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  1. Hi Jim..
    A couple of things to check.
    1. Click on the Setup menu on the top tool bar. Then select Auto Lookup menu. On that menu make sure you have Use External Lookup selected.

    2. Click on the Internet Lookup window in Logger32. Select Toolbox then Setup External Module. Make sure you have the correct path to the Lookup put in there.

    3. Make sure you are using the latest update that is available from my website. Its located directly below the Full installer.

    4. On the Internet Lookup Window select the Transfer menu and make sure you have set to transfer fields to Logger32 and then on the Fields to transfer menu you have selected the actual fields to be transferred.

    5. Also try setting in the properties of both Logger32.exe and the L32Lookup.exe on the compatibility tab to Run as Administrator.

    Give those a try and if that doesn’t get you going we can do a teamviewer session and I will figure out whats wrong.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. Hi Rick,

    all set up for is ok, but when I type a call sign, directly move to QRZ.COM page of the call sign needed. But Login is required for additional detail, and I try to login ,but impossible, a window tell me no more internet access.
    thank you for your help.
    Phil F5MVB

  3. Hi Phil..
    I’m not sure what would cause that there is no window contained within the lookup that says anything about internet access. Could you take a screenshot and send it directly to I should be able to see what is going on with that..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  4. Rick,
    I’m sorry to bother you but…
    I had to move to a new computer and am having problems with the Lookup in Logger 32. When I click on the “Internet Call Lookup” I receive the message “Couldn’t find QRZ lookup module”
    Used your latest update and tried to follow your directions.
    Thanks in advance.
    73 Dale WA4CQG

  5. Hi Rick. I tried to install Lookups L32 but does not work for me. I have Windows XP SP3. If you want, I send you a picture of the screen when fails

  6. Juan..
    I just installed XPsp3 into a VM and installed Logger32 and the L32Lookups application. Everything is working fine between the 2 I have done over a dozen lookups and the information is displayed correctly as a webpage and is transferred to L32 with no issues. When you installed it did the .net 4.0 installer run or have you previously installed .net 4.0??

    73 Rick n2AMG

  7. Hi Rick…..I still cannot get your callsign lookup to work.
    A year ago or so you did teamviewer on my old pc and it was still never solved. Last Christmas I upgraded to a win10 machine and I am trying to get your L32Lookups to work but again to no avail. Everything about L32 was freshly installed as was your lookup program and its last update.
    I still keep getting “Cant find QRZ Lookup module”. I don’t know why.
    I have checked and rechecked the paths and syntax everywhere and cant find a problem. I had the same error on the old win7 machine as well. Can you possibly send me an example of the L32lookups config file from a working computer so I can compare them. I am at a loss as this is a brand new computer with brand new installation and different OS and still it doesn’t want to work. Any help is appreciated.

    Ted VE3SS

  8. Hi Ted..
    MY first question is going to be Are you running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting??? and are you running the Lookup with the same setting??? If not go to each .exe file and right click and select properties. Then click on the Compatibility tab. On that tab place a checkmark in the Run as Administrator checkbox.

    Also is Logger32 and the lookup installed Outside of the program files structure??

    The place where most users have trouble is in the Internet Lookup Window. They forget to browse to the new lookup location and select the new lookup .exe file

    Let me know if it still doesn’t work and we will do another Teamviewer session since you have changed OS’s..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  9. I have posted a new update to the L32Lookups application.
    This version:
    1. Will work with Logger32 running in either Run as Administrator or without that setting.
    2. Moves the QRZ URL’s to the .ini file so they can be easily changed.
    3. Cleans up some of the HTTP scraping routines.

    Any questions or comments let me know
    73 Rick N2AMG

  10. Rick I am running Logger32 version 3.50.314 and your Logger32lookup program Updated Apr 9 2017 v1.0.0.5 and I have also loaded the update done the same day. I have everything in Logger32 configured to transfer the lookup data to the log entry window. My problem is that the QRZ page comes up with the data for the station I am looking up but there is no transfer of that data into the look up window in Logger32. Any suggestions on what to look for to correct this problem? I am using Windows 7 and have set both programs to Run as Administrator. Everything was running fine until this upgrade. I have removed the program and reinstalled it several times with the same results everytime.

