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  2. Mariao..

    Are you using Windows 10?? If so try running both Logger32 and the LOTW Utility using the Run as Administrator settings in the properties under the compatibility tab.

    Also do you have any programs called unchecky installed?? This is also know to minimize the program and make it un-accessible.

    Let me know if either of these work for you..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  3. Rick, Thanks so much for the help. I had no idea that unchekit program was installed. I stop it and now works perfectly!!! I take this opportunity to say thank you again for the application as it is excellent, years using it. greetings, Mariano lu7ec

  4. My Logger32 will not create an ADIF Audit Trail.txt file. If I manually create the file, it will not write new logs to it. I only use the section of the LoTW_eQSL utility. I had this working before but have a new OS and software. Any suggestions?

  5. Dave.
    In the utility there is a checkbox that indicate you want to use the Audit Trail File. Once that check box is checked it will tell Logger32 you want to use the Audit Trail and it will start saving the file. Or you can turn it on in the Logger32.ini file. Look for this ADIF Audit Trail=0 if you can’t find that entry in the Logger32 place this entry in the Logger32.ini Under the [Globals] section ADIF Audit Trail=1

    Reboot Logger32 and it will not create the Audit trail and will update the file anytime a qso is logged, Changed, Or edited..

    73 Rick N2AMG
    Sorry for taking so long to answer. I did not get a message from my website that a post was made..

  6. bonjour
    je souhaite que chaque qso apparaisse sur ma page dans la rubrique club log quelle est la maniere d’installation

  7. Roger..
    I’m not sure I follow what you are asking for.
    DO you want your logbook to be uploaded to ClubLog or do you want your ClubLog qso’s to shown on your QRZ page??

    My utility does nt interact with QRZ in that way. I am in the process of re-writing this application to allow users to upload the L32 qso’s to be uploaded to but progress on that is moving slow as I do not get much time for programming.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  8. Rick
    I consulted on the call an operator and each time he made a QSO celui_ci was displayed immediately on the log clublog of
    I wanted to know how to install. Personally I have a QSO each export my part since logger32 log to log club.

  9. Hello
    I have exactly my last fifteen QSO appear on clublog my page.
    I wanted to know if it is possible that when I made a QSO it automatically appears on the page soon as I logged on log 32?

  10. Ok I understand now..
    When a qso is uploaded to ClubLog it takes between one minute to up to ten minutes before the qso is processed depending on how much server load there is. You should be able to see your qso on the QRZ display right after that is done. The ClubLog display does not refresh itself automatically so you would need to refresh your browser for the display to update and download the new qso activity. And after doing that the new qso should be listed.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  11. Ralph..
    before you upload your qso’s look in the logger32 directory for these files ClubLog_Dump_File.txt or ClubLogNotUploaded.adi if you find either one delete them. Then do your bulk upload to ClubLog…
    Somehow one of those files did not get deleted and it is trying to upload those qso’s using the realtime upload.. In the new version I am working on this will be fixed.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  12. Hi Rick.

    Seeing as you are working on a new version, I have two suggestions and two bugs to report:

    1. Please cut down the number of confirmation clicks for the things we do routinely. If there is some reason to retain all the confirmations, I’d settle for an “Expert mode” config option that lets me pick and choose between them.

    2. Please change the logic sequence so that the log is not updated in Logger32 to show QSOs sent to LoTW until AFTER a signed-and-uploaded LoTW file is received and starts processing on the LoTW system. If the upload fails for some reason, the current version incorrectly updates the log.

    3. The version checker option under Help shows that my current version is 1.4.99 and the latest, but this page (above) refers to 1.5.01 … which turns out to have the same size and date/time-stamp as the file that calls itself 1.4.99.

    I’d be very happy to help with specifying, testing and/or documenting the new version, Rick, if you like. I use L32 and your utility a lot, and I’m a tech author by day, a reformed IT auditor too! 73 Gary ZL2iFB

  13. Hi Gary..
    Re #1 and 2..
    Those are all done in Logger32. When you press the upload to lotw button the program sends a message to Logger32 that the user wants to export records to LOTW. LOgger32 then takes over and does its thing with the export. When it gets done outputting the file it then sends a message back to the utility so the utility can call TQSL to sign and upload. There is very little that the utility has for user interaction.

    Re#2 I will email Bob and see if there is something else we can do here as I have been bit also by a unable to upload export file and had to changes qso’s back to show they were unsent…

    #3 I will have to check out the working directory on my computer and see what caused that. There were changes made in the last version and it should have changed the size of the .exe file..

    I will keep you in mind when I get close to testing it. I have 3 tabs left to work on so as I get those done i will email you a copy..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  14. Hi Rick,

    I have a strange problem in LOTW/EQSL utility NOT seeing my two TQSL Station Location Names when trying to UPLOAD to LOTW. It only sees ONE in the drop down box.
    I also have DXKeeper (as back-up log) and have no problems there with both locations. TQSL on its own also works for both locations.
    I’m not sure but It might be since I installed TQSL 2.3. I therefore re-installed TQSL 2.2.2 but without success. Downloading works without any problem.
    The utility worked flawlesly for many years. I have no idea where the problem comes from.
    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    Many thanks,

  15. Hi,

    I solved the problem for my LOTW/EQSL issue by rolling back the Logger32 version from 3.50.293 to 3.50.292. I then reinstalled version 293 again and all remains ok.
    I suspect it had something to do with the sequence at which TQSL 2.3 and Logger32 v293 were installed.
    By the way, a big THANKS for providing all these brilliant add-ons and gateways.

