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  1. Hi Gianni..
    That part you describe takes place in Logger32. When it does it’s scan of qso’s that are selected to send to eQSL it is only finding qso’s made my IZ6KBL. It can’t find any qso’s under your call that are marked as send to eQSL…

    73 Rick N2AMG

  2. Hello,
    I’m just trying your software to sync logger32 to CLUBLOG….
    importing manually ADIF file is ok…
    But not in real time (auto upload check box is valid !)… at the bottom of the form, i have the message “Not connected to logger32″…
    The path of logger32 is correct on ‘program setup’ part…

    any idea ?

  3. Hi Rick, sorry for not replying but I was on vacation. I don’t understand what happened but on my return from vacation when I restarted the software (without making any changes) I found that IK6CGO worked too 🙂 Thanks any way !

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