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  1. Thanks Rick, but I just tried that twice, and it’s not working. I tried unzipping the update to the same folder it was in and also into a new folder. However, when I open the launcher, I’m still getting the same message that the file is missing. I shut off Norton Security Suite before doing all of this. I guess I don’t know enough about file paths and directories to figure out what is wrong. Very frustrating. I am going to have to give up for today – I’m out of time and out of ideas for how to solve the problem.


  2. Rick: I figured out what was wrong – I had to completely disable Norton and also I was confused by the fact that part of the folder name used before was put onto a 2nd line on my screen, obscuring the fact that there was a space between two characters in the string. Once I figured that out, it wasn’t hard.

    Now I just have to put that update file into Norton so it isn’t rejected next time – but I am not sure what exactly I need to put into Norton to make the program think future downloads are safe. Do I just put the whole file string name into Norton? Something shorter? Something that covers all future updates from you? I have no idea. Thanks for the help…Jeff

  3. Rick: for your information, even after I made a rule in Norton Security Suite instructing the software to allow gateway files from your site….the first time I started the gateway the Norton software deleted the file! I could not believe it. It gave me a dire warning about the file being unsafe, untrustworthy. Fortunately, I was able to order Norton to restore the file, but I think it is insane for the Norton software to be written so as to ignore the rule I made and delete the file anyway!

    You should contact Norton about this – I notice that next to the name I gave the rule instructing Norton to accept gateway files, Norton placed a big red “X” indicating the alleged danger of the files. I am unable to change that designation, which is a shame. I trust anything from your site, and it should be easier to get the Norton software to do the same. Good luck, and thanks for your help (again!). Jeff

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