtime upload at ClubLog to handle. I need to re-write the check routine to see if there are multiple qso’s in the realtime upload file. Just need to find the time first..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  43. Hi guys,

    Hope this is an appropriate place to post a question…

    I’m new to LoTW and would thus like to upload my complete logbook. However, I can’t figure out how to flag at once ALL the QSO’s in the logbook as “Send LOTW QSL”. Of course, I can do it manually one QSO after the other, but there must be a way to flag all QSOs in one common operation…??

    Thanks for your answer and help.

    Best 73 OZ1LFI, Peter

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