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  1. Hi Gary..
    If you enter my call in the entry window and press Tab does the lookup load?? It should load and display a window with my info in it.
    If the lookup doesn’t load on the top Menu of Logger32 Click Setup and then Autolookup and then Auto Internet Callsign Lookup (External) and make sure that is checked.
    Now try the same thing with my call and pressing tab. If the path is set correct to the lookup it will load. If it is the first time opening the lookup you should be prompted to select the type of lookup and then enter in your username and password. Before i go further I want to make sure the lookup is loading…

    73 Rick

  2. I’ve noticed that if I enter a call sign directly into the QRZ XML call field, the returned QRZ has a single call. If I enter it into the log field, I get a double returned back from Does this help? Gary, W7DO

  3. This is a issue within Logger32. I’m not sure when but Bob K4CY will be releasing a new version of Logger32 that has this correct. Something was broke with the last update he did.

    73 Rick N2AMG

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