  11. Hi Steve..
    In the directory where the lookup is located look and see if there is a file called DebugLog.txt if there is sent that and your L32Lookups.ini file to me directly at

    If you do not find a debuglog file open the setup window in the lookup and select Debug on. Try doing a couple of lookups and then you will find the debug file. Send that to me so I can see what it is showing..

    73 Rick n2AMG

  12. The update file is missing. I put the update online and right after I did I found a bug that I have been trying to fix. I have a fix in place and I am waiting to hear back from one of my testers to make sure the bug is fixed. I am hoping to have it back online later this evening my time.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  13. The update file has been put back online. I think I have all of these Username and Password error’s corrected. But if you see one and you had debugging turned on send me the L32Lookupsdebuglog.txt file

    73 Rick N2AMG

  14. Hi Rick
    Since a few days very slow reply from qrzlookup.
    It blocks logger for more then one minute.
    73 Roland ON6HH

  15. Hi Roland..
    First thing to do is check to see if Debug is on. If it is turn it off and then try to do a couple of lookups. Do they complete faster??

    Let me know
    73 Rick N2AMG

  16. Hi Rick
    Yes ! That was the reason .Debug was on .I don’t remember i have put it on one day and i don’t understand the problem occured only since a few days.
    Sorry and thanks for the fast replay.
    73 Roland ON6HH

  17. Hello Rick
    I have moved from QRZlookup to the new L32lookup. Managed to get it working with QRZ window showing but the Log32 lookup window shows no details. HELP!!. I used to just click on the name and the selected transfer info was imported into log entry window. Not able to do that at this time. Any suggestions as to what I might try to rectify it please.

    Glenn 2m0des

  18. HI Rick,
    Seems QRZ no longer logs in. Looks the call up but states log in required. I notice that QRZ has changed something with the log in recently. Recommendations appreciated.

  19. I too am having the same issue as Rick (above). Bummer, Field Day weekend just got worse.

  20. Last week QRZ changed the format for the login page of the website. As of yet I have been unable to work my way around their use of HTML and Javascript. As soon I have a work around I will post an update.

    As a work around you can do this:
    switch to the directory where the lookup resides.
    double click on L32Lookups.exe when it opens it will show the browser window.
    In the address bar type and press the go button.
    QRZ will load its page and you can login manually. Once you have logged in unless you use the LogOut button you should be able to do lookups for 24-48 hours until the QRZ Cookie expires. You will need to re this manual login when that happens.

    73 Rick n2AMG

  21. Hi Rick
    Thank you so much, you saved the day πŸ™‚
    Logging in first worked great and I do not mind doing it this way.

    73 Bob N4JGO

  22. Hi Rick,
    lately I found QRZ asking for an extra Loging each time we start Logger32 and LOG a station .Stays OK so long we leave Logger32.Vy next start of Logger ,QRZ asking again Login.
    This was not before a month or so.I updated ver

  23. QRZ made changes to their website last week and the way you log in to the site. previously the lookup automatically logged you in when it seen that you were not logged in. So far I have not figured out a workaround their new login which involves some javascript also.. When I have a workaround worked out I will post an update. for now you can do what I described in the message above and it will allow you to still do lookups.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  24. Reading the mail here…I see the solution yo my problem as being I have L32Lookup Debug file being created…how do I turn it “off”. I do not see it in the “setup” tab of L32….Thanks Jim, KC4FWS

  25. Jim..
    If you click on the setup menu it is located there. Click the Debug menu selection then Debug Off

    73 Rick N2AMG

  26. Alex..
    To un-install the program use the normal Programs selection in the control panel. That will remove the program from your computer. The open Logger32 and click on the Internet Lookup window. Click on the Toolbox menu then Setup external Module.
    click on an empty line and delete out the information about the Lookup. If you are not going to use a lookup at all you will need to open the setup menu bar and clock on AutoLookups. Then click the Lookup with external module or something like that and it will stop trying to do a lookup with each call.

    73 Rick N2AMG

    P.S. What is the reason for removing it if you don’t mind??

