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  1. Hi Rick,
    I enter my QSO in the Operator window,
    it shows up on the logbook page
    when I right click on the QSO on logbook page it does not show
    LOTW QSL sent
    Both Logger32 and L32LogSync are up to date.
    I will send you the DebugLog.txt file
    73, Rusty KQ4CAN

  2. Rusty..
    On the LOTW tab near the bottom right there is a checkbox for updating Logger32.
    Do you have that checkbox checked?? Looking at the Debug you sent I do not see that setting indicated..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  3. Hi Rick,
    Colin G0ODR here again. everything was working fine with LogSync32 after the last session to get it working but I did the update the other day and now its gone back a couple of steps. It is sending Ok to LoTW and QRZ by the looks of it but only sending occasionally to eQSL. It has also done the think were it opens when Logger32 starts and minimises but I cannot reopen the program from the task bar. I did notice that the program wasnt set to run as administator, not sure if it should, and changed it but no diference.
    Any thoughts/
    Colin G0ODR

  4. Hi Colin..
    Turn the debug on and try to upload like you would do normally. After your done send me the DebugLog.txt file so I can look at it and see what it says is happening..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  5. The plot thickens Rick,
    Today I hoovered the mouse over the task bar icon and then moved the mouse over the small image and right clicked to bring up a menu. I selected maximise and low and behold the program window opened full screen. I then selected to make the page smaller, top right hand corner, and it all seems to work know. Must be a Windows thing.
    Thanks for your time again,
    Colin G0ODR

  6. I Rick i have a problème whith the new update.
    Error Msg when i sent to eqsl

    Consultez la fin de ce message pour plus de détails sur l’appel du débogage
    juste-à-temps (JIT) à la place de cette boîte de dialogue.

    ************** Texte de l’exception **************
    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040154): La récupération de la fabrique de classes COM pour le composant avec le CLSID {AC217674-DB08-4F7E-AB20-9F5F1026C464} a échoué en raison de l’erreur suivante : 80040154 Classe non enregistrée (Exception de HRESULT : 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).
    à System.RuntimeTypeHandle.CreateInstance(RuntimeType type, Boolean publicOnly, Boolean noCheck, Boolean& canBeCached, RuntimeMethodHandleInternal& ctor, Boolean& bNeedSecurityCheck)
    à System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceSlow(Boolean publicOnly, Boolean skipCheckThis, Boolean fillCache, StackCrawlMark& stackMark)
    à System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceDefaultCtor(Boolean publicOnly, Boolean skipCheckThis, Boolean fillCache, StackCrawlMark& stackMark)
    à System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, Boolean nonPublic)
    à System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type)
    à L32LogSync.Main.UploadEQSLFile()
    à L32LogSync.Main.Timer2_Tick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    à System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)
    à System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    à System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    ************** Assemblys chargés **************
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4515.0 built by: NET48REL1LAST_C
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v4.0.30319/mscorlib.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 :
    CodeBase : file:///C:/L32LogSync/L32LogSync.exe
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 14.8.4084.0 built by: NET48REL1
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/Microsoft.VisualBasic/v4.0_10.0.0.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a/Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4536.0 built by: NET48REL1LAST_C
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089/System.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4579.0 built by: NET48REL1LAST_C
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Core/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089/System.Core.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4550.0 built by: NET48REL1LAST_C
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089/System.Windows.Forms.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4390.0 built by: NET48REL1LAST_C
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a/System.Drawing.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4190.0 built by: NET48REL1LAST_B
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Configuration/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a/System.Configuration.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4084.0 built by: NET48REL1
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089/System.Xml.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4084.0 built by: NET48REL1
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Runtime.Remoting/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b77a5c561934e089/System.Runtime.Remoting.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 11.0.50727.1
    CodeBase : file:///C:/L32LogSync/Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Vs.DLL
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4084.0 built by: NET48REL1
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms.resources/v4.0_4.0.0.0_fr_b77a5c561934e089/System.Windows.Forms.resources.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4084.0 built by: NET48REL1
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/mscorlib.resources/v4.0_4.0.0.0_fr_b77a5c561934e089/mscorlib.resources.dll
    Version de l’assembly :
    Version Win32 : 4.8.4084.0 built by: NET48REL1
    CodeBase : file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.Net/assembly/GAC_MSIL/Accessibility/v4.0_4.0.0.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3a/Accessibility.dll