  16. Hi Bruno..
    Sorry for not answering sooner been under the weather and a little not feeling like I want to go threw a lot of email..
    But I am glad you got it to work again. in version 2.3 of TQSL they changed the format a little bit. I thought there might be some problems but whene I ran my own tests I find it still works just like it should..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  17. I have posted an update for the LOTW-eQSL Utility.
    It was brought to my attention today that the latest version of TQSL was saving the Station-Data file if a format that the utility could not read. When you clicked the TQSL Station Location Name drop down selector all of the Station Locations were not listed.

    Download the update and unzip it into the current directory where the utility is installed. It should you you version 1.5.2 in the Utility top Caption if you have updated successfully.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  18. hello,
    I run the dowload / eqsl program and I get the error ?? I have qsls to download
    Thank you
    The eQSL did not return a file of your inbox.

    This could be that your inbox is empty or there was an error.

  19. Miguel..
    Turn Debug on. Try to download from eQSL..
    When it fails turn debug off and located in the directory where the program is installed is a file called DebugLog.txt send that file to me directly at

    I should be able to see why its not downloading correctly..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  20. I have uploaded an update v1.5.3 to the files section you can download from the link above.
    This corrects some issues with uploading the Audit trail file to both ClubLog and Also when uploading to HRDLog this corrects an issue of multiple msgbox’s opening up showing error’s with any qso. All the error’s are now save and displayed in a text file when it completes doing the upload.

  21. Hi Rick
    I’m sending you the debug file to ask why, after many years of using LoTW_eQSL soft to upload/download from Logger32, today, with nosense, it doesn’t work both directions. When uploading, it keep running with no answer and when dowloading, after receiving and saving the LoTW file, again hang on…
    73s Vic

  22. Hi Vic..

    The debug file did not show me anything that sticks out. It shows the normal expected returns and then the application terminates. Did the debug contain a section of time where you started an upload or download?? What version of windows are you running?? are you running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting?? It shouldn’t matter but it lets me try to duplicate things..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  23. Hi Rick
    Problem found….I put the TQSL key password wrong………..
    All back to perfect.
    73s Vic

  24. Dear Rick, I use since long time the LOGGER32 and the lotw eqsl utility program. It looks now, that I could upload QSO-s to LOTW and EQSL, I could download QSLs from EQSL, but now I could’t download QSLs from the LOTW system.
    I use LOGGER32 ver 3.50.328 and lotw eqsl utility ver 1.5.3.
    The utility shows, processing complete, 0 records downloaded from the LOTW server… (But there arrived new QSLs are in the LOTW systems) About a month ago it worked very well, without any problem.
    73, Joco, HA3MG

  25. Hi Rick, It is interesting, next day the LOTW QSL download worked well, as usual. I don’t know, what caused the problem, but now all O.K.
    73, Joco, HA3MG

  26. Hi Rick,
    I am getting an error “Logger32 needs to be running for this function to work. Load Logger32 and try again.” when I click [Create LOTW Export File …] button.

    Logger32 is up an running, updated to the latest version.
    LOTW-EQSL utility was installed today and updated to the latest 1.5.3 version.

    Both apps are running as administrator…

    What’s wrong? What should I check?

    Alex K2BB

  27. ! Hello I have problems to connect the application with club log, I do not understand how to download my QSO’s in real time in club log, My big problem is the English language please can you help me with the application in logger32 thanks 73’s.
    Jose Dagosto

  28. Hi Rick
    I want all QSOs to appear on my page in the club’s registry. What is the way of installation for a long time that I wish to have this function in my logger32, my big problem is the English language, please, if you can help me. For me it is important to have it installed and it does not work with window XP, thanks …

    YV5-JIP Jose

  29. Jose..
    Using the utility there is no way to download your qso’s. The utility is upload only.
    But here is what you need to do to make sure your qso’s are always on ClubLog.

    1. Export All of your qso’s in an ADIF file from Logger32. Now open up the utility and go to the ClubLog tab. make sure all of your login info is correct for ClubLog. In the bottom half of the ClubLog tab there is a means to upload the ADIF file you had Logger32 export. Click the browse button and find the file that was exported. Once the file is selected Click the upload button and the utility will upload the file to clubLog. Usually within 15 minutes you will get an email from clubLog telling you what was a duplicate or if anything is wrong with the upload.

    2. Now since that was done you want any new qso’s you log to be uploaded when you complete the qso. Again on the ClubLog tab there is a checkbox towards the bottom to Auto Upload your qso’s to ClubLog. Place a check in that box. Now in order fr that to work correctly the utility must be running anytime Logger32 is. The best way to get this done is add a menu selection in the utility programs section of Logger32 and set it to start when Logger32 does. This will allow the utility to be running any time logger32 does. When you log a qso it will be auto uploaded to ClubLog. Just minimize the utility and you should not have to worry about it. If you want you can leave it visible and it will show you when the qso has been uploaded.

    Hope this helps.
    73 Rick N2AMG

  30. Hi Jose, I sent you an email explaining the loading process in real time

    Hola Jose, te envio un correo explicando el proceso de carga en tiempo real.

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