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  1. Logsync no longer works. I made sure I had the latest version but its not working. Just hangs and doesnt give me an option on my call for uploads? Used to work fine
    Dave N8DC

  2. Rick after the last update 2.0.18 Logsync no longer shows my call or uploads any new contacts . It used to work fine. I have contacts in logger 32 marked to up load but it never does. I tell it to create the file and it has only all users the when I check the box and try to continue it tells me there are no qso’s marked for upload. It does download.
    Dave N8DC

  3. Dave..
    That part of the process is taking place in Logger32. Once you press the button to start the process Logsync passes the information to Logger32 that handles the export of the qso’s.
    In Logger32 right click on one of the qso’s and look to see what flags are checked. In order for Logger32 to show your call in the export qso’s routine there must be a flag sent that says for example if you are exporting to LOTW the Lotw Send flag should be selected. If that flag for any qso’s is not set then Logger32 will not show your call in the export window. Let me know if your qso’s show with a LOTW Send flag set. I am guessing that somehow the setting in Logger32 to always flag qso’s for export has gotten turned off.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  4. does l32logsync work on Win XP because for radio shark I use old computer
    thank you

  5. Rick, I recently upgraded Logsync from v16 to v18 and having no end of problems with it hanging, and not responding. Can you please send to me a copy of v16 again please.

    Thanks Rob G4UJS

  6. Hi Rob..
    Call it a stupid move on my part but I do not have a backup of v.16 When I created the build for the latest version I accidentally over wrote the v16 build files.
    What seems to be hanging on it?? Turn on the Debug log and let it run try to notice when it hangs and right after that turn the debug off let me see if I can find something in the debug file it is called DebugLog.txt just send that to me as an attachment..

    73 Rick N2AMG

  7. No it does not. All of the service that it uploads to and downloads from all use TLS 1.2 this is not supported in Windows XP.

    73 Rick N2AMG

  8. Hi Rick,

    Hope your well and dodging this pesky virus.

    I am getting on OK with v18 but one thing I notice is that I always run it minimised and sometimes after it has been running a while it will not maximise….even though it isa still uploading to website/HRD and EQSL quite happily. Cant maximise or close it from the task bar and only able to kill it with task manager if I want to. Using Win10 latest version.

    73 Rob G4UJS

  9. Hi Rick,
    I love LogSync! BUT…all of a sudden it stopped automatically uploading to LOTW. Upload to eQSL works just fine. It started about a week or so ago. Thoughts?

  10. With Logsync open Turn on Debug. and also open the LOTW setup window and there is a checkbox that says Diagnose TQSL. Place a checkmark in that box. Try logging a couple of qso’s when the uploads fail turn Debug off and and uncheck the diagnose TQSL checkbox and from the Logsync directory attach to an email to the these files: DebugLog.txt, Results.txt, And I think it’s name is diag.log (I’m not near my desktop right now) once I get them I should be able to tell you what the problem is..

    73 Rick N2AMG

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