    ************** Débogage JIT **************
    Pour activer le débogage juste-à-temps (JIT), le fichier de configuration pour cette
    application ou cet ordinateur (machine.config) doit avoir la valeur
    jitDebugging définie dans la section
    L’application doit également être compilée avec le débogage

    Par exemple :

    Lorsque le débogage juste-à-temps est activé, les exceptions non gérées
    seront envoyées au débogueur JIT inscrit sur l’ordinateur
    plutôt que d’être gérées par cette boîte de dialogue.

  7. Hi Didier..
    Download the full install file and install it. The dll file that is responsible for uploading has become unregistered and is causing the error. When you run the full installer it will reregister the files. When you run the full installer it might pop up one of the suggestions of Repair but go for the Install as the files will not reregister with the repair..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  8. Running version When I click on Create LOTW Export File in Logger 32 and upload to LOTW< it appears to work fine and in reality it does. It will upload and sign the file and a box will open up saying something to that effect along with Success! But at the bottom of the main box it will continue to say Uploading to LoTW etc. and that will remain even after it says complete. I have to click on the eQSL tab and then it will say L32LogSync not responding. I'll get the spinning circle and in 30 seconds ort so it will come back to life and say Upload Complete along the bottom.

  9. Can someone help me? I upgraded LogSync, TQSL, and Logger32 but I cannot open LogSync now via Logger32.

  10. Jim..
    How many qso’s are you uploading when this happens??
    On the LOTW setup window do you have update LOTW status in Logger32 checked??
    If you do uncheck it and let me know if responds without the spinning circle..
    Also before you upload again please click Info and then Debug then Debug on. After it locks up again look in the directory where the program is installed and you will find a file DebugLog.txt send that to me direct at as an attachment..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  11. Did you install Logsync in a different directory that it was installed in??
    Are you opening Logsync thru Logger32’s Utility menu??
    Does the program open if you go into the Logsync install folder and open it by double clicking on L32Logsynce.exe??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  12. Dear Rick,

    I have done the later two questions but cannot remember if I installed in a different directory. That may be the problem. What directory should be in? It is currently under the path C:/. It is two files above the Logger32 file whose path is also C:/

  13. To answer your last question the program doe not open if I go into the Logsync install folder and try to open it by double clicking on the file L32Logsynce.exe. Everything was working fine until a few weeks ago when I updated TQSL to V2.6.5 and, if I remember correctly, updated Logger32.

  14. Not sure if you received my reply. It is installed in the same directory and I access it through the Utility menu as before. Number of QSO’s doesn’t seem to matter. The LOTW the update is not checked. I haven’t tried opening it directlybut will give it a shot later today as well as running the debug for you.

  15. If you select the default install directory it will install to C:\L32Logsync.
    I would download the full installer for Logsync and first uninstall you Logsync using the window add/remove programs.
    Then when you go to re-install Logsync Right click on the .msi file and select Run as Administrator. After that try opening Logsync by going into the directory and double clicking on the .exe.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  16. When the program starts, i think it automatically opens the arrl-lotw website for some internal checking and if it doesn’t respond, it crashes. This happened to me just now when the website went down for a while. I freaked out trying to figure out what it was, and finally I realized this.
    Now, lotw website is back online, and l32logsync back to open normally again.

