Hi and Welcome to N2AMG’s Place.. I’m Rick Ellison N2AMG. This site is mainly for support of the ham radio software applications I have written but any type of discussions is fine with me in the general section. Who knows I might just decide to get mouthy and vent about things I see or hear happening so please join in on those rants….

Rick N2AMG

When downloading files of my applications it has come to my attention that when using Internet Explorer, WinZip will report the downloaded files as corrupted. This does not happen when using Firefox or Chrome. I am in the process of switching over to self extracting archives to eliminate this issue. Also some have reported that their Anti-Virus software has reported some of my files as having a virus in them. This is a false positive and should be ignored. I check all of the archives with two AV programs and one Anti-Malware program before being uploaded to the website.