  27. Any hope of being able to fix the log in issue with QRZ. I have attempted to use the work around but for some reason QRZ keeps locking up on my end. Sure do miss the look ups. May have to brake the penny jar and pay QRZ so I can go back to normal operations.

    73 Steve (KT0DX)

  28. Steve..
    I was away on vacation for 2 weeks and only had a limited time to work on it. Do have have a work around coded but something is not quite right with it. Sometimes the lookup works correctly and half the time it doesn’t return correct information. I am hoping to get that done over the next week so hopefully soon..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  29. Hi again Rick
    I will wait till all is finished at your end for QRZ lookup. then if nessaerly i will remove old and install new.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Rich G k2zb

  30. Hey Rick!!

    First off, thanks for all your time and hard work that resulted in years of flawless use, but, as you know, QRZ had to step up their login page.

    Any luck with the work around yet? Logging without your feature just is NOT the same! I can’t imagine why L32 doesn’t provide this function from within (that’s another topic).

    Please let us know your status, and again, thanks for all the work that resulted in a working version up until recently!

    Thanks so much and have a great weekend!
    John K3DBG

  31. ^^^^^^^ FOLLOW UP FROM MY ABOVE POST ^^^^^^^

    This latest version DOES WORK, IF you log into your QRZ page from with in the “browser” that L32Lookups does it’s magic!!!! I just shut L32 down and restarted the program and the Lookup DID work!!! So I DON’T THINK you must do this every time you start L32, but maybe after a fresh reboot???

    ANYWAY, There IS a way to get it working and I’m ok with this for now!

    Thanks again Rick!

  32. I am still working on trying to find out why I am not getting the same results for each lookup. This week I have not had any time to work on the program tho due to other commitments I will work on it this weekend unless the wife has other plans..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  33. Rick,
    Having a problem. Seems when I click on subsequent calls (usually from the L32 Bandmap0, rather than start the look up anew, the new call appends to the old…so in the window I see “ab0xxwa0abc”…rather than the new “wa0abc”. Ideas? I’m using a new computer with new load of L32 and your lookup. Was problem with old setup, as well. If I close L32 and reopen, I can do the one lookup before it appends again. frustrating….grrrr.

  34. Hi Ken..
    First off you are using a very old version of the lookup. the QRZ single application is no longer support. You need to download and install first L32Lookups the full installer and then download the update and unzip it into the folder that you installed the full installer to.

    After that if you look up 2 messages you will see how you have to use the lookup. QRZ changed the way logging into qrz is done. I this part fixed but I am not getting the results returned correctly on some callsigns which I have not found out why.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  35. Haven’t had much time in front of the computer. It was faster to just create a zip of the update file..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  36. Hi Rick… Been using Logger32 for many years and your Lookup program is an essential add-on. Many thanks for making this available and for ongoing support!

    Recently completed a fresh install of latest versions. Worked through my issues and all seems good. Only one question:

    Logger32 provides a small dialog showing the results of your lookup as it always had. The new item (for me) is a new window that your app seems to generate showing the results of the lookup, with more detail from QRZ. How can I turn off this new window and just have L32Lookup running in the background as it did on earlier versions?

    73 Casey W9LP

  37. Hi Casey..
    When my app is open just minimize it. Once it is minimized it will always open that way. If you need to look at something in it just click on it on the taskbar and it will open back up..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  38. Hi, I have a question today very slowly are retrieved data from qrz. What is this caused? 73 SQ7IQM

  39. Hello Rick I’ve always used your lookup program in Logger ,but I no longer seem able to access the details of the callsign .The QRZ page comes up , but no details in the lookup. I’m running the latest version. thhanks for any help. Graham

  40. Graham..
    Are you running Logger32 using the Run as Administrator setting?? If you are you must also do the same for the Lookup. Do you have the latest version installed if you look on the About menu item it should show 1.0.11. If not you need to download the latest update. Also make sure in the Setup external module settings that you are pointing to the correct lookup I have had users that have forgotten to point at the new one and are still trying to use the old version.

    Let me know how you make out
    73 Rick n2AMG

  41. hello Rick I have been trying to set up my lookup all day with no success Do you think we could team viewer it to try and sort it I’m getting too old to doe this !!!What do you think Graham

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