  17. YEs it does connect to the LOTW server when it first opens up. It first checks to see if there is a TQSL.exe update and then right after that it checks to see if there is an updated News file.
    It is very seldom that the news file is updated but sometimes the ARRL posts a message there. Both of these checks are done using the TQSL program and there is no way I can trap any error’s if it outputs any.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  18. I posted a new release yesterday morning on the website that fixes this issue. The clublog urls have changed and was causing the problem. Just download the update and install it and it will correct what you are seeing..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  19. Ok, but why doing the TQSL update check when the same program already does this check?
    Could you at least put a box to disable the feature? Today it happened again… and using new
    Thank you

  20. In the next update a setting has been added to disable TQSL Update checks and LOTW News checks.
    The LOTW server is down this is why the error is happening with the Update check.
    The web connection attempt and timeout is what is holding things up.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  21. Dear Rick

    I downloaded and installed the update and once it returned to normal, but again Logged Logger32 QSOs did not uploaded to Club Log properly.

  22. Yours is the first I have heard of it not working after installing the update.
    If you would do this. Turn on Debug and try uploading a couple of qso’s to Clublog. After doing so Turn Debug off and you will find a file in the install folder of the program called DebugLog.txt send that to me as an attachment to so I can see what is happening..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  23. Dear Rick,

    Downloaded newest version of L32LogSync (, but symptom is not recovered.
    Couple of QSOs tried to upload to Club Log, error message are displayed for the number of QSOs.

    JA9IFF Jim

  24. Hi Rick

    When i download the L32log sync file it downlads it as a uncomfirmed crdownload file and i cant open it to install it. Ive tried a few things suggested on the net but no joy.

    Any suggestions
    Cheer JOhn

  25. When you download the file it has an extension of .msi which is a microsoft installer file. Your computer has assigned the .msi extension as a bad file extension. You should be able to add an exception to this file in your anti-virus/malware protection program that will allow the file to run. You could try changing the extension to .exe and try to run it that way but your computer will probably try to block it. The file is scanned before I post it so it is a good file..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  26. Hello Rick,
    I made the logsyncl32 update. It worked for a few days without worries but since this morning, the Logsyncl32 window has disappeared after the launch. I reinstalled the software, restarted my computer, but it’s all the same. The window disappears after launch and I cannot make it appear from the Windows taskbar.

    Thanks for your help.

    Dominique, F4AWT

  27. Hi Dominique..
    It sounds like the window is moved off the screen. Close the program and open Windows Explorer and move to the directory where you installed Logsync.
    in the directory look for L32Logsync.ini and double click on it. It will open in either Notepad or Wordpad.
    Look for these 2 lines

    You will probably see either negative numbers or very high numbers. change each of them to 100 and save the file.
    Now open Logsync and it should open in the upper left corner of the screen.

    A second way to move the window is look for the window in the taskbar. Hold your mouse over the icon showing the window and Right Click.
    A menu should pop up with one of the selections as Move click that then use your arrow keys to move the window back to where you can view it and be able to grab it with the mouse and move it to where you want it.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  28. Hello, i have the same problem like Fuji. I found that some qsos are not imported properly in Clublog with
    Now i activate the debug and i monitor this trouble. I send you the txt if i found again problems.
    Thanks for your precious tool.

  29. That was because my domain had expired and the program could not communicate with it. Now that the domain is back online it should be working fine. I will do some investigating and see why the error message happened instead of the normal the website is off line message did not show up..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  30. Ignacy..
    If you would click the details button on the error message and copy and pasted all of the information in the window. It will give me the details about the error message and a line number it is occurring on. Just post it here so I can figure things out..

    73 Rick

  31. I need some help. After installing in a new computer I get this message about my attempt to upload to
    “Uploading Data failed to Complete. Authorization Failure!”
    I do have an active XML logbook subscription and it was working OK in the other computer which I no longer have.
    The Debuglog does not contain any message about what happened.
    Bill KH6OO

  32. Hi Bill..
    That message normally means you do not have the correct information setup.
    Double check that your Logbook info is correct. All of the information needs to match up to your logbook.
    If you are still getting that message send me the DebugLog.txt file at and let me look at the statements around it..

    73 Rick N2AMG

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