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  1. Rick,

    Thanks for your help – sorry that I’ve been slow to respond, but have been focused on non-Amateur matters.

    Tried the above, but running L32LogSync.exe (that it allowed me to run as Admin) didn’t seem to do anything. I wondered whether this was because I didn’t have an earlier version of L32LogSync installed (I was running LOTW eQSL Utility v1.4.99).

    Tried to load the L32LogSync full install and found that when I was moving the zip file across to c:/L32logSync/ that it was only extracting the L32LogSyncinstaller.exe file. That file could only be ‘opened’ – no option to run as Admin. Win10 seems to do something odd when moving a *.zip file as it seems to extract just the *.exe file.

    So went into /Downloads/, unzipped the zip file into /L32LogSync/ and then Win10 gave me a option to run L32LogSyncinstaller.exe as Admin. Yipee!

    The only issue that I have so far is that in the LoTW tab, when selecting an ADIF file to upload, the file search window is set for a *.tq8 file, rather than a *.adi file.


    John, G3WKL

  2. Hi John..
    If you click the drop down where it shows the .tq8 selection it will open up so you can choose TQ8, ADIF,Or All Files. I have not changed this in the next version to show ADIF first..

    As to the other problem. What anti-virus program are you using?? I have gotten emails from a couple of users that said AVAST marked the .exe as suspicious and it never allowed it to run as it was listed in one of its lists as a threat. You might want to check something like that as the cause..


  3. Hi Rick

    Comments noted. I’m using Windiws Defender but did try running the *.exe file with it disabled. As I said I think that the problem was related to the way in which the OS handled the move of the *.zip file.

    All working fine new – thanks for great program and your support.

    73 John, G3WKL

  4. I’m using Logger32 3.49 and have been reading here and through many links and I cannot find any information on L32 reading internal Hamcall data base into logger32. I have downloaded the entire Hamcall database on Drive C:\hamcall\hamcall,but find no joy having Logger32 locate a call. Would it be less frustrating and time saving to switch to QRZ.html?
    Best regards Rick
    George W7LFD

  5. When attempting to run Logsync in Logger32, I get the following message:
    “Ubablo to find Trusted QSL station_data file.”

    TQSL is the latest version and properly configured. Help

    73 de Jim VE6NF

  6. Hi Jim.
    I am thinking that if it was working correctly that some how your Station Location file was wiped clean. Open TQSL on the Top menu click Station Locations. and then Click Add Station Location.

    Once you have done that the program should find your location file and continue to work again.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  7. Jim..
    The program is looking for the station_data file which should be located in c:\Users\xxxxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\TrustedQSL

    If you look with Windows Explorer and move to that directory do you find a station_data file?? When you create a station data entry thru TQSL.exe it should place an entry into this file. If you don’t find that file then TQSL is writing it to a new location that I’m not sure where it is. The directory I showed is the default location.

    73 Rick

  8. Rick, the file is there. I have re-installed everything and still nothing. I have compared my setup with two other hams and they are identical, except theirs work and mine doesn’t.

    Will keep trying. It will be a topic of discussion at coffee this morning.

    73, Jim

  9. Hi Jim..
    I will post a message on the ARRl development group and see if someone else has an answer. But I did notice that a user on the DXLabs group is having the same problem. So It might be a bug in TQSL.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  10. Andy ..
    Using the old version would not work for you either. I no longer have the old version around and the VB6 source has been deleted. As I move my programs to I purge all of the old source.

    What OS are you using??

    73 Rick N2AMG

  11. Hi Rick
    I just got my LOTW download working again. Installed the latest TQSL and then your update. BUT. When I loaded Logger32 I got the L32 LogSync.exe file not found error. I found that the old .exe was still there and the update was named L32LogSync.exe. So I deleted the old file and put a space in the update name to L32 LogSync.exe and all is good.
    Thanks for what you do!
    Jeff VE3CV (reposted with correct file spelling)

  12. Hi Jeff.
    The correct name of the file is L32LogSync.exe I am guessing that when you added it to the utility menu that a space got added to it. I looked in the zip file and all of the names are correct in the file. You can edit the utility menu entry to remove the space that way you wont have to mess with it in further updates come out.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  13. Yes, my bad!
    Asked myself after my post that why would there be a space in the file name? So I my Utility Setup for the same “error” and found that I put the space in the name in Utility Setup. Made all the changes to correct names.
    Sorry for the bandwidth.

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